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Sep 26th

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  1. farn

    Having fun in Philly ? Where is Lane ? We need fun, stat !
  2. farn

    OT : Miami 2020 picks

    I’m not advocating, I’m genuinely curious. With everyone always saying QB is the most important position and that hitting on the right one is crucial, why wouldn’t a team in Miami’s position (three 1st, two 2nd) go for more than one QB ? For instance : in a scenario they could grab Hebert...
  3. farn

    Important year for 2019 draft class

    I know many on here have been down on BB drafts. There is no question some years have been more successful than others. In a twist, though, with Brady moving on, the 2020 season will be more reliant on last year’s draft than I had originally projected. If Stiddy is the starter, and does...
  4. farn

    NFL QB situations are sad

    NFL QB value rankings: Who do you want most at current cost? I know they offer several different ways of judging what teams are in the best positions. But you only need to go down a few spots on the list to see how bereft the League is at « quality QB ». Wants being so high, even after...
  5. farn

    OT a question I’ve had for a long time (NCAAF)

    I’ve often wondered what the answer to my question is : How far back do you need to go for today’s best college teams to beat NFL teams ? If you need me to be specific : one of tonight’s teams - LSU/Clemson is the competition. How far back in time do we need to go for one of them to be a...
  6. farn

    OT Mobile QB

    So I just finished watching a segment on the network that won’t be mentioned. They had Steve Young & a bunch of players that were never able to lead their team to the trophy presentation. “You’re going to need...” and “we have arrived”... Really ? Kordell ? Cunningham ? Donovan ...
  7. farn

    CBS ranks coaches, no wonder NE is so successful

    Top 10 head coaches in NFL: Bill Belichick still reigns, but who fills out the rest of the list? Not that I necessarily disagree with (most of) their list, though I’d never put Reid over Carroll... It just struck me that not only is BB the best coach, it isn’t even close. If THIS is the...
  8. farn

    Cardinals cellphone breaks

    Kliff Kingsbury to Give Cardinals Players Cell-Phone Breaks During Meetings Loving their chances............. to pick first again next year.
  9. farn

    OT : Seau

    With the soon-to-be show about Junior coming out, I need to admit that I feel sadness about how it all ended up. To be so supremely talented and - by all accounts - respected & loved by many... It doesn’t matter how much success you have or how strong you are at your workplace. Was it the...
  10. farn

    OT - giveaway pop up

    Worry to bother you all, but I am wondering if anyone else having a giveaway-day pop up/redirect on this site ? For the last few days - only on patsfans - I've hardly been able to visit as I get constantly redirected. Only on this One site. Thanks for any help - I'd hate to "lose" this...
  11. farn

    Patriots trade for Bears' LB
  12. farn

    The next HC from the current team

    NE is arguably enjoying the most coaching stability they've experienced in some time. Despite retirements, there hasn't been a coaching HC from the BB coaching tree in a few years. Many people seem to think Josh McD is just waiting in the wings to be the next HC from the current coaching...
  13. farn

    OT : Tom "they hate their coach" Jackson awarded Such a worthy choice seeing as how he is always on the money with all his statements and predictions.
  14. farn

    Everybody loves Bequette DE wasn't competitive enough - now he's throwing his hat in the ring at TE !
  15. farn

    What is going on with draft hopefuls ? First : the player in question is - according to the article - not a suspect in the murder. But how many of you have been seeked out by law enforcement in connection with a...
  16. farn

    OT : patsfans on EEI ?

    Did patsfans' own Ashley just chat with Holley and friends on the air re ESPN "you ugly n fat n dumb" suspended reporter ?
  17. farn

    What is your take on Malcolm Butler ?

    He played well at times last season and obviously came up huge in the SB (not only on that final play). But while I'm a fan of many years and try to stay on top of things, I have no idea what Butler is going to be going forward. What do you think Butler becomes ? Does he continue ascending...
  18. farn

    Brian Hoyer to sign with Houston Texans I like Hoyer. And I think the Texans are relatively close to making the jump to AFC elite. They are a QB away. But are Mallett and Hoyer the guys to lead them to new heights ? I dunno....
  19. farn

    Eleven on offense

    Here are the eleven I would prefer to see : Solder, Kline, Stork, Conelly, Vollmer Brady, Vereen, Ridley Gronk, Edelman, Dobson Not quite 2007... but...
  20. farn

    Best secondary since 04

    I think the last time NE played with such a strong secondary was the last championship team. I liked the pre-arrest Artrell Hawkins as much as the next guy, but even our reserves this year (Ryan, Harmon) outshine starters in recent years... Add Talib and McCourty and you have the makings of a...