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Sep 26th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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OT: UK Pats Fan Suffering depression
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Cancer part II (Go Fund Me Added)
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    BB on Brady playing when he's 50: If anyone can do it it's him “I’m sure Tom would know better than anybody, so if anybody can do it it’s him,” Belichick said. Sounds like a guy who at least regrets a little bit not keeping Brady...
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    Report Card week 2

    QB: B OL: C- RB: C+ WR: B TE: B- DL: B- LB: B+ Secondary: A- Special Teams: B+ (changed from A-)
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    KVN being KVN

    Lol. He was right though about the Cam honeymoon being over last year.
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    OT: Week 2 hot seat watch Amazing how Roman designed this revolutionary Ravens offense a couple years ago - and now he's on the hot seat. Agreed about the Raiders GM. Gruden should be warming up too. So should all the coaching staff on...
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Week 2 Other NFL games

    TNF: NYG @ WTF Daniel Jones with the wheels! Until he had a flat :D
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    OT: RIP Norm MacDonald

    Didn’t know he was fighting cancer. 61 years old.
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    Week 1 report card

    QB: A-. Thought of an A but to be honest some of those QB hits were on Mac himself and not every single one of his throws were on the money. He'll learn. Really nice debut though against a good defense. OL: C- They're better than what they showed yesterday, or at least I hope they are for Mac's...
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    Overreaction Monday thread

    Gonna be fun this year more than usual. Quite a few teams looked pretty bad (SF almost blowing a huge lead, Browns did blow a big lead, Packers...:eek:)
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    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Other NFL games week 1 thread

    I guess the other topic was locked so starting a new one for today.
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    OT: Cowboys starting RT suspended 5 games

    Rap says it's for missing drug tests. They'll be one player down when we see them in week 6.
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    "Experts" Patriots season predictions thread

    Peter King: Pats as the #5 seed, beat Browns then lose to the Chiefs in the division round. Breer: Pats #6 seed, lose WC game to the Browns Vrentas: Pats #2 seed, beat Ravens and Bills, lose AFCCG to the Chiefs Orr: Pats #3 seed, beat Colts, lose to Browns in divisional Rosenberg: Pats #2 seed...
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    Brady says he was Covid positive after Super Bowl parade

    Im sure he didn’t get it before the game since they’re all tested. If he was still a Patriot I bet the conspiracy theories would still be all out there lol
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    The Quinn Nordin era also begins

    Report: Patriots Going With Quinn Nordin At Kicker Over Veteran Nick Folk – CBS Boston (
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    FMIA and Peter King feature on Brady and the Bucs

    FMIA: Nineteen Minutes With Tom Brady at Bucs Camp - Peter King, NBC Sports The other important part of having Brady in the house, as one Buc operative told me: “Nobody’s a turd when Tom’s around.” Meaning no one on offense is going to ***** about not getting the ball enough, or about his...
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    OT: Other NFL preseason games

    Browns Jags about to start. Looking forward to getting a look at Lawrence. Fields looked good today but preseason of course.
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    Happy 44th Birthday GOAT

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    Cole Popovich no longer on coaching staff

    No reason given. Hopefully not an anti-vax reason like the Vikings assistant coach.
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    OT: Cleveland Guardians

    Sounds like there’s an XFL team now in Major League Baseball. Lol.
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    Brady on the week 4 Pats game “There’s a lot to happen between now and then, and obviously I know the challenge of beating a great team like that, a great organization, great players, so many friends that are still on the...
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    Brady at the White House with the champs

    Scott Smith on Twitter: "Champs, where champs belong!" / Twitter What's up with Arians red face lol