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Dec 6th

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    Sad to see BB's legacy ripped apart like this

    No matter whether you love Bill or hate him, its hard and sad to see his legacy get ripped to shreds like this. As the mediocrity continues it will only get worse.
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    Patriots All Disappointment (Bust) Team During the BB years

    BB has made some great picks and great signings...I know A stroll down memory lane. Some of these are certainly arguable (end of career, lower round draft picks) Qb- Ryan Mallet, Kevin O'Connell, Rohan Davey, Kliff Kingsbury RB- Laurence Maroney, JR Redmond, Fred Taylor WR- Nkeal Harry, Aaron...
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    2018 patriots draft; a look back; hint its terrible

    Isaiah Wynn, OL, Georgia (Round 1, Pick No. 23) Sony Michel, RB, Georgia (Round 1, Pick No. 31) Duke Dawson, CB, Florida (Round 2, Pick No. 56) Ja'Whaun Bentley, LB, Purdue (Round 5, Pick No. 143) Christian Sam, LB, Arizona State (Round 6, Pick No. 178) Braxton Berrios, WR, Miami (Round 6, Pick...
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    Team Brady (his trainer and his dad) firing verbal shots at BB

    First his Dad said that BB wanted Brady out of NE, now the Brady the trainer says BB did not evolve with Brady and still treated him like a 20 year old. Can not seem to let it go? I would think Tom would ask them to not talk about it. The level of anger seems to be much higher than I would...
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    What is BB's biggest mistake as head coach/GM of Patriots?

    GOAT coach yes, but there have been big mistakes, particularly in last 5 years
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    Brady will not shut up since leaving the Patriots

    I know he was restrained by BB during his time with the Patriots. God bless BB for keeping the muzzle on was great. Now since he joined the bucs it is a constant stream of verbal diarrhea. Thank You Tom for the 6 championships but do you need to be such pompous ass internet tough guy...
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    Still No # 1WR

    We have now gone through free agency and the draft and surprisingly we still do not have anything close to a # 1 receiver on the team. High concern as there is no deep threat or a player that can "take the top" off the defense. Its not Agholor, Bourne or Jakoby Myers that is for sure. Edelman's...
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    Never give this guy a job as an NFL scout (Nkeal Harry evaluation)
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    Name this current Patriots roster player scouting report from year of his NFL draft

    Very fast Deep-threat receiver Skilled at getting separation Threat to score on any touch Home-run hitter Leaping ability Attacks the football Able to make contested catches Stretches a defense vertically Explosive play-maker in college Dangerous run-after-the-catch receiver Quick...
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    Other than $ why would UFA choose NE over other suitors?

    BB has reputation as not being a players coaches and players do not speak glowingly of him. Crappy stadium. Cold climate. Popular UFA just said he would go anywhere EXCEPT NE. Matt Patricia is not loved by players. Brady years are over and they are in rebuilding mode. THe one thing about...
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    No one could have reasonably predicted that TB would still be this good at 43

    Yes...BB and Kraft made the wrong call and in retrospect should have extended him back in 2017. However it is completely understandable why they did not think placing a 25-20 million/year bet on a 43-44 you QB would be money well spent. OK Tom and Alex Guerrero were right, but what Brady is...
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    Pederson fired, Cross Wentz off Patriots wish list

    They will try to fix him with new coach
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    A scoop of humble pie may be good for BB

    This season I think has been an eye opener for Bill. It has been a long time since he was criticized to this extent but also deep downI am sure he realizes he messed up bug time with the transition away from Brady. I suspect he thought making the playoffs was low probability but I do not think...
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    BB knew this was a non playoff year from the start

    He knew they needed to throw away a year in return for financial flexibility moving forward. After the opt outs he knew for sure. If you consider all of the bizarre non moves on the roster for this year, there is no other conclusion other than...he knew no matter what they could not compete for...
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    Buy low- Carson Wentz

    A key principle of investing is to buy when the stock is low and sell when it is high. For the patriots this principle applies to Carson Wentz. I feel this would be a great time to try to trade for Wentz. I think you could get him for a second round pick, which I would do in a second. It would...
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    How about a new look 2- TE set against Chargers this weekend with Asiasi and Keene to help out the run game?

    Time for a shift in offensive philosophy. Let's get BOTH rookies some experience and at the same time throw new looks at the Chargers. This might take some of the stacking the box against the run philosophy away and open things up for the run. At the same time maybe gives Cam some easy middle...
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    Will BB leave patriots at the end of this year?

    I say he will. There really is no point in his staying, because its likely going to be several years before they can compete for a SB again. Parcells and Coughlin both stopped coaching and took front office roles with other teams. Its probably the perfect time for BB to go given the long road...
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    Restricted Free Agency Exists for a Reason

    It exists so that players must have demonstrated a quality level of play for at least 4 years NOT 3, so that teams will have a minimum body of evidence to base giving out huge contracts to the player at the time they reach free agency. So to those who say Butler deserves more money NOW...
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    Many Free agent potential bargains available this year

    With 50-60 million in cap room, BB could go for the quantity value approach in FA...especially if he does not resign Hightower (which I hope he does, because there are no great replacements for his position in FA). It would be great if the Pats could use some of the cap room they have to more...