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Sep 26th

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  1. TheRainMaker

    Harry out 4 weeks with shoulder injury

    Going to be tough for him to overcome this. I could see either an injury settlement or him getting cut/released when healthy sometime during the season.
  2. TheRainMaker

    Pats ranked #1 CB duo

    This shouldn’t be breaking news, but it is to some. I love seeing positional unit rankings and Cynthia gets it.
  3. TheRainMaker

    Asante goes off on Bill/Pats organization

    No more Twitter, he finally speaks! He tells a heated confrontation between him and BB regarding his contract, says Bill holds players back, players are lying on how “good” it is and too afraid to speak up on how they’re treated like “s***”, Tom is the reason Bill gets away with signing “random...
  4. TheRainMaker

    Curran: Five bold predictions for the Patriots offseason

    I agree with with everything except Joe Thuney returning and Gilmore getting traded (unless he wants to). If Bill doesn't Franchise Tag Thuney, he won't waste much time negotiating with Bill as he and Sherreff are the best G's on the market. I agree the Pats better offensive skill players to...
  5. TheRainMaker

    Time for the Pats to go shopping?

    With over $20M in cap space now, Pats could address the D line. The overrated Clowney can go do his disappearing act elsewhere. He should moonlight as a magician. Snacks Harrison, Everson Griffen or Marcell Dareus are my choices. However, this article brings up a good point that it's hard to...
  6. TheRainMaker

    Cam Newton explains how he ended up with the Pats

    If you still think Stidum is going to miraculously win the starting job over Newton, I don't know what else to tell you. Newton talks about being the guy replacing Tom Brady, so put 2 + 2 together on whether Stidum has a shot. Dude has a big chip on his shoulder. See what he says about the teams...
  7. TheRainMaker

    Pats make hype video for Cam Newton

    But I thought he was the back up? :rolleyes:
  8. TheRainMaker

    Not so OT: Chad O'Shea fired after Pats offense "too hard to learn"

    This has been debated on why WR's don't do well. I expect the offense to get "dumbed down" for Stidum and the young guys. NFL Rumors: Dolphins’ Chad O’Shea Fired After Patriots Offense Too Hard To Learn
  9. TheRainMaker

    OT: This is why Pats fans "hate" Travis Kelce

    He claims because he's white and wears number 87.:rolleyes: Ummmm no. Two reasons why I think we don't like him is because he's a Gronk impostor (Von Miller has even called him a "Wannabe Gronk") and he was taking s***/mocking Tom Brady pre game when he hasn't accomplished jack s***! Travis...
  10. TheRainMaker

    OT: Rams screw up their new uniforms

    All the fans wanted were the blue and gold uniforms they used to wear. That's all they had to do! Why do teams refuse to listen to their fans? New uniform rankings 2020: 1. Chargers 2. Bucs 3. Browns 4. Pats 5. Falcons 6. Rams
  11. TheRainMaker

    MNF Shake up: Tessitore and McFarland are out!

    That's the good news. The bad news is they are promoting someone from within. Hopefully the First Take Team take over so Molly Qerim does play by play and talks over everyone else including the refs when announcing penalties. Screamin' A Smith will say who's not a "scrub", how Aaron Rodgers is a...
  12. TheRainMaker

    Aaron Dobson fighting people on Twitter

    He wants people to know he was good and lay off BB that he can’t draft WR’s. It’s pretty funny people calling him out and him firing back. And people were pissed off at him for wearing hoodies? Lol. Ex-Patriot Aaron Dobson Goes On Twitter Rampage About Career In New England
  13. TheRainMaker

    Ceasars: "Patriots roster outside of cornerback 'one of the worst in the NFL'"

    What do you think of this? Caesars sets Patriots' over/under for wins at 8.5, calls roster outside of cornerback 'one of the worst in the NFL'
  14. TheRainMaker

    BB’s best value picks

    We like to s*** on BB’s drafting, but here’s a top 10 list of his best value picks. I don’t agree with some listed. I’ll list who I think should’ve made it later so I don’t spoil anything. Patriots' 10 best value picks during Belichick's run
  15. TheRainMaker

    Ben Affleck asks Tom Brady what we all want to know

    It starts at 4:15 if you don't want to watch the entire thing but Ben confronting Max is pretty good. The answer will for sure piss you off. I thought it was pretty funny.
  16. TheRainMaker

    NFL erased a sack for the Pats somewhere [Edit: they didn't] says their D has 24 sacks but it should be 25. I noticed during Sunday’s game there were discrepancies between ESPN, NFL Redzone and Yahoo. Redzone kept saying they had one more sack than the others. Link Anybody know what sack they took off? So that means the streak of 5 sacks for 5...
  17. TheRainMaker

    2019 season preview magazines are out....

    And they are comedy gold with their predictions. Spoilers ahead! I perused Lindy’s (the best for reading about ever player), Athlon (okay) and Street and Smiths. All predict NE to lose to none only than the choke artists they call the Los Angeles Chargers in either the divisional or...
  18. TheRainMaker

    Site issues on smartphone / Ad Changes?

    Anybody else see large gaps between posts and that annoying clear bar at the bottom of each page you have to press the x to get rid of it?