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Nov 28th

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  1. DaBruinz

    OT: Everson Griffen in trouble...

    Looks like Everson Griffen is having some sort of crisis. Called 911 and said there was an intruder in his house. Had discharged his firearm but no one hurt. Now won't come out of his home ...
  2. DaBruinz

    Semi-OT: Partial Lunar Eclipse after Pats/Falcons game...

    To last 3hours and 28 minutes..
  3. DaBruinz

    Patriots Practice News.. LOTS of it.

    OK.. Well not a ton, but good news on several fronts: Dmac was at Practice and Participating Hightower was at Practice and Participating Mason was at Practice and Participating Jonnu Smith was at Practice and Participating Shaun Wade was at Practice and Participating Brian Poole - CB -was at...
  4. DaBruinz

    RIP Bob Neumeier

    Just heard on the broadcast that he passed today..
  5. DaBruinz

    Patriots Training Camp - 8/27

    Jon Jones present for stretching. Shaun Wade present and sporting #26
  6. DaBruinz

    OT: Hoping everyone is safe from Cane Henri..

    Heard that CT/RI/Western Mass were getting the brunt of Henri. Hoping everyone is safe and sound..
  7. DaBruinz

    Day 1 Surprises

    So, Besides Mac Jones sliding down so the Patriots didn't have to trade for him, what were the Day 1 Surprises? I thought that Harris and Entienne both going in the 1st round was a surprise. As was Payton Turner, Eric Stokes and Joe Tryon.
  8. DaBruinz

    Dave Portnoy interview with Ben Shapiro

    This is NOT a plug for the Daily Wire. I happened to see that Portnoy of BarStool Sports did an interview with Shapiro of the Daily Wire. I think it's pretty informative about BarStool and about Portnoy. They don't talk about politics in general. Mainly about how Barstool was started and some...
  9. DaBruinz

    SEMIT-OT: Gronk catches football dropped from 640ft in the air to set World Record.

    Prior to the Arizona Spring Game, Honorary coach GRONK came out in Pads. They announced that he'd attempt to catch a football dropped from a helicopter 600ft in the air. Take a look for yourself as to whether or not he makes the catch..
  10. DaBruinz

    How legit is this "sleeper" list: I know I've seen Franks and Palmer mentioned here before.. But none of the other 4 rang a bell.. But then, I haven't paid near enough attention. Elijah Mitchell - RB - Louisiana Milton Williams - DT -...
  11. DaBruinz

    Semi-Humor: Nail in the coffin for not drafting Jones

    Mike Tannenbaum, formerly the Jets GM, had this to say about Jones going to the Patriots. "When you start the offseason as aggressively as they have — spending all that money — it’s impossible for me...
  12. DaBruinz

    NFL Changes the way it pays players salaries

    I guess this was implemented as part of the new CBA:
  13. DaBruinz

    Dan Snyder now has 100% ownership of the Washington Football Team

    Dan Snyder officially now owns the ENTIRETY of the Washington Football Team. Maybe they can make Monoply's "Mr. Moneybags" the official logo
  14. DaBruinz

    Anyone else hoping they make the PS changes from last year permanent??

    So, last year they allowed players to essentially be recalled from the PS without having to pass through waivers. You could do 2 a week. You could also do a COVID recalls (no limit). We haven't heard anything that they are keeping that mechanism, but I sure hope that they do. Despite some...
  15. DaBruinz

    When's the legal tampering period?

    Or did they get rid of that since it was obvious teams weren't adhering to it anyways?
  16. DaBruinz

    OT: Back Specialist needed.. Anyone know the name of the guy who worked on Gronk?

    So. These last 6 months have been hell for me. Found out that I herniated a disc in my back in August. In October, we lost my dad unexpectedly to congestive heart failure. In November, my Uncle, my Father-in-law, and Mother-in-Law all contracted COVID. In January, we lost my Mother-in-Law to...
  17. DaBruinz

    Charlie Weis beating the "Patriots should draft Mac Jones" drum

    So, former Patriots OC Charlie Weis is beating the "Patriots should draft Mac Jones" drum. The last time that Weis beat the drum for a specific guy he was the coach of Notre Dame and thought the Patriots should draft his guy Brady Quinn. The Patriots didn't and Quinn was a flop for a variety...
  18. DaBruinz

    Former O-lineman Billy Yates returns to the Pats as a coach...

    Welcome back, Billy Yates.
  19. DaBruinz

    OT: Bishop Feehan Hockey Player, AJ Quetta, seriously hurt after on-ice accident

    Being someone who played HS and D3 College Hockey, this hits home for me. Especially with the passing of Travis Roy recently. The outpouring of support for this young man has been tremendous. Patrick Chung...
  20. DaBruinz

    Josh Gordon reinstatement rescinded. WR Suspended again

    Gordon clearly can't help himself. He's been suspended yet again.. Seahawks WR Josh Gordon suspended indefinitely after NFL rescinds conditional reinstatement