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Sep 27th

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  1. rookBoston

    Ceasars: "Patriots roster outside of cornerback 'one of the worst in the NFL'"

    It’s the seasonal downbeat. Every year, in the Spring, the Pats are terrible and going to get swamped. All the familiar players we’ve come to trust are gone or retired or traded, and the pundits presume that BB will be unable to find anyone that can play football for him. Sometimes it’s true...
  2. rookBoston

    Potential 53 man roster

    Many of the problem cuts will resolve themselves with injury. But, every year, Belichick cuts one or a few veterans in preference for the UDFA who shows the right work ethic, ability to learn and potential. Reggie Wayne and Terrance Knighton and more like them have come in as highly regarded...
  3. rookBoston

    How is the Draft looking?

    Honestly looks like a typical draft class. Value picks at positions of need, and a lot of trading down for more picks and picks next year. Some anger from vocal segments of the fan base is pretty typical too as BB chose to draft his guys, not the media binkies, and is getting roasted for it.
  4. rookBoston

    with #210 NE selects Braxton Berrios!

    Captain of his team says a lot
  5. rookBoston

    Danny Etling Signs 4 Year Contract. (Merge)

    He can’t be so good that he’ll require a spot on the 53-man. He needs to be a legit project
  6. rookBoston

    Lip reading Brady and McDaniels

    Brady was angry because Josh was right. Everyone did their job, including the Bills breaking down in the secondary, and Tom missed it. It's going to get him bothered knowing it was on him.
  7. rookBoston

    Official Post Game Thread - Pats destroy Raiders!!!!!!

    You know who else had another good game... Tony Romo. Guy manages to be articulate, charming and incredibly insightful all at the same time. He's a pleasure to have doing the game. Wish he could do all of them.
  8. rookBoston


    I suppose an incomplete pass counts as "some" success
  9. rookBoston

    Former Pats WR Terry Glenn killed in car crash

    wow. I was just thinking about that team, the other day, with Bledsoe, Curtis Martin, Ben Coates, Terry Glenn. Glenn is one where I always believed he should have been a superstar.
  10. rookBoston

    Official Game Day Thread- Week 1 Chiefs @ Pats

    What is it with flaky fans? It's 19-0 or troll with too many morons. If you believe the Pats are doomed, Brady is done, and the season is a washout, you're just bandwagon. They've come back from worse than this.
  11. rookBoston

    WR Malcolm Mitchell on Injured Reserve

    Kinda like drafting Gronkowski in the 2nd. We should never have done that either. /s
  12. rookBoston

    Jordan Richards . and STAR position

    Premature hate. Richards hasn't contributed on the field, but through no fault of his own. Chung has been remarkably healthy last few years. Belichick kicks the tires on dozens of safeties every offseason. If he didn't see something in Richards he obviously wouldn't be here with the quality of...
  13. rookBoston

    Patriots announce SEVEN captains for 2017

    Tremendous! Andrews from UDFA fill-in, to beating Bryan Stork out for the starting job, to team captain. Tremendous rise and a tribute to him. Even with the little access we get to the players' interaction as fans, you could sense Andrews's natural leadership-- even as a rookie, the game was...
  14. rookBoston

    Pats trade Jacoby Brissett to the Colts for Phillip Dorsett

    Actually, Bill does not draft BPA. He drafts for need, pretty consistently. Look back at any draft class, he's always plugging gaps in the roster with prospects he thinks can make a difference. He is just a much better evaluator of talent. But, he won't draft the "top rated" DE on the...
  15. rookBoston

    Who will lead the patriots in rushing yards this season?

    Is this the year McDaniels introduces the three back set, and then passes out of it? Those poor linebackers
  16. rookBoston

    Portnoy ups the towels to 70000

    Kraft is not going to confiscate them. You kidding? He's as excited about it as the rest of us.
  17. rookBoston

    uh-oh Dwayne Allen finds offense very hard to learn

    Possible roster cut. Anyone rooting for OShaugnassey or Hollister to make the team has to be thinking about this roster spot. I'm missing Martellus
  18. rookBoston

    Must Read Article: How the 2007 Patriots Changed Football Forever

    One of the finest articles on the Pats I've ever read.
  19. rookBoston

    Goodell really is an idiot

    Just proves that enough money can buy a sound bite that says exactly what is needed
  20. rookBoston


    Fans gave up on Cannon. Fans gave up on Edelman. Fans gave up on White. Lots of good players buried on the depth chart make good when the depth chart clears up in front of them.