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    USENET & Patriots Mailing List, Off Season Ancient Memories

    Ah, Usenet! Those were fun days, with Tollbooth Bobby, SAR, Bender and the rest of the gang. That's where I first got to know people came here, and eventually migrated with them. I remember there were a few decent Jest fans even, like Kay Sahagian, whom I enjoyed talking music with among other...
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    Sort of OT: multiple TB Lightning players test positive for COVID 19

    Auston Matthews tested positive for COVID-19 today too.
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    Fauci- "NFL needs bubble like NBA or football should not Happen this year"

    So you two should get along just fine then.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT New Forum - Suggestion Box

    If I could have one thing, it would be a "next" button on the Page numbers at the top and bottom of the page that REMAINS on the page even when you're on the last available page. Here's how it would work (may not be possible): In my ideal world, I am following the GDT, I catch up to the posts...
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    ANNOUNCEMENT New Forum - Suggestion Box

    Maybe? Definitely! A Buttfumble emoji should exist just for its own sake, to remind us of the beauty and majesty of life (as a non-JEST fan), how there is sometimes cosmic karmic justice meted out, how no matter how bad it gets there's always a worse place to be.
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    ANNOUNCEMENT New Forum - Suggestion Box

    So what do we do after we run out of female members next week?
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    Josh Uche was able to learn Patriots defense from Jerod Mayo in 2 minutes

    Speaking of which, have we seen Josh Uche's legs yet?
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    My Favorite Year

    The Atlanta comeback. I was still reading game threads on other fan forums months later.
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    DRAFT Pick 159, Patriots Select K Justin Rohrwasser

    I agree, that's his choice and he has both the right to make it and the right to change his mind as well. But along with rights come consequences and obligations, and if you wish to exercise your right to communicate something others find deeply offensive, then you best be ready to defend that...
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    DRAFT Official Draft Day LIVE Discussion Thread - Night 2

    ...but memories to last a lifetime!
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    Grading Patriots 1st Round Trades

    I'm going to be like the protagonist in Citizen Kane except my last words before dying will be "Crable's calves" instead of "Rosebud"....either that or "Adam Seward".
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    DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

    Just copied that from here: How Patriots used pick acquired from 49ers for Jimmy G Didn't look into the other trades, just pointing out the weakness in that analysis. Would you mind sending me the names of four stocks I ought to buy now so that I will know which ones are going to perform well...
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    DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

    That entire analysis was just lazy and wrong. For example, check out this year alone. Picks that benefit us = 1 based on James White. Here's what the Garropolo trade got us as per NBC Sports: So, as a direct result of the Garoppolo trade, the Patriots have selected: LB Christian Sam, sixth...
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    DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

    Actually, that's how we keep getting to Super Bowls. The teams that watch Super Bowls from the couch do what you're suggesting.
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    DRAFT Patriots OFFICIAL Draft Day thread - Night 1

    Oh thank goodness there's a Chicken Little around to give us doom and gloom before we've even made a pick! Just like a gameday thread. You're going to be so happy this year without Brady, all your predictions that have been wrong for so long will finally be right!
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    “What the H$&$” Patriot picks that turned out Good!

    That guy's career highlight was that most people thought he should have been picked over Seymour.
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    OT: When you go out, are you wearing a mask?

    Yeah, wearing a mask because in Asia, and it makes the locals more comfortable when you do it. And we want the locals to be comfortable with us. There's starting to be a bit of a backlash against foreigners here.
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    For Brett aka Sammy Blue Cat

    Good luck Sammy!
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    We are sorry, love you Saints

    Well, it seems I have acquired some magical powers. Who else do we want to lose?
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    The Pats need a new direction on draft/FA signings

    I wonder whether our latest shift to take better advantage of the value that was out there (the mid-level FA market) has had an unexpected downside to it in that it has coincided with down years in drafting somehow. Our team was on the younger side in the league not so long ago IIRC, and now...