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Dec 18th

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    A reason the Patriots might lose Monday night to Buffalo

    Do everything now and worry the future games when they get there.
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    Other week 12 NFL games

    Jamal Adam’s is an average safety but acts as if he is Ronnie Lott.
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    Cam Newton set a new Career record!!!!!

    Shannon Sharpe and Jermaine Wiggins are probably still convinced that Cam should be Patriots starting QB.
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    Mac Jones vs blitz

    I think most QB’s struggle against the blitz until the team gets a slot WR (Welker/Julian type) that knows how to get open quickly. Patriots needs one. Jocoby‘s play is similar to Troy Brown (reliable but take longer to get open).
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    Myles Garrett

    Oooo, he’s Burn’s zz friend. Big muscles! Strong!! Tough!!!....Warrior!!!.. uses weapons to hit much smaller guys... strong! oh please! Barking dog gets the attention. It is the quiet ones that people should worry about.
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    Panthers crying about Mac's hold on Burns.

    Burns :crying: : Mac is mean, he hurt my leg.....and....and ...he hurt my feeling because he didn’t say sorry. I need a hug... Cam : There ... there... , I know ... I know ...Mac is mean. Hee ... Hee...He took my job.
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    Panthers crying about Mac's hold on Burns.

    Nah. Burns and the entire Panther D line played after the injury, what damage did they manage to do Mac? Players on other teams will not risk losing their pay check for Burns.
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    Panthers crying about Mac's hold on Burns.

    This whole things reminds of a scene from “Remember the Titans” where “Sunshine” broke DL‘s leg. Burns want QB’s and RBs to fear them. They are crying because someone did not fear after taking a big hit.
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    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Jets @ Pats

    I think LG has the biggest impact on how LT plays. For the LG position experience and communication is more important than talent. I will not be surprised if less talented Ferentz at LG and more talented Onwenu at RT show the biggest improvement in OLine play.
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    Wynn and Onwenu on covid reserve

    Parcells called the players “jokers” that did not fit height/weight/length for the position. Wynn is a joker that is not working out. It was a bad pick.
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    Seems Arians doesn’t think much of our secondary

    Arian’s just need to shut up, he almost had his team full of super stars beat by a rookie.
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    Is it time to be concerned about Trent Brown?

    Trent Brown’s injury history is annoying. Perhaps it will help if loses weight and be in better shape.
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    Official Pre- Game Thread- Bucs @ Pats

    Brady back then was a 6th round pick and not 7 times Super Bowl winner. I understand Mac Jones will be going against the GOAT and not Payton Manning. I will not be shocked if the Patriots win this game.
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    Patriots officially sign Jamie Collins

    yes for me. Best blitzing LB from the middle. With Judson, Uche on the edge and Collins from the middle could be scary good defense.
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    Official Pre- Game Thread- Bucs @ Pats

    September 30th 2001 everyone expected a blow out win for the Colts. We all know what happened and it can happen again.
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    Rham Stevenson

    Hopefully Rham spent his inactive time learning how to pass block. He got annihilated by Elandon Robert’s in week 1. Never seen any of Patriots running back embarrassed by the blitzing LB that badly before.
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    How confident are you that Jones is "the guy"?

    you want both if you are lucky enough to have it. To me competitive fire is more important than elite skills. who would you have picked ? I’ll stick with Mac. We’ll check back to see how the progress.
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    How confident are you that Jones is "the guy"?

    9-10. The kid is extremely competitive. He wants to be great. He is accountable, there is no loser mentality. He takes the blame instead of pointing the finger at his under performing team mates and coaches.
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    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Saints beat the Pats

    is cole popovich still with the team ? OL was playing much better last year.
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    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Saints beat the Pats

    Patriots need to go back to boring football until the OL, TE and RB learn how to pass block. They are getting the kid beat up.