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Dec 6th

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    Just wanted to remind everyone...

    We are just 11 months removed from our fourth SuperBowl championship in 15 years, and our team once again has a first round bye with a very realistic shot at making it back to the big game. We've lost an increbibly high number of key players to injury at various times this season, but many of...
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    what is the strategy this summer?

    The way i see it the patriots now have two possible ways to approach training camp and the pre season: A. Give Jimmy the bulk of the first team reps and let him play most of pre season to get him as ready as possible for his (up to) four games we will need him for. B. Give Brady the bulk of...
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    A little highlight footage of TE DJ Williams

    It is probably a reach to expect him to have a significant role down the stretch, but based on what I have seen he is a very athletic TE, almost identical to Hernandez in terms of physical build (6'2, 245 lbs). He has impressive speed and makes some pretty good moves in the open field. He also...
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    Devine Intervention starting to seem plausable in Denver

    Maybe not literally, but it feels like it sometimes. How else do you describe the chain of events surrounding the end of this game? And this whole Tebow stretch for that matter, crazy stuff.. Should be a great game this week.
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    In a potential Super Bowl matchup, tougher team to beat: Saints or Packers?

    In a potential Super Bowl matchup, does anyone feel as if the Saints would be a tougher team to beat than the Packers? Both teams have great offenses with very suspect defense, but against our D i just feel the Saints offense would be more explosive. They are arguably more balanced than the...
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    Is this man worth taking a flyer on?

    Walker healthy, hungry for another chance after release by Raiders He sounds really motivated, and claims to be finally back to full health...could he perhaps fly under the radar at a veteran minimum, or do you want no part of him? He could perhaps serve a as solid #3 when Wes is healthy...
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    OT: 2009 Jets = 2007 Giants?

    your thoughts...could they pull off the same magic the Giants did? they certainly have a similar style (great defense, solid run game). they look like a team that could do it, and if they can get by the Colts they will have the look of a team of destiny... with that said, I hope that either...
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    both players seem to be on there way out of there respective teams... we need a dominant WR with the Welker injury/ Randy aging/ 3rd WR issues (that's Marshall) and a dominant pass rusher (that's Peppers). with no cap, we have no choice but to charge after them this season, or at least some...
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    OT: Which one of these soon to be free agent WR would you want the most?

    Here is a list of upcoming 2010 WR free agents... 2010 NFL Free Agents: WR There are a lot of intriguing candidates this year. Just curious what the Patriots fan base would like to see as the third receiver if one of these players could come our way...
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    NFL Newtwork Gameday Morning's top 10 payers of the decade

    just showed it on tv...the list went like this... 10. Kurt Warner 9. Brett Favre 8. Donovan Mcnabb 7. Tony Gonzalez 6. Jason Taylor 5. Derrick Brooks 4. Ray Lewis 3. L.T. 2. Peyton Manning 1. Tom Brady interesting list...the derrick brooks spot surprised me a little...also, when...
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    OT: Kampman possibly on his way out of Green Bay

    Just watching NFL network and they were discussing how his injury has opened the door for rookie Brad Jones, who has been playing just as good, if not better than Kampman as the 3-4 OLB. With Kampman's age and injury possibly spelling his end in Green Bay, do you think there is a chance he could...
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    OT: R.I.P. Bengals WR Chris Henry [merged]

    OTR Blog Archive Chris Henry in serious car accident This is sad news...we can only hope for the best...
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    I think I'm starting to enjoy PFW in Progress more than the actual games...

    With all the disappointing performances i've seen this season, the highlight of my week more often than not this season has been listening to this radio show. Maybe Im just now starting to realize this teams issues, but Im not as bothered by this loss as i should be because, once again, PFW in...
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    I've been reminiscing about back in the day...

    I've been watching a lot of these videos on and just remembering some of the great moments from the championship years. Back when we were in our prime. Back before one dimensional offense and weak defense. Back when we had great coordinators. back when WE had PEYTON'S number...WILL WE...
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    OT: Could Sam Bradford slip to the Pats?

    BEFORE ANYONE SAYS IM GIVING UP ON BRADY/ THE SEASON that is not the case. I still have plenty of optimism for the rest of the season, and the near future. I bring this up because this guy (Bradford) really looks like a stud (before the injury of course). I think Brady still has at least 2 more...
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    Anyone have a link to a certain Faulk article?

    I remember someone else posted it on here within the last few days, but i can't seem to find it. I remember the title read something like: "Kevin Faulk will make a play vs. Colts that will be talked about for long time" or something to that effect. I completely forgot about it until now, but now...
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    Does Hoyer = Cassel part 2?

    I mean the long shot QB who becomes the backup in his first season? It certainly looks like it could turn out that way...
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    Thoughts on the Cornerbacks after two games?

    Wheatley is not built for outside covering action, especially trying to cover the 6-4 Chris Henry...I see him as more of a nickel back because he looks too raw and confused trying to cover the outside receivers...he was being abused last night... Haven't seen much Wilhite, but he has looked...
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    Maroney debate threads (MERGED)

    I know Green-Ellis was playing the second stringers, but the guy has power and speed when he runs and Maroney was less than impressive tonight so I say, and I may be going out on a limb here, make BJGE the starting RB or at least get a majority of the carries with Morris...let Maroney fight for...
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    Why is Crabtree complaining?

    He says he wants to be paid like a top 5 pick and like he was the first WR taken, and that he will sit out the season if he doesn't get his way. The interesting part of all of this is...doesn't Crabtree realize that if he sits out a year he won't be making not only top 5 money, but first round...