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Sep 26th

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  1. K

    One more SB thread...some random reflective thoughts

    So I don't post nearly as much as I used to but with what was definitely been a hotly debated loss, I have been thinking about posting something for the past few days. I've swayed back and forth on both sides of the argument and just want to hash everything out - call it therapeutic for me if...
  2. K

    Could Edelman play outside?

    I've been wondering this for awhile. Welker needs to be protected by being off the line because he's tiny. Edelman has decent size (6'0, 190 lbs) - and should be even stronger after a full offseason to work out. He seems to be a natural at receiver and, IMO, I think the plan might be to have him...
  3. K

    2003/4-esque performance

    For all those who said we've gotten soft, today's game was typical of 03 and 04 Pats. On offense: Control the LOS with our OL. Pound the ball with the run and use play-action effectively. Convert on key 3rd downs to keep drives alive. Multiple formations to keep D off balance. Make just...
  4. K

    Some Pre-TC Thoughts

    1. I think we're gonna end up going with 4 TE's and only 4 RB's this year. We rarely use a FB except in a few certain packages. For smash mouth short yardage running, Hochstein should get reps as the lead back. In the regular offense, expect Thomas and Smith to get reps as the H-back. This role...
  5. K

    Day 1 Thoughts

    1) S Patrick Chung - I pointed this out before that BB has moved away from the big in-the-box SS type to having two athletic players who can move around. All the safeties he's brought in since Rodney have been of the more athletic mold except for Tank Williams, who played as much ILB if not...
  6. K

    Preliminary Mock Draft

    Just trying to take a rough stab at what we might be looking at. First of all, I believe we will tag-and-trade Cassell, but the picks will be more of the 2010 variety (I think something similar to the Bledsoe deal). I will also assume a 3rd round comp pick for Samuel. 1) TE Brandon...
  7. K

    Day 1 Thoughts

    This has actually been my favourite draft in awhile. I know a bunch of you probably disagree, but hear me out. 1) First we get a LB that should be able to make an immediate impact inside. The key here is that Mayo can take snaps at ILB. This will allow AT to shift outside to OLB. He'll only...
  8. K

    playing favorites

    Just to get a feel for everyone's favorite prospects. Pick your favorite players based on round1, early rounds (rounds 2/3), later rounds (4-7). Do one position or many. Try to limit it to one player per category. LB round1: Keith Rivers (love this guy as a ILB in our defense, IMO he'd be a...
  9. K

    mock offseason- cuz there's nothing else to do on a bye week

    I tried to think like the FO does. Here's my shot: Resign Moss, Gaffney, Gay, Bruschi, Wright Renegotiate/extend Colvin, Kelly Washington Lose Samuel to FA. I love the guy, but BB has constantly let his DB's go rather than offer huge money. I expect a fair offer, something like 5 mil a...
  10. K

    mock offseason- cuz there's nothing else to do on a bye week

    I tried to think like the FO does.
  11. K

    pfk, where are you? some postgame thoughts

    Hey patsfanken, where are you buddy? I look forward to your postgame thoughts, but in your absence, I'll try to do you justice. Some of these ideas have already been brought up, and I encourage everyone to add their own. 1) It's amazing how spoiled we have become as fans. During our...
  12. K

    Young backup LB's

    I just want to here your thoughts on 3 of our young backup LB's: Woods, Alexander, Mays. Even the most die hard LB advocates must admit that it seems to be against BB's MO to draft LB's - he prefers to develop them himself. That being said, these guys probably represent a good amount of our...
  13. K

    Thoughts about the draft after active FA moves

    Just wondering what everyone is thinking about concerning the draft now. I think OLB is out the window early, although I'm not sure it was ever a viable option in BB's mind to begin with. On a similar note, I'm not sure ILB is really ever gonna happen either (although I think we'd all love it if...
  14. K

    FA thoughts from a new guy...sort of

    Hey everyone. I used to post here but stopped the past little bit and was just a lurker on this board. Anyways, with the excitement of the past few days I felt it was time to "unretire" and post some of my thoughts on the recent activity. First of all, like everyone I am very excited about...