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Dec 18th

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    What's the difference between a Chandler Jones and a Trey Flowers?

    You may be right, in my mind I was sure it was the first half he was injured. And if i'm right I can udnerstand not disrupting the balance of the team and replacing starters with a rookie. I just thought he would have been a great rookie (if he was healthy during the end)
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    What's the difference between a Chandler Jones and a Trey Flowers?

    I do remember the injuries but I do also remmeber last year waiting for him to get off the IR. And when he did there was still like 6 weeks left of the regular season.
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    What's the difference between a Chandler Jones and a Trey Flowers?

    Last year I was excited we drafted him and hoped he'd get some more game time. This year he's been given a proper chance and taken it with two hands.
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    Post Game Thread...We are the Champions!!!!!!

    Shoutouts to the live patriots chatroom we had set up, thsoe guys were with me the whole way to this incredible win. Best game and superbowl ever. It's surreal
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    for not USA Patriot Fans - SUPER BOWL DAY let's count !

    What this guy said, 11am superbowl for us. Go pats! I need to see a full hand of rings by the end of tomorrow.
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    I'm take'd out.

    Look i've never been that big of a fan of pregame talk and stuff, especially in the 2 week superbowl build ups. But every year there's mor etalking heads and worthless stats and annoying debates that are mind numbing. So at this point i'm just avoiding as much as I can, I dont want any more...
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    Appreciate How Lucky We Are as Pats fans- the View from Outside NE

    I live in australia, been watching the NFL since 06. First game I ever watched was jets vs patriots in the playoffs. I knew straight away how much I disliked the jets and how the pats would be the team for me. Same playoffs we had that epic win over the chargers in SD and that stupid loss to...
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    Official Post Game Thread....We're Superbowl bound!!!!!!

    If we win any game, even if it's preseason, it's cheating. #Wingate 2001-???
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    We're on to Pittsburgh

    And they are on to a beatdown, we won't lose this one. Hopefully joey porter doesn't get arrested again before next week so they have excuses :)
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    KC or Pittsburgh couldn't care less

    I prefer the steelers because they are more enjoyable to beat
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    Post Game Thread Texans @ Pats....Onto the AFC Championship Game

    Not satisfied, only 3 picks and 34 points on one of the best defenses in the league and only beat the vegas spread by a few points. I think we are overrated clearly :p
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    Official Game Day Thread.....HOU @ NE Divisional Playoff

    Meh this won't be competitive for too long. A blowout is on the card easily.
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    LOL @Angry OBJ "Players don't create distractions; the media does by reporting on it"

    They should have dropped the anchor after they beat dallas the second time
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    Ebner takes leave of absence to train for the Olympics

    7's rugby, its pretty open and the defense isn't nearly as good as traditional rugby.
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    What a bleh end to the season, oh well at least supercam didnt win it all.

    What a bleh end to the season, oh well at least supercam didnt win it all.
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    I LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!!!

    I wonder when the jets fans will have one of these threads.