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Nov 28th

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  1. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    If OBJ is released by the Browns and is unclaimed, do you want him in NE on the cheap? (Update: Signed by Rams)

    The Browns sent him home, I read, after his Dad posted a tape of all of the plays OBJ was "open" and yet was ignored by Baker Mayfield. His release is a possibility. Claiming him on waivers would require 8M in cap space-- no way for NE and probably no way for anybody. But if unclaimed, would...
  2. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    assume the NFL makes it to January... playoff bubble?

    Dallas and LA are being considered It seems a bit unwieldly to pull off for 14 NFL teams, but it would be way more doable than for 32 teams.
  3. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Is nobody going to discuss the happy ending for Mr. Kraft?

    Who doesn't love a happy ending? ;) Court: Videos can't be used in Robert Kraft case The state 4th District Court of Appeal ruled Kraft's rights were violated under the Fourth Amendment to the Constitution, which protects against unreasonable searches and seizures.
  4. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Breaking: we have cap space after settling grievances

    vs. AB and vs. the muderer. over 7M!
  5. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    The 28-3 comeback involved no less than 10 "make it or else" plays

    In rewatching this amazing game yet again last night, I kept a running tally of all of the times where all hope was lost, basically, unless the very next play were to pan out. Some are obvious: the 4th down pass to Amendola when down 28-3, and the two 2 point conversions. But there seemed to...
  6. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    ESPN plans a nine-episode series, called Man in the Arena, on TB

    sort of a version of "Last dance" from TB's perspective Get yer popcorn ready ESPN orders a Tom Brady docuseries (produced by Tom Brady) - ProFootballTalk
  7. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Mike Reiss & PFT: David Andrews health update- he hopes/plans to return

    a lot seems to ride on medical exams next month Pats C Andrews optimistic about playing in 2020 David Andrews hopes to return from blood clots
  8. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Steelers caught cheating again- injury reports on Ben

    Steelers fined for Ben Roethlisberger injury reporting shocked I am!
  9. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Pat McAfee discusses, in detail, the story / logic behind the dumbest play in NFL history

    Pat McAfee explains dumbest play in NFL history vs. Patriots
  10. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Josh's new toy: the death alignment

    4 WRs, Brown, Gordon, Edelman, and Dorsett, with 1 RB, White or Burkhead. We saw this a bit in Miami. Other than with an overwhelming pass rush that gets there in under 2 seconds, how can this be defended? Let's say you go man coverage, as people prefer to do vs. Brady. With 6 DBs in the...
  11. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    OT: Hurricane Dorian - (UPDATED: Closed)

    I apologize for the main forum OT post, and feel free to move it. 185 mph winds! I am not sure if this forum has any posters from the Bahamas or not, but the northern Bahamas are getting it incredibly hard I am in the Jupiter FL area. We are all boarded up, have lots of food, water, booze...
  12. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    preliminary verdict on PI challenges, through 49 preseason games

    from Florio: 48 pass interference replays in 49 preseason games lowdown: 48 challenges of PI calls or no-calls, 6 were reversed, all 6 had been non-calls on the field. 36 were related to DPI, 12 to OPI DPI: when a flag was thrown and challenged, 10 of 10 challenges were lost. Basically, they...
  13. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Matthew Slater: the last great gunner?

    A surprise here, and a warning. This is a very well-written story from ESPN, which usually gives us nothing besides Mike Reiss. It talks about the declining role of special teams and the work ethic and development of a great team captain. Is Pats lifer Matthew Slater the last great gunner?
  14. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    How good can Kyler Murray be, if he's 100% committed to FB?

    The Dolphins seem to be very interested, so sliding to 32 seems hugely improbable, unless he has an awful combine. He seems to be burning the bridges to baseball.
  15. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Browns sign Kareem Hunt to a contract. GM: “We believe he deserves a second chance"

    from Bleacher report alert on my phone, 1 min ago...
  16. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Patriots playoffs yardage differential: a dominant run

    I read somewhere (twitter, most likely) that the total offensive yardage differential for the Patriots in the SB53 playoff run (all 3 games) was the highest per-game yardage differential of the last 20 years or so for any Super Bowl Champion, indicating that it was one of the most dominating...
  17. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    OT: For non-Patriots fans lurking here: a mental health awareness update

    With the return of the New England Patriots to the Super Bowl for the 3rd consecutive year and 9th time in 18 seasons, the condition termed Patriots Envy Syndrome (PES) has reached crisis levels in many US cities. If you are affected, you are not alone! Help is available! Since treatment...
  18. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Nice wikipedia edit on the AFCCG page

    AFC Championship Game - Wikipedia for now it reads: The AFC Championship Game is the annual championship game of the American Football Conference (AFC), which is also known as the Tom Brady Invitational, where one team gets to play against the New England Patriots and one of the two semi-final...
  19. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    19 years ago today: "I resign as the HC of the NYJ"

    I wonder if anyone kept the actual napkin. Probably not. It ought to be in the HOF. Globe story: Marking the anniversary of Bill Belichick quitting the Jets after a single day |
  20. Palm Beach Pats Fan

    Antonio Brown Mega-Thread

    OT: Antonio Brown was benched for game 16 and was not injured Antonio Brown didn’t play in must-win Week 17 game because he skipped practice all week after “heated dispute” with teammate, per the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Report: Antonio Brown missed game for disciplinary reasons, not injury...