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Nov 28th

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  1. Hyped

    Is anyone still worried about the Bills?

    Replied above :)
  2. Hyped

    Is anyone still worried about the Bills?

    The Titans had all of their turnovers last week and got it out of their system. Just a Gambler's Fallacy on my part....
  3. Hyped

    Is anyone still worried about the Bills?

    Nope, no need to win out with the imminent AFC North/West divisional games coming in the final six weeks. But beating Tennessee specifically with the Chargers\Browns games already in our pocket…increases the chances even more. If we get by Tennessee…which is no given as we likely will not win...
  4. Hyped

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Thanksgiving NFL week 12 games

    C’mon….two Kenyan Drake TD’s for my underdog FFL team…please!
  5. Hyped

    Yes, Asiasi and Keene Are Flops

    This didn't age well...
  6. Hyped

    Happy Thanksgiving to my PatsFans brethren and sistren!

    Right back at ya, @oldrover !!!
  7. Hyped

    Even as the board's "Homer" I think Florio is insane on this one

    Oh, don't get me wrong...I am on the bandwagon too... I just don't like how crowded it has become in the last 1-2 weeks with naysayers all of sudden anointing this team.... if we drop 2 in a row, we immediately fall out of playoff contention. The margin of error is razor thin right now....
  8. Hyped

    Embrace the hate! Views from other fanbases

    Man, skipping pages in a thread makes things interesting......
  9. Hyped

    Miguel's Jonnu Smith question

    I need it to happen....I am 4-7 in my keeper league and need to win 3 in a row, but at the same time I traded away Hockenson for a pick in next year's draft....gonna roll the dice on Jonnu this Sunday!!! LFG!!!
  10. Hyped

    Even as the board's "Homer" I think Florio is insane on this one

    It isn't only's everybody... And I am HATING it... a few points to ground us back into reality: a.) We still have a R-O-O-K-I-E quarterback with only 11 starts under his belt. And the same one who threw a greedy interception on Thursday night following a great completion (and...
  11. Hyped

    Belichick's record without Brady since the Brady era began

    And 2001... when we started 0-2. I'd add 5-13 to the figure in the OP for a total of: 33-32....not bad!
  12. Hyped

    Official Pats-Titans pregame thread

    Gonna be a tough game even without facing Henry, maybe Julio Jones, and possibly even A.J. Brown... We'll have to GRIND IT OUT snap by snap....and capitalize on anything we can...whether it's a turnover (unlikely given what happened yesterday...odds not good) or favorable field position (Gunner...
  13. Hyped

    [VIDEO] Mac Jones Can't Throw Deep

    Jones' handspan is 9.75", which is bigger than Brady's 9.38" Jones can at least somewhat grip the ball in cold weather/high winds. For reference, here is a list of the largest handspans in the NFL as of maybe 6-7 years ago (old article that mentions McNair, RIP)...
  14. Hyped

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Pats @ Falcons

    This game worries me a lot. No turnovers PLEASE GOD. Just win an ugly low scoring game.....and get on the plane without any injuries....PLEASE PLEASE GOD.
  15. Hyped

    Patriots Standouts Through 10 Games

    Quoting this for posterity :D.
  16. Hyped

    Edelman to return for a playoff run?

    Oh man, Edelman would kick ass in this offense.... I think he's happily retired and lives in L.A. now, right? I think there's a better chance of him appearing in a movie....
  17. Hyped

    Game Day Thread Official pregame TNF thread: Pats @ Falcons

    Hightower, KVN, DMac, Mason, Andrews, Hoyer, Slater, Bolden, Cardona…. King? Or Jon Jones on IR?