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Sep 26th

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  1. Sicilian

    Surprise impact players from 2020 team

    So, it seems like every year (probably for all teams, I just don't follow them as closely), there is a player from the previous year that was either on the PS the whole time, or only played ST, or was inexplicably active every week but played very few snaps, then has an expanded role the next...
  2. Sicilian

    Semi-OT: Kraft to own Boston ESports Team

    Overwatch Makes A Huge Announcement About Competitive Gaming Didn't see another thread on this, but it's entirely possible the board just doesn't care. Still, I think it's an interesting development, as there's been a fair amount of talk in recent years about the legitimacy of e-sports as...
  3. Sicilian

    OT: Sports Fans without Cable

    Hi guys, Looking for some insight from some fellow sports fans. I've recently made the decision to cut the cord, and go without cable. I don't think I've watched live TV (outside of sports) in over a month. Almost all of my media is streaming nowadays. This causes a conundrum with sports...
  4. Sicilian

    Outside of the Patriots, my favorite team this year has been...

    The Atlanta Falcons. No, seriously. Imagine if the choice we had going into this Super Bowl was watching Peyton Manning win it, or watching Don Shula's son get the undefeated season. I think I might have shot myself. So thank you, Atlanta Falcons. You have made the Super Bowl at least...
  5. Sicilian

    Three unconventional predictions for the game

    It's gameday, and in an attempt to get some of my excitement out, I thought it would be fun to make three predictions for the game that maybe go against the traditional logic. These aren't "bold" predictions like Tom Brady will throw for 1000 yards or anything crazy. Just things that happen in...
  6. Sicilian

    OT: A new low for the Jets QB situation

    How bad are the Jets QB's? In the new Madden, you don't even need a defender to pick one off for a touchdown :D
  7. Sicilian

    The Ten Commandments of Preseason Football

    Here's a list of things I like to keep in mind when trying to evaluate what I see in preseason. These are by no means a hard truth, they just help me try to keep some perspective: 1) Unless he's catching passes from Brady, a wide receiver's performance means next to nothing. As good as Tyms...
  8. Sicilian

    Can't edit profile

    Hello, I tried to edit my personal information on my profile (haven't checked in a while and it's OLD). But it's not accepting "Bill" as the first name of the Patriots head coach, so it won't accept the changes. It says the field is not in the required format... any thoughts?
  9. Sicilian

    18 game season or 14 team playoffs?

    I think it's fair to say that the majority of fans are against both of these ideas. But I was curious which of these ideas was more palatable to you guys? If, gun to your head, you HAD to choose one of them, which would it be? I'm torn on it. A 14 team playoffs format affects the integrity...
  10. Sicilian

    Ways to improve a team

    Just some perspective to clear my own head this morning. Take from it what you will. Disclaimer though: I'm NOT saying that each of these things should be 100% expected to happen. Just that these are all viable ways that a team could improve from one year to the next: Free Agency/Trades...
  11. Sicilian

    6 Storylines for 2014

    With the Patriots season over, the best way I can deal with the disappointment is to start thinking ahead. I haven't even started thinking about "what they should do" though, and have been focusing more on the interesting storylines and players to watch going into next season. There is a LOT...
  12. Sicilian

    On offense the Patriots are now basically on Plan E

    Plan A: Run a two tight-end offense with Gronk and Hernandez as the center pieces. Then you just need Edelman and Amendola to be solid, with hopefully some contributions from one of three rookie WRs. Plan B: Okay, Hernandez was a scum bag, but we can still run a single TE set once Gronk is...
  13. Sicilian

    Expect the Unexpected

    Every week we talk at great length about matchups, gameplans, personnel concerns, and predictions. We discuss the challenges a player like Welker presents, while also mentioning the comparable nightmares Gronk must inflict on the opponents. What often gets overlooked (for good reason I...
  14. Sicilian

    Some observations after a "good" night's sleep

    I know we have a number of people who do these, all of whom are more qualified than me. But for some much needed cathartics I thought I might spew out my thoughts on the game and see if anyone wants to join me. Otherwise I'm more than happy to rant to myself :D 1) I'm going to try to avoid...
  15. Sicilian

    Bye-week Thread: Radical Rule Changes

    So, I was reading today about an idea that Tom Verducci, baseball writer for SI had for a radical rule change in MLB. I won't get into it specifically here because I know the prevailing opinion of baseball on this forum, but it got me thinking of a fun way to pass the time without a game this...
  16. Sicilian

    Gronk's Multi-Level Impact

    I've been thinking this morning about the myriad of ways that Gronk can impact this offense. Admittedly, this is partially an attempt to psyche myself up for this offense which has looked decent at times and downright horrible at others. But I really think that Rob's impact goes beyond any one...
  17. Sicilian

    Your favorite stat category tweak

    Hi all, Just for fun, I thought I'd see what other commissioners like to do for stat category tweaks. For example, one thing I'm trying out this year is adding a 1 point bonus for each 3-and-out forced by a defense. I always felt that defensive points were to dependent on turnovers, so I...
  18. Sicilian

    Patriots are now +20 in turnover differential

    After yesterday's game, the Patriots are now +20 in turnover differential, with the next highest being Chicago at +14 and Baltimore at +12. Obviously we know that Brady is great at avoiding turnovers himself, but credit needs to be given to the defense for upping the forced fumbles this year...
  19. Sicilian

    We've definitely got something with this Run D

    So, there's been a lot of talk this week about how successful the Patriots were running the ball against the Bills. Throughout, it's been mentioned that they took advantage of the Bills playing primarily in the nickel, which made running a little easier. Looking at the snap counts for our...
  20. Sicilian

    As much as I love Logan Mankins, would it have been better to put him on PUP?

    Mankins is one of my favorite players, mostly because he's just a tough SOB. But could that tough, warrior mentality, be a bad thing recently? He's been out of practice all week with a hip problem, and I don't remember a specific incident (if I'm wrong please let me know) where that injury...