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Sep 26th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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  1. ALP

    NBA Draft - Trades - Free Agents

    thought this thread was already up but a search didn’t show anything First round was pretty routine, this round against the top seed in east is going to be tough Seems like the Cs went through a transformation after all the inconsistency in the season, playing very well midway into 2nd
  2. ALP

    If BB was the HC in either basketball, hockey or baseball

    assuming he could be as good a coach in any of those sports as he is in football, do you think he would be more or less successful (playoff appearances, champs, etc) in those sports? Some things to keep in mind: -cap -series playoff format -complexity What do y’all think?
  3. ALP

    Always great when the refs aren't a subject of conversation after a game

    The crew did well tonight I don't understand why this consistency can't be replicated
  4. ALP

    Red Sox 2018...WORLD SERIES...CHAMPIONS!!!

    In 4th inning and no thread anywhere on this or the Red Sox forum, gonna hope mods think it’s ok to leave this year for just playoff games of other teams
  5. ALP

    Greg Cosell Super Bowl Review

    excellent article Greg Cosell's Super Bowl Review: Inside the play that flipped the Patriots' Super Bowl win reading around this thread some earlier this week it seemed that we got hot in 4th simply because the Falcon's D got tired and returned to their zone concepts which we were able to...
  6. ALP

    Injuries throughout game

    So I noticed about 3 atlanta falcons being hurt, does anyone know which positions and if they came back into the game? did you notice their absense? also our injuries, it seemed to be Lewis might have really hurt himself in that worthless run at end of regulation, hopefully just a...
  7. ALP

    We only lose to 5 teams in the playoffs

    Giants x 2 Broncos x 3 Colts x 1 Jets x 1 Ravens x 2 None of them are in it anymore...and neither are the major reasons for which we lost 9 of the last 10 playoff runs Giants/Eli/Coughlin @denver/Manning Colts/Manning Division rival ravens
  8. ALP

    Ghost Problems

    Anyone else concerned? We're headed to the playoffs and he has been missing 40 yard FGs at a concerning pace to close out the year
  9. ALP

    new orleans saints joint practices

    Taking place this Wednesday and Thursday morning Anyone going? I might be able to make one or both
  10. ALP

    Legion of Boston > Legion of Boom

    Our guys played incredible on the back end last night. Russel Wilson i think had 12 completions? really? One of those was all luck, and the others were incredible plays by a 6'5" WR who was beign covered by a significantly smaller DB in either Ryan or Arrington. But then we put our big CB...
  11. ALP

    Brady's Back Eminem Song Parody

  12. ALP

    TD celebrations during SB: making fun of deflate gate

    i want the pats to do this whenever they score a TD next Sunday...what are the most creative ideas you got? -pretending to pump up a ball? -squeezing it thoughtfully and giving a thumbs up?
  13. ALP

    IR designation to return

    So we're down 3 games, going into the 4th and getting to 25% of the season. I think depending on what Bill thinks of the bottom end of the roster, we may place someone on the return IR (siliga, dobson)? So that when browner and tyms return, we only have to drop one person off the 53 rather than...
  14. ALP

    Why do we once again have a FB?

    I know this is a bit premature, since final roster cutdown still has not taken place, but I think it is a pretty safe bet that Mr. Develin makes it to the 53... So my question is, what does a FB bring to the table (other than the obvious), and why has BB seemingly gone back on his decision to...
  15. ALP

    Wes Welker's illegal pick

    Wes Welker Pick Hit I was fine with Wes leaving NE This past season I didn't mind Wes doing well (except when he played us) but that pick play was meant to injure Talib he went straight for the Hip At this point my feelings have changed, next time we play Wes, I want him...
  16. ALP

    Strongest defensive unit: DL, LB, Secondary

    so i realized that last year i believe our strongest unit on the defense was the LB's, with the secondary having some real problems while going through the adjustment of taking in Talib, realizing dennard's potential, finding the 2nd safety, and moving Devin to safety the DL had a lot of...
  17. ALP

    Returning 22 of 24 starters

    Guess which one positions both new guys are filling? However that is very good news for the means this unit knows and should trust each other for he most part
  18. ALP

    49ers WR Mario Manningham

    Since we're throwing names out there... the 49's signed this guy before last season from the Giants, where Mario had a great couple of years. Last year in SF he did nothing though, and was injured a bit as well. i see it possible that the 9ers would be willing to part with him (if they...
  19. ALP

    Bears TE Kellen Davis

    We rely on the TE's in this offense a LOT, we should have backups to complement the starters, Ballard should serve decently as a Gronk but we need a speedy pass Cather to complement Ahern, so sign kellen, it really shouldn't cost very much, and he is quite good, as Pats fans should know
  20. ALP

    Congrats to the Baltimore Ravens on winning the SB

    I consider us the best fanbase in the NFL, this thread should be here parrallels to the patriots i think one of the things to note about this win by the ravens is that last time they won was 12 years ago, thats a long time this SB win could be seen as the end of an era in Baltimore, where...