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Sep 26th

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  1. Hammer of Thor

    RIP Marty Schottenheimer

    Passed away from Alzheimer’s at age 77. Marty Schottenheimer dies at 77 - ProFootballTalk Remembered as a great regular season coach who could never get it done the playoffs. His last NFL game was 2006 divisional against New England with the famous Troy Brown interception strip.
  2. Hammer of Thor

    Bedard: Patriots down on Winovich, Jennings

    I don’t have BSJ access, but Bedard wrote a column yesterday with assessments on the Patriots younger guys: Bedard's Breakdown: With more run in the season finale, an update on where Patriots youngsters stand for 2021 | Boston Sports Journal Like I said, I don’t have access and so haven’t read...
  3. Hammer of Thor

    Former Raven tried to kill someone

    Looks like Ray Lewis does give inspiring speeches after all. Former NFL lineman Justin Bannan arrested for attempted murder
  4. Hammer of Thor

    Patriots 2020 draft - projected draft slots

    Thought it might be useful to have a running thread throughout the year with the anticipated 2020 Patriots draft pick slots. I can update this as trades are made during the year. Mike Reiss details them here: Jarrett Stidham has best preseason for rookie QB under Bill Belichick Pats...
  5. Hammer of Thor

    3 Games to Glory VI

    My copy showed up in the mail yesterday. Looking forward to getting a chance to watch this weekend. Anyone else receive and have a chance to watch - curious how this one holds up. Mike Reiss has seen it and put up some comments in his Sunday notes column (item 6). How Josh Gordon might have...
  6. Hammer of Thor

    Ravens going down the toilet without Ozzie Newsome

    New GM Eric DeCosta on Lamar Jackson: Eric DeCosta thinks Lamar Jackson will help attract free agents
  7. Hammer of Thor

    Jason McCourty - contract restructure

    Making a new thread, but probably isn't worthy of one. He restructured his contract prior to the opener to stay with the team, per Mike Reiss.
  8. Hammer of Thor

    Bill Belichick well respected among agents

    Saw this on PFT this morning and went to the original source. USA TODAY Sports NFL agent poll: Redskins, Bruce Allen get low marks on preparedness, trust Key findings: - Belichick was ranked #2 among agents as the "most respected" executives to work with (behind Ozzie Newsome #1) and the...
  9. Hammer of Thor

    OT: McAdoo and Jerry Reese get the boot

    Giants fire Ben McAdoo Jerry Reese gets the boot in New York as well Will be interesting to see if McDaniels/Caserio are under consideration and if they'd be interested. Steve Spagnuolo is the interim HC and certainly would be in the running for the permanent role.
  10. Hammer of Thor

    2018 draft pick reset - as of 10/31/2017

    If you got lost like I did with all of the trades this offseason and then the recent Jimmy G trade, I found a handy reference that can help: Here’s an updated list of the Patriots’ 2018 draft picks To summarize: Likely 8 picks when adding in compensatory selections, but many moving parts...
  11. Hammer of Thor

    [email protected] -- REWATCH Thread

    The board has become more derailed than usual and it has nothing to do with football. For those who come here just for football, this thread was very successful and enlightening last week, so I thought I'd start a thread for this week. Particularly looking forward to @Tony2046 's analysis of...
  12. Hammer of Thor

    Pats replacing the new turf at Gillette

    Pats replacing the new turf That didn't take long: Pats replacing synthetic turf at Gillette again
  13. Hammer of Thor

    Patriots acquire Marquis Flowers from Cincinnati for a 7th Round Pick

    Pats give up a 7th round pick. Bengals trade Marquis Flowers to New England
  14. Hammer of Thor

    Goodell still upset about Patricia's clown shirt

    Goodell still miffed about Matt Patricia’s T-shirt selection I know isn't sponsoring anything, but just in case there were any doubts about Clownout still getting under Goodell's skin....
  15. Hammer of Thor

    Bill Belichick vs. Bruce Arians - style contrast

    Bill Belichick vs. Bruce Arians - style contrast I thought this was quite interesting. From PFT Live today: Bruce Arians: Week One loss to Patriots derailed our season Now of course, it's funny thinking about the Cardinals being 0-1 and having that break their season, when the Patriots were...
  16. Hammer of Thor

    What a surprise - Falcons want to change OT rules

    I'm surprised it took this long. Falcons GM Wants To Change NFL Overtime Rules After Super Bowl Loss To Patriots Sorry Tom, I know you're a Pats guy and everything, but this reeks of sour grapes..... You knew the rules. You don't want to lose on a coin flip in overtime? Then don't give up...
  17. Hammer of Thor

    Downfall video thread - Goodell reacts to Patriots winning Super Bowl 51

    I'm guessing some of these are in the postgame thread but that's too long to sift through. Figured I'd dedicate a thread to it. Best one out there so far, in my opinion, although there is room for improvement.
  18. Hammer of Thor

    OT: Brandon Spikes sued by The Fish Guy of Framingham

    Bought tropical fish, they didn't survive the move into his house, so he didn't pay for those that didn't make it.... Brandon Spikes sued by Fish Guy
  19. Hammer of Thor

    OT: Seahawks may lose 2nd round pick over Sherman injury disclosure

    On the other hand, it's Mort who's reporting it..... Seahawks may lose 2nd-round pick for not disclosing Richard Sherman injury
  20. Hammer of Thor

    It's official: Roger Goodell's suspension of Brady failed

    Just wanted to bring this up again as a big FU to the commish. He spent $5m+ in fees on the Brady suspension. While it got him the Article 46 authority he wanted, from the Pats perspective it got him: - No impact on AFC playoff race. Pats earned #1 seed anyway, and only lost to a Buffalo...