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Dec 6th

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  1. luuked

    Jeff Benedit AMA on Reddit

    The writer of the new book The Dynasty will be doing a Ask Me Anything session on Reddit in /r/patriots in a few hours. Just thought I give a heads up to some folks in case they want to take the chance to ask him something..
  2. luuked

    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Training Camp Day 12 (Final public practice)

    via Reiss this time we definitely know it is the final public practice until next year: From Reiss' usual Sunday column (see Two years into post-Gronk life, void at tight end still looms for Patriots) 2-3 things of note: He sees a vet TE, depth at the interior DL and WR among the most...
  3. luuked

    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Training Camp Day 11

    Seems like we get a real in-stadium scrimmage today. Also as we are getting towards game prep for W1 it reportedly is the final open practice for this year: JMac on Cam:
  4. luuked

    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Training Camp Day 9

    Looks like we will get a chance to hear from Cam today. Also BB seems to like where Rivers is this year. Hopefull he can finally stay healthy.
  5. luuked

    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Training Camp Day 8

    Since no else created one yet: Gilmore returns Maluia and Hall seem to be fine after yesterday's injury scare:
  6. luuked

    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Training Camp Day 7

    Fisch on Newton: Howe saying some of the missing players yesterday were part of the COVID false positive cluster****: So let see if they can be back at practice today or if they have to wait out a couple more tests. Hoping to see Jeff Thomas back on the field.
  7. luuked

    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Training Camp Day 6

    Here we go again. Five practice days straight coming up.. Curious what players that missed time will return.
  8. luuked

    PATRIOTS TRAINING CAMP Training Camp Day 4

    Jeff Thomas finally makes his debut, Harry has another missed day. Lets see what today brings..
  9. luuked

    Early cuts to 80

    Personally not surprised that Zuber and Hastings are gone that early but I know some will be.
  10. luuked

    Folk out due to appendectomy - UPDATE Cut to sign Kai Forbath.

    And so the wheel turns..
  11. luuked

    Scar confirms Cajuste's redshirt year

    Shouldn't come as a surprise to anyone given he missed the entire preseason and hasn't been seen in a while.
  12. luuked

    Gilmore mic'd up

    The first segment in this weeks overall NFL sights and sounds is about Gilmore against the Giants. Good stuff. As often the sideline stuff is more interesting than many parts of the game.
  13. luuked

    Final 53 man roster thread

    Reiss just posted what I would expect is his final projection: Patriots' 53-man roster projection includes surplus of receivers And it more or less matches my own opinion. I don't want to give it all away since he works for those clicks but here are some nuggets: He keeps 3QBs: also 6 WR (+...
  14. luuked

    Preseason schedule

    Looks like BB got his wishes fulfilled to be matched up with teams they are comfortable with. Joined practices with Detroit / MattyP ?
  15. luuked

    Nuggets of note from Reiss' weekly column

    I know its ESPN but I think you should give it a click just to support Reiss: What made Jason McCourty more nervous than the Super Bowl A few noteable nuggets: The Ryan Allen extension was one-year because that's what the player chose: The Pats apparently also went kinda aggressively for...
  16. luuked

    Malcolm Mitchell apparently retired

    Caught this on Reddit.. source: If it turns out to be true and there is not much reason to assume it is not then I can only say it is a pity. He was a substantial part of the team in 2016 and made important plays in the SB. For that alone his pick was worth it. I mean there is a reason why...
  17. luuked

    Scar expected back as OL coach next year

    From Reiss' usual Sunday column (Patriots' Thuney to make history: 3 Super Bowl starts in first 3 seasons): Given the magic he produced I thought it was worth a separate thread. Another nugget in the column and confirmation what some posters saw during the broadcast: Seems like Michel was...
  18. luuked

    A nice article by JMac from the Players Tribune

    Two McCourtys Are Better Than One | By Jason McCourty Some good stuff. Difficult not to root for him not only because he is on our team in his first postseason..
  19. luuked

    Rewatch Thread: NE @ Chicago (Week 7)

    The usual rules apply. Please keep your bickering and hot takes in the Post Game Thread. In turn if you have any X & O questions just ask away. *** Starting with the snap counts as they become available. Plays or GIFs will come later in the day: The thing to notice here is how the core...