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Dec 18th

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  1. DW Toys

    My wife passed away

    Cousin, All of life's ventures and journeys are a path. Your wife was put on this earth to share your life and joy. Sorrows are unfortunate but we are here only in a brief mil-second of time. You and she made the best of it, however short in the scheme of things as we interpret them. As a...
  2. DW Toys

    Watson to Dolphins?

    Good afternoon Cousins, Great Saturday breakfast of sharp cheddar cheese scrambled with home fries and a chocolate filled croissant, with orange juice and coffee. Dolphins? Panthers? Keep your eye on the Vikings. Cousins is out in 2022. Block Buster: Send him to the Texans with WR Adam...
  3. DW Toys

    Still No # 1WR

    Cousin, He is 5'11" and 204 lbs. A little big for slot but with Robinson as your #1 guy in Chicago, he wound up there. He was not a slot guy at Memphis. Might be a reason the Bears will trade him. Might have been the wrong position they put him in.. Not an ankle breaker. Ran a 4.46 so a 4.5 guy...
  4. DW Toys

    2021 UDFA Signings Thread

    Makes sense Cousin, Might want to see Sherman instead. Isn't he same age as MCourty? There is a under the radar WR out there for Trade. Anthony Miller, as well. DW Toys
  5. DW Toys

    Zach Wilson already in trouble

    Cousin, I guess the correct response for the lad might be ...."What's it to ya?" DW Toys
  6. DW Toys

    Still No # 1WR

    Cousin, That would make the cheese more binding for sure....... Anthony Miller anyone? "Miller delivered 33 catches and seven touchdowns as a talented, but raw rookie who was eased into a complicated system by playing just 54 percent of the offensive snaps". "Miller was a 2018 second-round pick...
  7. DW Toys

    The cost if we traded up to 11 for Fields

    Have to agree Cousin, Fields unfortunately, still has the stink of former Ohio State QB's like Haskins fair or not. There has never been a successful Ohio State QB in the pros. Isn't that an amazing stat? Plus he quit on his Team in Georgia. Do you want a QB that is thin skinned and can't take...
  8. DW Toys

    DRAFT Cameron McGrone

    Cousins, Highest grades I have seen on him was second/third. Decent pick. Not my favorite but o.k. DW Toys
  9. DW Toys

    DRAFT Patriots trade up and select DT Christian Barmore

    Cousin, The trade numbers wee pretty fair.They could have nickled and dimed the Bengals for a 7th perhaps but why chance it. The Ravens would have been all over him. DW Toys
  10. DW Toys

    The "Who Are you Hoping For on Day Two" Thread?

    Cousin, BR has us taking WR Terrace Marshall Jr at pick #46 and LB Pete Werner at #96. I guess I could live with that. DW Toys
  11. DW Toys

    The "Who Are you Hoping For on Day Two" Thread?

    Couisn, I think this is "Trade Day" for BB. His picks from second round to third are not of his liking. Here are some trade possibilities: Washington gives us #51, #82 for our#46. #96 and #177 The value chart numbers work We package a deal with the Vikings who now have multiple 3rds for their...
  12. DW Toys

    Biggest Losers and Winners on Day 1?

    Cousin, It's all a matter of opinion. I thought Leatherwood was a second rounder but there were somethings in Darisaws game that were eye opening as in "not a good finisher". In some evaluations, Leatherwood was rated a top five Tackle in this Draft. You could have said Tevin Jenkins but you...
  13. DW Toys

    If We Pick At 15

    Cousin, I have to agree with you on Fields. He winds up on his throws . He is a half second late and got way with it is college but won't in the pros. Can it be correcetd? Plus what bothers me is the Ohio State stigma on QB's from that school.........."0" success. Would I cry if they took...
  14. DW Toys

    2021 14th Annual DW Toys Mock Draft Trade-A-Rama Round 1 for fun

    True stuff Cousin. Sewell and a bunch opted out in 2020. It will be interesting to see who was affected or not. I like Hendrickson but he had one year of good tape. At this point Hendrickson is a "definite maybe". They have so many needs. They lost three receivers, they need pass rush. The...
  15. DW Toys

    Poll: We Getting Glassoppollo?

    Goose Cousin, I am definitely with you on this one. With the Draft, the Niners will have 5 QBs on their roster. They just picked the last up a few weeks ago. There was a reason Lynch did this. I am sure BB has done extensive homework on how the first ten are going down; >Jags get Lawrence at...
  16. DW Toys

    2021 14th Annual DW Toys Mock Draft Trade-A-Rama Round 1 for fun

    Fair retort Cousin, The Bengals need weapons as well. But in the tird Round I gave them the under the radar OTackle Walker Little, This is a very large tackle class sampling. "The Bengals lost three wide receivers in free agency, including A.J. Green, John Ross and Alex Erickson". Walker...
  17. DW Toys

    2021 14th Annual DW Toys Mock Draft Trade-A-Rama Round 1 for fun

    I had Ojulari in the upper part of the second round of the Draft Cousin. A little raw but could be a Leonard Floyd type which is not bad. My second, third and fourth Rounds had separate threads in case you missed it. It's opinion and preference I suppose. It means nothing after Thursday. Teams...
  18. DW Toys

    2021 14th Annual DW Toys Mock Draft Trade-A-Rama Round 1 for fun

    Cousins, Had my relaxing Sunday breakfast of baked Finnish pancake, fresh blueberries and maple syrup, served with two slices of black pepper crusted ham fried, orange juice and a mug of coffee with peppermint/chocolate, then topped it off with a unique bananna and pineapple cake with a cream...
  19. DW Toys

    K.C. Trades for Orlando Brown Jr.

    RAVENS GET #31 AND A THIRD AND 4TH ROUNDER THIS YEAR. Two firsts for the Ravens next week. Predicted his trade in my Mock but not to the Chiefs. DW Toys