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Oct 24th

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    This team isnt that bad

    They stood and went 10 rounds with 2 NFC super bowl contenders vs Tampa and Dallas. You’re right, of course. Problem I have is that most teams can make the case that they were close on a few games. We used to be the team that got it done, and other teams would have the moral victory of...
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    With September over what record do you expect from this team going forward?

    My concern is that McDaniels hasn’t been able to orchestrate very many points, despite having a QB who is wicked accurate. Part of it is that Mac can’t throw it and catch it - practically all of his INTs are from deflections off of hapless receivers…
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    Alamo's Predict The Score Alamo's Predict The Score Contest: Week 4

    So far, 53 predictions for Bucs, 40 for Pats, and one tie.
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    Content Post Words on things I watched, read & heard II

    I just saw that Carson Wentz and Quenton Nelson practiced almost in full today for the Dolts. Weren’t they supposed to be out half the season? Is someone being dishonest with their injuries (not that injury reports are even required in TC)?
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    Guess the 5 cuts following the game

    WR Devin Ross OL RJ Prince CB DeAngelo Ross LB/S Brandon King DL Bill Murray Just tried to dump players with no chance of making the team across the various positions (you still need enough players at each position to make it through another PS game without playing anyone important…)
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    OT: Other NFL preseason games

    Yeah, they didn’t show a replay, but I thought that guy just did a fired up first down celebration. Kinda thought he must have spiked the ball in someone’s face, but from the reaction it sounds like he didn’t do anything…
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    OT: Other NFL preseason games

    Walker looked good, but I don’t think his accuracy was up to snuff yesterday. Missed a few guys that he found open while scrambling. At least one inaccurate throw to an open receiver killed a drive…. He escaped the pocket well and found open receivers consistently. But unless yesterday was an...
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    OT: Other NFL preseason games

    I watched the Colts/Panthers game, and I think it was the most entertaining Pre-season game I’ve ever seen. I can usually only stomach less than a half when neither team is playing any starters, but I watched that whole thing. Overall, I was impressed with Colt QB Eason’s arm talent, strength...
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    Rumor: Some Patriots Players Have Doubts About Cam Newton

    I don’t know - sports fans seem to be too dogmatic in their thinking. I don’t think this year is written in stone. We’re in that class of team that if everything goes perfectly for us, we could be in the thick of things at the top of the AFC. If everything goes wrong, we could be picking well...
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    NEW ARTICLE: New England Patriots 2021: Bounce Back Season or More of the Same?

    Yeah, I agree. I’d be surprised if we lost to Dallas or NO, but that game at Indy is going to be a rough one IMO. Wish it were early in the year before they got Eric Fisher in at LT…
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    Mac spelled backwards is Cam

    Lol. I certainly hope Mac’s the exact opposite of Cam!
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    NEW ARTICLE: New England Patriots 2021: Bounce Back Season or More of the Same?

    I hate to say it, but I’m thinking more of the same. It’s not without hope - there are a lot of pieces in place on D - but Cam will be the same, and Mac won’t be ready yet. Still, the run game could salvage it, but our WRs are WAY below average. I think we need a year for Mac and we need to...
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    POLL: You're the GM: Cam or Harry Gone?

    Definitely Cam. Having him in the QB room will do some service to Mac, and having him start will let you wait until Mac is READY before putting him in there. Whereas, Harry…well, he’s basically worthless.
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    N’Keal Harry Requests Trade

    Yeah, trade him if you can get anything at all. I wasn’t thinking he was going to make the team. If you get no offers, bring him to camp. It’s not like there are too many decent players on our WR depth chart. There’s still a chance he can develop and become of some value…
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    Front Seven

    I loved the Perkins pick too.. But it’s a rare 2nd day pick that starts on this D. Winovich showed a ton as a rookie pass rusher, but he wasn’t getting starts to my recollection. He and Barmore make me excited about a year or two from now, but I don’t expect a huge contribution in Year 1...
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    Front Seven

    Well, a lot of optimism here - it’s rubbing off and making me feel a little better about the D. I guess this is just the normal question marks that arise for the majority of teams each offseason, which we’ve been fortunate enough to almost never having had to worry about…
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    Front Seven

    I’m going to be interested in how well the defensive front seven plays this year. I’m worried that there aren’t enough playmakers there. I mean, it’s a deep group, but there aren’t any potentially elite players. My biggest hope is that Judon will flourish and take that next step and become a...
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    Mac Jones blowing away Patriots coaches and teammates

    I don’t think there are many beat writers covering NFL teams talking about how terrible their draft picks look right now. That being said, I’m an optimist and am consciously choosing to allow myself to be excited by this report!
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    Number of 2021 Mac Jones Starts

    12 starts for Mac Daddy.
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    Grade the Patriots 2021 Free Agency

    They have a few good receivers and a good LT - but it doesn’t seem like a peach landing spot to me either...