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Sep 26th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. amfootball

    OT: Have the Chiefs lost their swag?

    The Chiefs very easily could be 0-2 if not for the two brain farts by the Browns punter and Mayfield. Have they lost their swag? Their games seem a lot of tougher and all of a sudden their division is really good. Is the SB loser hangover real? It sure seems like Brady may have broken...
  2. amfootball

    OT: Has Aaron Rodgers Quit on GB?

    I think so.
  3. amfootball

    Rhamondre Stevenson suffered dislocated thumb

    Ugh. Report: Rhamondre Stevenson suffered dislocated thumb (
  4. amfootball

    OT: Fields looked really good in preseason debut

    I know there were many of us that wanted the Pats to trade up and get Fields at #11, myself included. He looked pretty good in his first game - led two TD drives. He started off slow with a ball that should have picked and a fumble running but man can he throw the heck out of the ball. He really...
  5. amfootball

    Should we extend Gilmore - Poll

    What do you guys think? I vote we should extend him. I posted this before but it bears repeating. We have had a true #1 CB or elite CB since 2014 (Revis, Butler, Gilmore). Do we really want to go back to the days of no true #1? The AFC is stacked with the best QBs and WRs in the league save...
  6. amfootball

    OT: Is this Rodgers last season in Green Bay?

    Looks like the Packers are not giving Rodgers any assurances after next season. If he does go, what team do you think he goes to? The one thing I will say, is the Packers are pretty loaded. This isn't the same as Brady leaving the Pats when our roster was putrid. GB has been 13-3 the last 2...
  7. amfootball

    OT: Chiefs release both of the their starting tackles

    Let the carnage begin. Chiefs have released both Fisher (former #1 overall pick) and Schwartz. Chiefs planet seems to think they are in complete rebuild mode for the OL. They still have $3mil to go to get under the cap...
  8. amfootball

    Tom Brady contract extension

    Looks like it could be a 3 year extension. Wonder if one of the years would be voidable. Why Tom Brady's career won't end at age 45: Contract extension will get done, and could add three more years -
  9. amfootball

    OT: Steelers sign Ben Roethlisberger to new contract

    No details yet but I would guess it is sig. less that what he was supposed to make.
  10. amfootball

    Tiger Woods Injured in Car Crash
  11. amfootball

    Are Brady/Bucs leading the NFL down the path of the NBA?

    Pretty interesting article here from Hart on the state of the NFL with its superstar QBs wanting to call their shots like Brady did in Tampa this year. I think as usual he goes waaay too far in his analysis as there is always QB movement every year and guys have always been trying to have more...
  12. amfootball

    Linda Holliday Snaps Back At Instagram Comment About Tom Brady

    This is awesome. All over sports radio today. Bill's fiancé got into on Instagram about Bill/Brady. You know Bill must be smoking mad that she posted this.
  13. amfootball

    Jimmy G. benched

    Jimmy got benched yesterday after a horrific day against the vaunted Dolphins. Yet another chapter in the Jimmy saga. Do does Shanny move on from him at seasons end? Does Bill trade for him?
  14. amfootball

    NFL wants to take financial hit from pandemic in 2020-21

    This is terrible news if it comes to pass. Apparently the owners want all of the losses from Covid to be absorbed THIS season and next. $40 mil could come off the cap this year. NFL wants to take financial hit from pandemic in 2020-21 - ProFootballTalk
  15. amfootball

    Brady and Lebron team up for TV series: Greatness Code

    Tom Brady, LeBron James teaming up to produce sports series for Apple TV+ The NFL’s Tom Brady and NBA’s LeBron James are finally teaming up. It won’t be on the football field or basketball court. Rather, it will be as producers for the upcoming Apple TV+ documentary series “Greatness Code.”...
  16. amfootball

    Aaron Rodgers situation with Jordan Love

    I wanted to start a thread on the Packers and what people think is going on with Rodgers and the Packers. It seems Matt LaFleur and the GM have had it with Rodgers passive-aggressiveness and have decided Love will be the QB most likely when Rodgers contract runs out if not sooner. I do not see...
  17. amfootball

    (MOD EDIT:) SPECULATION: Gronk to be traded to Tampa Bay?

    Take this for what this is worth but I have a friend in the Pats personnel who said he is currently working on the paper work to un-retire Gronk and then trade to Tampa Bay. I know this story has been making the rounds the last few days on the sports shows but it appears it could be a reality.
  18. amfootball

    Drew Brees Final Season this year?

    Looks like Sean Payton let it slip that this is Drew's last season, Is this Drew Brees' "final season"? - ProFootballTalk Not surprisingly, I am sure they want the farewell tour so verbal bouquets can be thrown at each and every game. That is assuming we even have football.
  19. amfootball

    Tom Brady press conference at 12 noon today

    Brady will talk to Bucs press today at 12. Here is link to listen in, WEEI 93.7 - Boston's Sports Station - LISTEN LIVE | RADIO.COM