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Sep 26th

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  1. RelocatedPatFan

    More Sad News: Kevin Faulk’s daughter died

    Damn. That has to be a tough thing - having a 19 year old daughter myself. It'd wreck me for a good long while.
  2. RelocatedPatFan

    Roberts low hit sack on Mac: penalty or not?

    And what about the announcers that keep referring to this as the Tom Brady rule? It's the Freakin' Carson Palmer rule. The Brady rule is when a player is previously on the ground, they can't lunge into the QBs legs.
  3. RelocatedPatFan

    Is it possible Folk AND Nordin?

    Seemed like the 2nd post (first response) was the right option, now to go back and see what the other 47 posts were about.
  4. RelocatedPatFan

    Idle thoughts - the "my 2 cents" preseason edition

    He has regular check-ups the issue and we bring it up with the doctor, but he does make progress (Be nice to have a reason for his irritability at times other than teenage boy) the issue really is he's a competitive swimmer (Probably D1 bound, but mid tier D1 - but that's still awesome) and has...
  5. RelocatedPatFan

    Idle thoughts - the "my 2 cents" preseason edition

    To have such problems, right? I have a son who can't seem to gain weight either. For 4 weeks, he increased his daily caloric intake by 1000-1500 calories per day and ended up losing 4 pounds - what the heck. He still tries to gain weight but it's not having any success.
  6. RelocatedPatFan

    So Mac has his nickname

    I'd go with Big Mac Attack in that case
  7. RelocatedPatFan

    The Legacy of Jerry Jones

    Should have fired himself when he got rid of Jimmy Johnson.
  8. RelocatedPatFan

    Jaguars sign (edit: cut) Tebow

    He should have added more bulk and gone for FB. Would have been a more natural fit to his previous abilities. Maybe he'll be more like a flex TE rather than pure TE
  9. RelocatedPatFan

    JMac sleeps with the fishes...

    Until it gets microwaved at work!
  10. RelocatedPatFan

    Was Mac Jones the most “pundit projected” Patriots pick under BB?

    I think it was Mayo - one of the few top 10 picks we had. I recall the buzz for Vernon Gholston that the Jets ended up selecting - seems like BB pulled one over on Mangenious there?
  11. RelocatedPatFan

    Lombardi's Take on Our Draft, Analyzed by Curran and Perry

    They could be expecting people to think it's disinformation, so giving good information would this doubly confuse those who try to figure it out. Time to go back to drinking my orange juice
  12. RelocatedPatFan

    Path cleared for Jimmy's return? [SF trades for #3 pick]

    Should it not be stated as "Checkers, Chess, Orange Juice"?
  13. RelocatedPatFan

    Malcolm Butler released by the Titans

    I say we sign him for a tryout Under the condition that if we make the SB, he can't play :) too soon?
  14. RelocatedPatFan

    Ravens finally quit whining and come up with great idea.

    oooh, Shirtless Goodell car wash. See my brain won't let me process images like that. So i can think it, type it and won't even get a picture in my head.
  15. RelocatedPatFan

    BB criticism, moderation, and open discussion

    Not to say that BB can't get some criticism, but sustained excellence in the NFL is extremely hard to do. Most teams can't even handle it for the length of a rookie contract, let alone be highly competitive/dynastic for nearly 20 years. But, people using Brady's success to put BB down often...
  16. RelocatedPatFan

    Mahomes will never be better than Brady

    Father Time or TB
  17. RelocatedPatFan

    OT: TB, "What the **** you crying for?"

    Had no idea, but now I do. thanks.
  18. RelocatedPatFan

    OT: TB, "What the **** you crying for?" That's the type of comment that a focused individual makes. Come on man, let the guy enjoy the moment :D. Still love the guy, even if he's in different laundry.