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Sep 26th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. Wilfork#75

    2021 Mock Drafts

    I got aggressive and traded up for our new QB. Then sat back and let it all fall into place. I know it’s extremely unlikely some of these guys fall to here but crazier things have happened. If I were able to, I would have packaged 177 and 188 to move up and draft OG/C David Moore from...
  2. Wilfork#75

    Realistic trade packages to move up and take a QB in the draft

    The good news for a trade up is that Atlanta re-structured Matt Ryan’s contract and essentially committed to him for at least the next 2 years. I don’t see them going QB at #4 after that, I think they make one last push for a Super Bowl with Ryan and Julio Jones. That could be a spot for a team...
  3. Wilfork#75

    DRAFT BGC 2021 Pre-Draft/Patriot-Type Prospect(s) thread

    This is my C of the future, David Moore from Grambling State. He played LG in college but was voted OL of the week at the Senior Bowl as a C. Short, thick and powerful, he’s gotten some Shaq Mason comparisons because of his combination of size, power and movement skills. If you want a C that can...
  4. Wilfork#75


    I am driving the Ben Mason bandwagon. He is just a mauling run blocker that would fit perfectly on this team. We’ve definitely seen a drop in production since Develin retired. I like Johnson but I think Mason is a clear upgrade. He is a better blocker, has the athleticism to be a threat as a...
  5. Wilfork#75

    Your dream scenario for the 2021 Pats...

    Time to spend some money. My dream free agency for the Pats: Re-sign (2021 cap hit) C- David Andrews- 3 years $20mil ($5mil) DL- Lawrence Guy- 2 years $10mil ($5m) DL- Adam Butler- 3 years $20mil ($5mil) Sign Free Agents WR- Corey Davis- 4 years $56mil ($8mil) WR- Curtis Samuel- 4 years $34mil...
  6. Wilfork#75

    BGC 2021 QB/PTP Thread

    I’m all for a trade up for Lance as long as it’s reasonable. I’m definitely not going into the top 5, I think 7 would be highest I would go (15+46 for 7). The key is going to be Atlanta at 4. If they draft a QB then I think the cost will be too high. They will either draft Lance themselves or...
  7. Wilfork#75

    Interesting development on the Jimmy G front

    It doesn’t make any sense to me to trade for Jimmy G. The compensation we would send isn’t the motivation for the 49ers to move on from him, it will be clearing $20+mil in cap space. If the 49ers find a replacement they will be forced to release him because no other team will trade for that...
  8. Wilfork#75

    Player Signing Trent Brown trade to Pats

    Love this move. He would have been one of my top targets if the Raiders had of cut him. This solidifies Onwenu to LG and Thuney gone. Brown has already re-worked his deal and will be a free agent after 2021
  9. Wilfork#75

    OT - Louis Nix has passed away

    This is very sad. He was one of my biggest draft binkies. RIP.
  10. Wilfork#75

    2021 Draft Binkie Thread

    TE- Brevin Jordan- Miami C/G- David Moore- Grambling State OLB- Chris Rumph II- Duke FB- Ben Mason- Michigan NT- Tyler Shelvin- LSU
  11. Wilfork#75

    Matt Ryan To Patriots? Speculation

    The cap hit for the Falcons to trade Matt Ryan is over $44mil. Not happening
  12. Wilfork#75

    Stafford on the trading block [update: traded to Rams]

    I’m not opposed to Stafford at all. I think he is a quality starting QB in the NFL and at (soon to be) 33 he still has a few good years left. It’s not my number 1 option but I certainly wouldn’t hate it. I think #15 straight up is a little bit rich but if we could get back Detroit’s 3rd (#72) I...
  13. Wilfork#75

    2021 Cap Space

    I think each of these guys are in a different situation and with some of them we might not have a choice. I think everyone expects Cannon to retire so that’s an easy one. Hightower retiring is probably 50-50 right now. I’d love to bring him back for less money but at 31 with an extensive...
  14. Wilfork#75

    2021 Cap Space

    I was going to start a new thread but this seems to fit here. This is going to be a very different off season than we have ever seen before for the Pats and BB because we’ve never been in this position before. I think it’s time to accept we are in a complete rebuild. We no longer have the...
  15. Wilfork#75

    POLL: Thuney or Andrews, who is more valuable?

    I see absolutely no reason to not re-sign Thuney. I would re-sign both. We have so much cap space with more likely on the way after some guys retire. Now is the time to load up in free agency, especially with a suppressed market A few key point to remember: - We are currently looking at $60mil...
  16. Wilfork#75

    An ESPN writer proposes a Patriots trade for Deshaun Watson

    Neither team would do this. It would cripple the Pats and it’s not enough value for the Texans. Plus the optics of Caserio trading Watson to the Pats would be horrendous. There are only two teams that have the draft capital and players to realistically swing a trade for Watson, the Jets and the...