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Oct 24th

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  1. WaterfallJumper

    Any Validity to this Harry trade rumor?

    I can't think of anyone more disappointing over the last few seasons. I thought he had a good chance of being an X and a big slot target for us, like some combination of Josh Gordon and Julian Edelman (not necessarily in talent, but playstyle). I liked him in college, although I had Metcalf and...
  2. WaterfallJumper

    Mac Jones & the offense: Signs of improvement?

    Well, no, not really. That's the point. He's setting records for completion percentage and passes completed. Could it be better? Sure. But you're taking an unreasonably hardline approach here.
  3. WaterfallJumper

    This team isnt that bad

    Let's revisit in another few games. I think they are exactly what their record indicates. A better team wins the close ones. There are still too many inconsistencies on either side of the ball, not to mention that ST hasn't been quite up to par. They're not a BAD team, but they're still a few...
  4. WaterfallJumper

    PostGame Thread Official Post Game Thread- Cowboys beat the Pats

    Meh. I still don't know what to make of this team. We're close, but something is just a little off. Frustrating.
  5. WaterfallJumper

    Christian Barmore the most double-teamed DT in the NFL?

    . . . as I said, the numbers look good in aggregate. That is not the same as analyzing whether or not individual players are performing up to par. Nor does it look at situational success. But that's as far as I'll go with this, because I've seen these debates devolve into endless back and forth...
  6. WaterfallJumper

    Christian Barmore the most double-teamed DT in the NFL?

    No, they haven't been good. Maybe above average, but not stellar. The numbers in aggregate look great, sure, but it's against sub-par competition. In must-have situations, they're not stopping the run well enough. Against the pass, Judon has been excellent. Who else is succeeding at rushing the...
  7. WaterfallJumper

    Christian Barmore the most double-teamed DT in the NFL?

    I hate to be a downer, but couldn't the simple explanation be that our other linemen have been so poor that teams don't have to devote any extra resources to blocking them? Barmore may be doubled because he's one of the few interior guys who's showing any signs of life. Whew. That was tough to...
  8. WaterfallJumper

    Mac Ahead of Where Manning Was His Rookie Year

    Hmm, not really. ANY/A is one of the best correlations to quality of play/success on the field as far as I understand it. I don't think he just went through and sorted columns until it fit his biases.
  9. WaterfallJumper

    OT: Gruden in trouble (UPDATE: now resigning)

    Ah, yes, blasphemy is a much better choice of words.
  10. WaterfallJumper

    OT: Gruden in trouble (UPDATE: now resigning)

    EDIT: I made this post before we had the full story. In light of everything else (particularly with WFT), he had to go. I was talking only about the term someone had posted above, "rubber lips," which I'd never heard before. I honestly have never heard that term before. I could see how it's...
  11. WaterfallJumper

    Gilmore traded to Carolina

    Oh, I see what you're saying. I think I swapped the dates around in my head. Mea culpa.
  12. WaterfallJumper

    Gilmore traded to Carolina

    No. Max would be 5th due to accrued experience in the league. Move it forward a year, and that's roughly equivalent to the 6th. Not a great return for a player of his caliber (when healthy), but given the timing, it's likely the best we could hope for really.
  13. WaterfallJumper

    Gilmore traded to Carolina

    I understand the move. I don't like it, but I understand it. Meh. Now I'm sitting at my desk all sad (but I'll get over it).
  14. WaterfallJumper

    Our Rb's

    I mean, I totally get it. He was a disappointment here. No way around it. We all expected more, based on his college production and draft slot. But all that aside, I was a bit nervous about parting with a veteran at a position that sees a lot of injuries. Now with White out, it would be nice to...
  15. WaterfallJumper

    Our Rb's

    Too bad we don't have a pass-blocking RB like this!
  16. WaterfallJumper

    Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Bucs beat the Pats

    SMH. Everyone's missing the silver lining. Harry's back. :cool:
  17. WaterfallJumper

    Kicking the 56 yard FG vs going for it on 4th and 3

    I would have preferred to go for it, but if that kick were a few inches over, and the defense held . . . I dunno. Tough to know if either play had a chance. I'd vote 4-3 over 56, though. Liked a lot of what I saw, but no moral wins in the NFL. Frustrating ending.
  18. WaterfallJumper

    2022 Mock Drafts

    I was pretty happy with the results. These draft simulators are too easy to manipulate, unfortunately.
  19. WaterfallJumper

    2022 Mock Drafts

    I don't think our actual draft will turn out this well, but I'd be pretty pumped if we landed these players! Some serious talent. 14: R1 P14 S Kyle Hamilton - Notre Dame 46: R2 P14 DL Jordan Davis - Georgia 78: R3 P14 WR Treylon Burks - Arkansas 116: R4 P14 OT Connor Galvin - Baylor 205: R6 P26...
  20. WaterfallJumper

    Content Post Words on things I watched, read & heard II

    I made the old name a long time ago, back when I thought it sounded cool to punch holes in arguments . . . turns out I don't do a ton of arguing, though, and too many people thought it was innuendo. Whoops! I kept the avatar, though, since it's a picture of me next to Steve Belichick's jacket in...