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Dec 18th

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  1. Bradyking12

    OJ Howard On The Trading Block Per Report

    Buccaneers tight end O.J. Howard on the trading block, per report Let's get em
  2. Bradyking12

    Report: Jarrett Stidham and N'Keal Harry making alternative plans to practice if OTAs are cancelled

    I love it, hope everything pans out for the both of them which I'm sure it will. Jarrett Stidham, N’Keal Harry making alternative plans to practice if OTAs are cancelled (report)
  3. Bradyking12

    TE Take Cole Kmet in the 1st round?

    Seems perfect for our TE issues now imagine if we get him and Howard (if his 5th yr option isn't picked up if it is he'll sign with us in 2021. But if we get Kmet that would be a big step forward then hopefully followed by Howard in '20 or '21.
  4. Bradyking12

    Say Goodbye To Van Noy

    Hopefully we can resign DMac. Kyle Van Noy Wants To Stay With Patriots, But Looking To 'Get Paid A Lot' This Offseason
  5. Bradyking12

    Jarrett Stidham Gets First Team Work To Allow Brady To Recuperate

    A good thing and a bad thing imo, good thing is it says a lot about Stidhams development bad thing is Brady is hurt. Jarrett Stidham gets first-team work in practice
  6. Bradyking12

    Wait guys I think it was the Flu

    Remember like half the team didn't practice all week and who recovers within a week and they used separate planes I just forgot that explains a lot nit saying that's the main reason but don't let that distracte you from the fact that they used 2 planes.
  7. Bradyking12

    Has anyone noticed....

    Back then anybody could be a WR and Brady would make them look like a pro bowler but now a days Brady is like f em if it's not a vet cause there was a point in time where a nobody would blossom just cause Brady was throwing to them and imagine during those days if he had Harry or Meyers both...
  8. Bradyking12

    Tom Brady feels like he can play to 46/47, says body coach

    Tom Brady's body coach says QB feels he can play until he's 47
  9. Bradyking12

    We still won on Sunday

    Who got took out for the season? We walked away without somebody like Brady, Edelman, Hightower, Gilmore, KVN, etc getting smoked for the year on a week 9 loss first loss of the year (8-1) sucks losing a shot at 16-0 but when we loss AB that's when it truly took a hit imo even tho hope was held...
  10. Bradyking12

    Steve Belichick shining as Patriots defensive play caller

    Didn't know he was calling the plays. In the future really see him as the heir to BB and then BB becoming a GM suited in the box Steve Belichick shining as Patriots' defensive play-caller
  11. Bradyking12

    This is so crazy ain't it?

    We have won 3 of the last 5 super bowls been to the AFCCG every year since 2011, have been to the last 3 Super Bowls winning 2/3 and we are the defending Champs 7-0 more than likely heading into the bye 9-0 and possibly imo 16-0 (If Harry clicks on along with Sanu it's on buddy) Feels like one...
  12. Bradyking12

    What year was more impressive for Tom Brady? 2006 or 2013

    Both years lacked Wrs, '13 injury riddled, Both years went 12-4 even tho should of went 13-3 in 2013 (Bs call at the end of first Jets game, maybe even 14-2, I remember there was a another Bs call towards the end another game either MIA or Panthers) Both years made AFCCG and lost.
  13. Bradyking12

    Patriots linebacker Elandon Roberts says he was harassed at home by police

    Patriots linebacker Elandon Roberts says he was harassed at home by police
  14. Bradyking12

    How do you honestly feel about our chance at a repeat?

    Going to four straight is very rare only has been done once by the Bills in the early 90s but if Harry clicks on and Gordon stays clean I think we have very strong chance, our D alone could carry us imo in the long run but we need our Wrs, obviously Edelman will be Edelman, Maurice Harris looks...
  15. Bradyking12

    Report: Patriots fired up over what they've seen from Jamie Collins

    Report: Patriots 'fired up over what they've seen' from Jamie Collins
  16. Bradyking12

    OT: Happy Birthday To Me

    We got 6, but I'm f*cked up enoying my bday, I couldn't be more excited about our 2019 season, it's crazy when your think about it, 3 straight SBs and 2 wins and in 2019 we have a repeat 7th SB champ roster, and that's without G.McCoy, which isn't as a mandatory addition imo with us having...
  17. Bradyking12

    Underrated aspect about our draft picks this year

    Edit Yodny's been removed One huge underrated aspect about our top picks this year (N'Keal Harry, Joejuan Williams, Damian Harris) is no injury history, seems like all our draft picks or top ones always seemed to have some history of injuries or were injury prone so this is huge.
  18. Bradyking12

    OT: Chris Long retires

    Chris Long retires after 11 seasons
  19. Bradyking12

    Report: Bill Belichick to serve as Patriots defensive play caller

    Report: Bill Belichick to serve as Patriots defensive play-caller