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Sep 26th

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  1. Chevy

    Top soundbites of the dynasty era

    Could be a coach, player, announcer. A statement or exclamation. To start - Chris Collinsworth "Oh, you got to be kidding me" (one of our favorite plays)
  2. Chevy

    All-Pro Roster released

    Props to our ST aces Jake and Gunner
  3. Chevy

    OT: Realized I am a spoiled Patriots fan today

    Sitting at home, getting some work done. I figured Youtube + 3GtG would be great background noise. So I searched, wanting to start at the beginning. No results matched up? Why? I searched for - 3 Games to Glory Patriots 1996. And, yes, I tried a few other variations, stumped as to why I only...
  4. Chevy

    OT: Breakdown of BB / Defense - Well done

    Popped up in my YT suggested list.
  5. Chevy

    Fitzy is back

  6. Chevy

    Props to Frank Gore

    Got to show some respect for this guy. 15k yards, 4.4 ypc over his career ( 15th season - 214 games - incredible longevity and still producing).
  7. Chevy

    Rule change needed?

    Saints-Texans, under 2 minutes. Officials decide to review a Thomas catch. Call on the field is upheld, but the rules state there must be a 10 second run-off. Why? The offense didn't initiate a review, or have an "injury". Why the run-off? To me , it makes no sense. (To top it off, the...
  8. Chevy

    Great story on Dante

    Dante Scarnecchia's enduring brilliance integral to Pats dynasty What's to say? The man is one of the best ever.
  9. Chevy

    2 Coach questions

    1 - Bill Belichick has a defensive game plan in the HoF. Does the defensive performance in LIII warrant a second enshrinement? 2 - Has a position coach made the HoF? Does Scarnecchia deserve a nod?
  10. Chevy

    30 Playoff Wins

    Yes, 30 ... nearly 2 season's worth ...
  11. Chevy

    You know, this was in the cards

    Brady - 6th round ... 6th Ring BB - 6th SB with the Pats ... 66 years old ... 666 It had to happen.
  12. Chevy

    Get ready for Sunday ...

    And for the casual fans or out-right haters ...
  13. Chevy

    OT: Cowboy's camp already open

    Good for them ...
  14. Chevy

    Players we miss

    Not necessarily the stars, the names, but the role players. Those guys who made a difference when given the chance. For me ... two - one from the 80's, one more recent: Garin Veris and Patrick Pass. Who is on your list?
  15. Chevy

    NFL 100th Anniversary Kick-Off Game

    In China? NFL aiming to potentially play game in China in 2019 It's bad enough to have games in the UK and Mexico - but a landmark game in China? The NFL is an American entity - it needs to stay here.
  16. Chevy

    Post your favorite Pat's player quotes

    Matt Chatham - on the streaker before the second half kickoff, Super Bowl 38 "I wanted to knock him down but not wrap up," Chatham explained later, then added, "Was I surprised? Hell no. I play for Bill Belichick. You don't think we watched film on that guy all week? I'd seen everything there...
  17. Chevy

    What's Kraft going to do?

    Every ring has set a record, each more impressive than the last. What's this one going to be like? The last sports 205 diamonds, and has a minimum weight of 4.85 carats.