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    35 million in cap space, are there NO quality WRs or TEs available?

    This is the truth. Even if it doesn’t jive with what we want. I think the Rob Ninkovich speculation regarding trading for Jarvis Landry is spot on. Without TEs that can be integral parts of the passing game, we shouldn’t expect Jules staying healthy.
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    Andrews to miss time with a broken thumb

    Our running game will likely suffer. Ian is right. Andrews is a game changer. He’s almost as good as the Raiders starting center, Rodney Hudson, who is the second highest paid at the position, earning over $11 million a year...
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    Week 3 discussion... we're on to Oakland...

    He is much better than what you say. The OC for them is outstanding. The big Raider Oline has the ability to create big holes in our undersized front seven. We will miss not having a huge NT like Danny Shelton for this game.
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    Week 3 discussion... we're on to Oakland...

    Not if David Andrews doesn’t play. The Raiders have a very good center. Rodney Hudson I believe his name is. And I would love to see Joejuan Williams on Waller, even though he gives up two inches and is not as fast in straight line speed. But Williams is quicker and will compete. it’s time...
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    Some Thoughts About the SEA-NE Game

    Uche 6’1” Teddy Bruschi tall Collins 6’4-5” with amazing broad leap numbers. Two completely different pieces of chess.
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    Some Thoughts About the SEA-NE Game

    I can’t believe how poorly the spare Olineman performed on the last play. He doesn’t even move his feet. He leans into him once he lets #97 get outside his left shoulder. It was man to man. Sure Seattle knew what was coming. So did the teams playing the Vince Lombardi Packers. Fire out...
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    Some Thoughts About the SEA-NE Game

    Holy Moses, did Onemenu stink on that last play. First, he gives up the angle. Guy was inside him by almost a yard. Then he gets overpowered. If he had shot out more decisively, taking his first step with his left foot, he would have fared much better. This is basic stuff they teach to...
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    Some Thoughts About the SEA-NE Game

    On the last play Onemenu got his butt kicked. It didn’t help that we didn’t have a receiver for that play. If he’s going to be beaten so decisively, can we throw it to the rookie? We play him enough at TE.
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    Some Thoughts About the SEA-NE Game

    Before putting Uche behind the D line, we need a typical run-stuffing NT, which we don’t currently have. And I’m not sold on the injured Beau Allen. We will miss Danny Shelton this season. For those thinking he’s the next shiny new toy for our defense, Uche is short. Four inches less than Jamie...
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    Extend Newton

    Yes, do it. I fear the home town discount won’t apply, though. Thirty million a a year? Just do it.
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    Welcome to The Patriots Newton!

    Cam is the anti-Brady in so many ways. He is obnoxious when successful—the childish Superman antics—and the video shows him when he’s not, peevish. Brady had amazing graciousness and dignity even in the agony of defeat. And it’s about to get soap operatic in Foxboro—and I’m not just talking...
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    GOAT QB discussions must include Johnny U.

    That’s very true. I had forgotten about that. That was a dreadful INT.
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    Looks like Rob Parker likes us now with Cam

    The “spade and neuter your pets” guy? You know, on tv. ThePrice Is Right.
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    Welcome to The Patriots Newton!

    Childish and brooding. The true character comes out in adversity. Like his disgraceful press conference after the Broncos beat his team in the Super Bowl.
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    Setting Stidham up for Success

    I agree. His third year with his legit #1 receiver better show him to be special. But it’s tough when one has a cannon for an arm and an acorn for a brain. Nice person, though.
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    Chung signed to 2 year extension. I’m confused.

    The League is desperate to improve diversity. They are considering improving teams’ draft status that further their aims. Chung has a Chinese grandparent. An Asian playing DB in the NFL? Need I say more?
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    Patriots 2020 Draft Class Grades

    Do I don’t know how anyone can give Bill higher than a C+. More like a C- by my book. He had a chance to do so much more in this draft. Let it come to you, Bill.
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    Patriots 2020 Draft Class Grades

    Notable omission in this year’s draft: a run-stuffing, two-gapping NT. Leki Fotu, whom the Cardinals got early in the fourth. Easily within reach for us if Bill hadn’t done his repeated questionable move ups. I felt that way last year with TE and Dawson Knox. He moved up to get the intriguing...
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    OT: Brady “checked out” after Steelers loss in 2018?

    Maybe Belichick not drafting a TE last year—he was too busy with drafting guys that essentially got redshirted like Joejuan and the Alabama RB whose name is Harrid—that made the GOAT say WTF. This year Bill overcorrected his mistake, but that caused him to make the big mistake of this year’s...
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    DRAFT Dalton Keene

    Anyone else worried that DK’s playing style doesn’t lend itself to the NFL? He needs to learn to protect his body against bigger, stronger, faster players.