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  1. Bobsyouruncle

    August 12th transcript finally available
  2. Bobsyouruncle

    McIntyre letter to Dr. Marlow

    McIntyre has written a letter to Dr. Marlow. Exponent "forgot" to correct their graphs for the gauge they say was used. Dr. Marlow may have actually missed this. McIntyre is somewhat well known and respected and I think Marlow will likely have some response. He may argue McIntyre is wrong...
  3. Bobsyouruncle

    Vegas at predicting the Super Bowl

    Since It's kind of slow around here I thought I would share some info I used for a statistics class a while back. I was running the numbers on whether you could predict the Super Bowl winner based solely off choosing the better defense (1970-2014), which was interesting but not the point of...
  4. Bobsyouruncle

    Winning Deflategate

    I posted this in a comment in the other forum but since it's mostly Deflategate related and I think a bit of good news and kudos to the fans is in order thought I'd put it here. What fans have mostly done In the last few weeks we have gone from the Patriots definitely deflated footballs and...
  5. Bobsyouruncle

    John Clayton having trouble with reality

    Found on Reddit that John Clayton published an article a few days ago where he wrote: I guess technically it’s true BB wasn’t suspended for spying on practices. He also wasn’t suspended...
  6. Bobsyouruncle

    Insights and Incites

    No big deal, just the Super Bowl: One of the more interesting things from the Soundfx was how different Brady and Carroll handle the big moment. Carroll at the end of the game says to Russell something like, we never give you a situation this easy. Brady says to the team "What we need now...
  7. Bobsyouruncle

    Inciteful insights that excite

    mistake, mods can you delete
  8. Bobsyouruncle

    Sound FX on now (2/5 8pm) on NFLN (repeats Friday 2/6 4pm)

    8 eastern Lots of new stuff. Miked up players from SB.
  9. Bobsyouruncle

    Downfall, Goodell reacts to Super Bowl

    Threw another video together this morning. I don't think it's as good as the other one, but whatever. NSFW
  10. Bobsyouruncle

    Dilfer and Carter going at it on legacy

    You guys see that? It got combative. Dilfer called him out. Carter was getting upset. Dilfer basically said anyone who thinks Belichick or Brady's legacy is affected is being a hypocrite. Carter rants Dilfer says everyone does stuff, and ball pressure means nothing. Carter says its a big...
  11. Bobsyouruncle

    Blandino PC- More damning than no records

    This from Reiss' blog which I think is much more interesting than them having no records. Because they'll just say we set it at 13 or whatever. Even if they had wrote it down it hardly means they actually did it. However- look at these two quotes: They probably wanted to get this out to...
  12. Bobsyouruncle

    New Downfall video. Goodell on tinklegate

    NSFW Edit: Version 2.o below, Better IMO
  13. Bobsyouruncle

    BB and analyzing matchups Arrington-Hilton

    One of the more underrated things about BB is that he seems to be the best in the league at knowing one player matches up better than another. Two things stand-out last night, that happen almost every game. BB sees a matchup that few have. Arrington nearly shuts down one of the top receivers...
  14. Bobsyouruncle

    In only his fifth season, Gronk becomes first TE to have 4 ten TD seasons.

    Crazy, that is shattering the record. All the great TE's in history and nobody did this over a whole career. The one season he didn't get 10 was last year when he only played 7 games. And he's only 25.
  15. Bobsyouruncle

    Physics and the afterlife

    If you find physics interesting I think you'll like this article. Lubos Motl is one of the leading string theorists formerly of Harvard and he's an atheist. Some parts of quantum physics have nearly metaphysical implications. It's really not advocating for or against anything, he just sort of...