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Sep 26th

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  1. Quest4SevenHomie

    OT: Was Manningham's catch in SB 46 the correct call?

    I hopped on Twitter several moments ago only to see @nfl retweet a clip from @nflfilms of the Mario Manningham catch from SB XLVI. Belichick challenged the play, and rightfully so. The refs ruled the play as a catch, stating Manningham caught the ball and maintained possession. But did he...
  2. Quest4SevenHomie

    Antonio Brown

    To me, I get the feeling that Brown is trolling everyone. Like how he did the the whole helmet fiasco and threatened to sit out. Brady and Belichick don't have the luxury of putting up that behavior. Everyone knows Belichick. Other teams suck, so they really don't have much going for them, so...
  3. Quest4SevenHomie

    Avengers - Endgame

    It was a really good movie during most scenes but, in my own opinion, I strongly feel like it was extremely rushed. For a 3-hour run time, I honestly felt like the movie could have gone for a good half hour to tie things together better and tie up plot holes.
  4. Quest4SevenHomie

    Who really gets the credit for SBLIII win?

    I keep hearing about how it was all Flores' doing. Not much credit going to guys like Gilmore, Hightower and Van Noy. How Flores was a defensive guru with this team by playing more man and going away from bed don't break, but than I remember how his defense couldn't stop KC's offense. Or is...
  5. Quest4SevenHomie

    I miss the excitement of making comebacks .......... (NOOB THREAD WARNING)

    I found this game completely unexciting and thrilling compared to previous Super Bowls. It was more fun knowing we needed make plays happen to make a comeback and fight back against adversity. Super Bowl 49 and 51; they were just so special. They had drama and epic storylines behind them. They...
  6. Quest4SevenHomie

    Who'll be doing the coin toss at SB LIII?

    Who will be the honorary captain and we'll be calling heads again, right?
  7. Quest4SevenHomie

    Patriots favored by -3 margin

    I thought we were the underdogs? What has suddenly changed? Is there any obscure stats that determines what percentage of favorites actually win? EDIT: Apparently, OddShark (not sure how reliable they are), says that the past 5 out of 6 underdogs have gone on to win the Super Bowl. All-Time...
  8. Quest4SevenHomie

    Super Bowl 53 predictions

    Let's hear those predictions! Throw in stats or obscure theories that are in our favor. What will be the call for the coin toss; Heads or Tails? What color jerseys are we rocking; white roads or blue home? Will Belichick wear the damn hoodie this time around?
  9. Quest4SevenHomie

    What's the latest with Mahomes knee?

    It was injured on a play against the Colts by Denico Autry while trying to scramble. Should've been called for grounding on the play. Not that it matters since the Colts got a train ran on them.
  10. Quest4SevenHomie

    Passer ratings go up in cold weather

    Found these stats as well as the Pats' records in below freezing temperatures
  11. Quest4SevenHomie

    Clete Blakeman assigned as ref to AFCCG

    Confidence just went out the door, because the Patriots have a losing record whenever Blakeman's officiating. I was excited about the temperature and snow, but this news really grinds my gears. Not what I wanted to hear. This sucks major floppy donkey balls, to say the least.
  12. Quest4SevenHomie

    Bears hire Chuck Pagano has their new DC

    Can they get Smoking Jay as the QB coach to teach the youngins how to properly inhale tobacco?
  13. Quest4SevenHomie

    Pats win it all this year?

    I'm sure some of you who follow college football know that Alabama won last year and lost this year. In the past 5 years when Alabama lost, the Pats won, when Alabama wins we lose. According to that stat, the Pats are supposed to win it this year since Alabama lost. But I'm not entirely...
  14. Quest4SevenHomie

    No QB aged 41 or older has ever won a playoff game?

    No QB has ever came back from a 25 point deficit before, either... Is this another record Brady breaks that mot even the NFL's favorite heir-- Peyton Manning-- could accomplish?
  15. Quest4SevenHomie

    Could we see a rd 2 of the 2007 AFCCG ?

    The one where the Chargers were banged up, had no running game and Rivers played with a acl injury and Brady played like crap but the defense was lit as hell?
  16. Quest4SevenHomie

    Should we start to worry?

    As our team continues their quest for the #2 seed, other AFC teams are quickly moving closer to grabbing that spot and the Chargers or Texans are looking like they'll reach it sooner than anyone. Should we start to worry? I think we should definitely consider starting to worry about the AFC...
  17. Quest4SevenHomie

    No doom and gloom for Brees?

    Notice how the media and several Brady haters have gone quietly without mentioning the fact that Brees got rekt by the Cowboys defense Thursday? If this was Brady, EVERY sports analyst and media outlet would be calling for Brady to retire. The mantra would be: "Brady's on a downward spiral."...
  18. Quest4SevenHomie

    Why has it been so hard to find elite o-linemen?

    The o-line have failed to protect Brady even against inept pass rush defense. They constantly struggle and have heart attacks at the biggest moments. We haven't had a decent o-line since the 2014 season. Meanwhile teams like the Saints, Rams, Titans, Bears all have elite o-linemen... that can...