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  1. Real World

    Bills are trading C Russell Bodine to the New England Patriots

    Bills and Cincy fans on Twitter keep saying how bad this guy is. The fact that he's started 70+ games the last 5 years tells me he's at least capable. Considering where he's played I'm sure he hasn't received a morsel of the coaching he's about to with the Patriots.
  2. Real World

    Duke traded to Broncos

    They really should avoid drafting corners in the 2nd round. 2019 - 2 45 Joejuan Williams 2018 - 2 56 Duke Dawson 2016 - 2 60 Cyrus Jones 2015 - 2 64 Jordan Richards 2012 - 2 48 Tavon Wilson 2011 - 2 33 Ras-I Dowling 2009 - 2 34 Patrick Chung 2009 - 2 41 Darius Butler 2008 - 2 62 Terrence...
  3. Real World

    Welcome to the Patriots Jake Bailey

    This was pretty much the only pick that made no sense. Had they not resigned Allen I'd maybe get it. Seems like a wasted pick to me.
  4. Real World

    Welcome to the Patriots Jarrett Stidham

    I like the pick. You spend a 4th round pick on a QB prospect that some feel has 1st round talent. If he busts you didn't lose anything. I'm not sure Jones or Haskins will prove to be any better long term.
  5. Real World

    NFL Draft: Day 3

    Excellent pick. His relative youth to the sport points to there being a lot of developmental upside to be had, and who better to shape this kid that Scar. If you count Wynn, the Pats now have 3 high end rookies on the OL for this coming season which sets them up well for 2020 should there be...
  6. Real World

    Tracking Belichick's four day 2 trades

    I'd guess that there's a standard, but that each teams actual chart varies a little bit. Then you have to add in the variable of how each draft, spot/round in the draft, and player(s) rate for both parties and you get an added level of valuation.
  7. Real World

    Day 3 reset

    With a name like that... Draft him right away.
  8. Real World

    Let's talk TEs

    I think ASJ is going to surprise some people. The question for me is whether or not they'd be better situated with Rudolph & ASJ at TE. Money and draft pick cost aside, the answer is yes. I don't think they have to make the move but I trust the FO to know best. Of course, I'm probably higher...
  9. Real World

    Everyone Seems VERY Happy With This Draft So Far

    The same with my friends. Everyone's been texting how much they love what the Pats have done. Usually it's a cesspool of negativity. I hope these players are the real deal.
  10. Real World

    Welcome to the Pats Chase Winovich

    PFF had this kid ranked #29 on their board, for whatever it's worth. I love the pick cuz you can never have enough pass rush, and the Pats d can sometimes lack in the pressure department.
  11. Real World

    Welcome to the Patriots Damien Harris

    We've been trained to dislike taking a RB too early, but this was a solid pick. It's not sexy, but Harris really fits the mold for a Patriots RB. Can play in all situations. Run, pass block, catch, and contribute on ST. By all accounts is a smart player with a good football IQ and character...
  12. Real World

    NFL Draft: Day 2

    I hope they move one of those 3rd for a Day 2 pick in next years draft.
  13. Real World

    NFL Draft: Day 2

    Bye, Bye Tyreke Hill.
  14. Real World

    NFL Draft: Day 2

    What is that on top of Hopkins head?
  15. Real World

    NFL Draft: Day 2

    There goes Irv Smith to the Vikings. Maybe Rudolph is a possibility.
  16. Real World

    NFL Draft: Day 2

    Wow Pats overpaid to move up. This kid better be good.
  17. Real World

    NFL Draft: Day 2

    Pats moved up to #45. What did they give up?
  18. Real World

    NFL Draft: Day 2

    Ian Crappaport tweeting that the Pats and Browns are looking to move up.