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Dec 18th

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  1. Th3Birdman

    Sanu is out vs Dallas

    On a scale of 1 to 2013, how screwed are we?
  2. Th3Birdman

    I sin CinemaSins: Blade Runner 2049!

    If you guys enjoy CinemaSins, I flip the script on them and sin their Blade Runner 2049 video. Hope you enjoy!
  3. Th3Birdman

    Are the Patriots Actually Cheaters? A Rebuttal

    Made a video rebutting every single negative claim about the Patriots. Use this video against all that claim the Pats are cheaters or that the refs fix games for NE. Enjoy!
  4. Th3Birdman

    Super Bowl 52 Hype Trailer!

    Hey everyone. I wrote an original piece for the Super Bowl bound Patriots, and made a hype trailer! (In case you're wondering, yes, that is me performing the poem as well) Hope y'all enjoy. The response to my last video was off the charts!
  5. Th3Birdman

    Newest episode of my series, Let’s Talk is up!

    If you’re a fan of Dragonball or just like hearing someone talk, check out the latest episode of my YouTube series Let’s Talk w/Th3Birdman. While you’re visiting my channel, check out some other videos and see if you enjoy the content there and maybe subscribe if you find something you like...
  6. Th3Birdman

    Hitler Reacts to James Harrison Signing with Pats (parody)

    Saw someone earlier request this so, I made one. Hope y'all enjoy :D
  7. Th3Birdman

    Did Jesse James Catch the Ball? (Video)

    Hey guys, I wanted to address the controversy over the (correct) call made by the referee, whether Jesse James caught the football or not. So, I made a video on the subject. Very short and succinct. Check it out! (Even shout out PatsFans haha!)
  8. Th3Birdman

    This is why I hate T.J. Ward

    So this joke of a Safety (I played Safety/CB in high school/college so I feel like my opinion is valid lol) was on First Take... ...yes First Take (stay with me guys, it's Super Bowl week and I'm feasting on all football coverage), and they basically asked this douchebag who he's got in the...
  9. Th3Birdman

    In light of all the negativity in the world...

    ...I thought I'd brighten your day with a funny meme. Enjoy
  10. Th3Birdman

    New England vs Everyone

    Alright ladies and gents: it's here. The AFC Championship game. The game we're always in, in a year where it is ours to lose. The mediots are ALL pulling for the Steelers. Not predicting they'd win-- literally rooting for them to win. Or rather for us to lose. That's right. Once again, the...
  11. Th3Birdman

    Playoff Hype Video

    Well it's the Thursday after a BYE and that itch to watch Patriots football is almost unbearable. So, I present to you a nice 2016-2017 Playoff Hype video to hold you over until Saturday. Enjoy :cool:
  12. Th3Birdman

    Max Kellerman is an absolute idiot

    This is the man that said Brady would not be elite at the end of this year or beginning of next. But THIS takes an extraordinary amount if idiocy, the likes of which would make Phil Simms cream his panties. Andrew Luck? Andrew Luck, whose team is 3-4? Completion percentage of 64.9 (Compared...
  13. Th3Birdman

    Broncos @ Chargers Thread

    Didn't see one so I made this. Question: has the NFL changed the Helmet rules, because Denver is wearing their retro helmet
  14. Th3Birdman

    Another Vincent Video

    Just thought I'd share another of these amazing vids about Tom Terrific. Enjoy :cool: (Disclaimer: may have to watch directly on Youtube)
  15. Th3Birdman

    In Anticipation of Brady's Return...

    ...enjoy these next 30 minutes of your life. :cool:
  16. Th3Birdman

    Instant Upgrade

    Was listening to NBC sports radio while driving to work and an interesting prospect came up: Marshawn Lynch to the Patriots. Pros: -Instant upgrade to the offense -The 1st and 2nd down type of RB we've needed since...Dillion?? -Absolutely willing to play in a system and is quiet (Very...
  17. Th3Birdman

    Overtime Rule Change Proposition

    So I caught Around the Horn at the barbershop a little while ago and the Arizona/Green Bay game came up. Inevitably, it came down to two talking points: the coin toss and the overtime rules. Normally I cannot stand Michael Smith because he's a biased prick who thinks he's smarter than he is...
  18. Th3Birdman

    Dear Bill and Josh

    Stop leaving points on the board at halftime. We wouldn't have been in that situation if we took a shot at the half. Jets were moving the ball on us all game, why would you give up 2 minutes and 2 timeouts only down 1 score? And then we burn our last time out for no reason and kneel to go...