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Sep 26th

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  1. InRodWeRust

    I told everyone we should've kept Bledsoe!

    Now look where we are! Hope you're all happy! Brady goes and screws us all!
  2. InRodWeRust

    My thoughts on Sony Michel

    Last season I really wanted to like Sony Michel but nothing really seemed to stick out to me about him. He had: Pretty good speed. Pretty good agility. Pretty good power. Pretty good acceleration. Pretty good hands. Pretty good at breaking tackles. How was this guy doing much better than just...
  3. InRodWeRust

    "Anybody but the Patriots" mentality

    It's the offseason and it's slow so I thought I'd share my story. So I was at the Atlanta airport a few months ago and I saw this guy with this jacket and I had to get a picture of it. How mentally distraught do you have to be to dedicate an article of clothing to hating something :D I...
  4. InRodWeRust

    Hilarious video mocking Patriots haters and conspiracy nuts

    If you see any conspiracy haters online show them this video to confirm their thoughts and watch their heads explode. They'll be so excited and take it so seriously that they'll use it as "proof" of their delusions.
  5. InRodWeRust

    Time traveling Patriots to Play Eagles last year in Super Bowl LI

    5 thoughts on Patriots vs. Eagles in Super Bowl LI Not sure how the Falcons fans feel about this.
  6. InRodWeRust

    Really good video that recaps the season

    I don't think this has been posted before but sorry if it has. Enjoy the 2016 season and 2017 playoffs in 35 minutes. It's fun to watch Skip Bayless telling us all of the prophecy of Tom Brady :)
  7. InRodWeRust

    It's finally here folks! Fitzy's Wicked Pissah Super Bowl 51 Comeback-Cast

    The victory is not complete until we get a Fitzy video to sum things up!
  8. InRodWeRust

    Superbowl LI Records

    Super Bowl records set Most games: 7, Tom Brady Most games, head coach: 7, Bill Belichick Most games won, head coach 5, Belichick Most points, game: 20, James White Most passes, career: 309, Brady Most passes, game: 62, Brady Most completions, career: 207, Brady Most completions, game...
  9. InRodWeRust

    Where is the best place online to get Super Bowl 49 memorabilia?

    I'm specifically interested in getting the official t-shirt, hat and 3 Games to Glory Blu Ray. I'm out of state so I'd have to buy online. Any suggestion on what place has the best deal?
  10. InRodWeRust

    If you could choose one of these past Patriot greats for 2015 who would it be?

    You get to pick one of these players, from one of their prime years, for the upcoming 2015 season and guaranteed to be injury free including the playoffs. This is a one season freebie with nothing counted against the cap. Your decision must be made within 24 hours so no waiting until the draft...
  11. InRodWeRust

    "How It's Made: Deflate-Gate Special" . . . We've now reached maximum saturation.

    I thought I'd pop on the Science channel to take my mind off of football for a while and low and behold this crap starts up. It doesn't specifically talk about deflated footballs; it's just a collection of previously aired football related items and how they are made but still the cash in is...