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  1. patchick

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thead- [email protected]

    Aww come on, you hated the pick of Kyle Dugger WAY more!
  2. patchick

    2021 Patriots draft picks.. Who are remains to be a winner/loser?

    Yep, it's not just the good number of hits, it's that those hits all look like home runs. That's really rare.
  3. patchick

    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread - #1 Seed Pats beat the Bills

    That was weirdly fun to watch. Congrats to the New England Cornhuskers.
  4. patchick

    Best NFL Mom for NFL Names: Miriam St. Brown

    "Saint Brown" is already the most NFL surname imaginable. I wonder whether their dad was partially reacting to the spectacular ordinariness of his own name, John Brown. Not that he didn't stand out in other ways....
  5. patchick

    [Highlight] Ravens go for 2 and fail, fall to Steelers 20-19

    Agreed -- it's a case of the timeless mental bias toward delaying the certainty of loss rather than looking at the overall odds of winning. Kicking would have made the instant loss unlikely, so it feels safer. But the odds of making the XP + winning in overtime with no cornerbacks is probably...
  6. patchick

    Report card vs falcons

    Sanchez is genuinely embarrassing. He’s trying to be a big-personality bro and just comes off like the cringy, garbled drunk guy at a party. I also had a few questions for Troy Aikman. Such as, is Matt Ryan still super wonderful? Is the offensive line responsible for 100% of Matt Ryan’s...
  7. patchick

    Interception Percentage Against Dark, Monochrome Uniforms

    Given the rapid decision-making scenario, I think it has to make some difference. Ideally I suppose you'd want your offense in safety yellow and your defense in green pants with white stripes and a jersey covered in a pattern like this. :) I remember decades ago reading that uniform color...
  8. patchick

    Mac Jones...PFF Rookie of the Week

    Guys, Mac isn't a scientist, he's a performing artist. It's EGOT time.
  9. patchick

    Meyers - Forgotten or undervalued?

    I'm not convinced that Meyers "is what he is" at all. He's a QB conversion who didn't start playing WR until after his redshirt year of college and was raw enough to go undrafted. He fought his way onto the Patriots then took a huge leap in his second season, despite having Newton at QB. In this...
  10. patchick

    Rip David Patten

    Just 47 years old. Awful news.
  11. patchick

    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    Yep, I'll tweak the captain when his vaunted prognostications fail, but I always appreciate his presence. After being away from PatsFans for some time, it was kind of heartwarming to return and find him fulminating in mid-season form.
  12. patchick

    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    I'm a little more awake now, and possibly even coherent. Let me give this another try: The Patriots don't need a Randy Moss or Julio Jones. But they definitely do need multiple Jakobi Meyerses. Which is to say, reliable, versatile receivers or tight ends who have proven that they understand and...
  13. patchick

    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    I actually agree with this completely. I made my point badly, which was more about the draft prospect.
  14. patchick

    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    I can't blame you -- but IMO he would have made zero difference to this year's Patriots receiving corps. The problem with the Pats' WRs isn't the lack of a developmental guy fighting for playing time. (Fehoko reportedly had trouble getting separation with the Cowboys and was considered a...
  15. patchick

    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    I made fun of the "Navy Midshipmen QB conversion" predictability earlier, but the irony is that the Patriots have actually had a great success rate with the "silly obsession" categories. Joe Cardona, Julian Edelman, Jakobi Meyers. The fabulous haul of Rutgers DBs. They seem to do worse going...
  16. patchick

    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    A Navy player? From the team the Patriots play week 1? Shocking. :) Edit: and QB conversion project, of course. Bill must have been like a moth to a flame.
  17. patchick

    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    But...the captain wanted to "waste draft capital" on him, while savvy Bill got him for free! ;) I do love this pickup. Since they only carry one FB I always want to see one on the practice squad, and Mason is a great fit.
  18. patchick

    Bill and Special Teams Binkies

    I wonder if Patriots fans tend to underappreciate ST play because we're used to seeing it done so consistently well that it looks easy? Valuing special teams has made New England's the flat-out best in the league. Rick Gosselin's 2020 NFL special teams rankings - Sports Illustrated Las Vegas...