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Sep 26th

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  1. Oswlek

    OT: Football Podcasts

    I stream a lot of football talk. Dale & Holley on EEI, Grantland, Rich Eisen, the one here, Simmons and the weekly OTC podcast on footballoutsiders are played regularly. That said, every now and again someone posts podcast that is interesting that I intend to bookmark but I forget to. I'm...
  2. Oswlek

    Appeal Hearing Transcript

    Just thought it deserved its own thread. Full transcript of the appeal hearing.
  3. Oswlek


    I'm not in the habit of creating new threads very often any more, but the football geek in you will love this.
  4. Oswlek

    Pregame Thoughts

    I've collected a batch of semi-lucid thoughts heading into the game tomorrow and don't have any other victims to unleash them on. Please excuse the brain dump. * I'm completely sick of the DFG and have no intention of delving too deep into it, but while discussing the fumble issue with an...
  5. Oswlek

    Week 12 MNF - Baltimore Ravens at New Orleans Saints

    I didn't see an "other games" thread and none of the current threads appeared appropriate. If this should have gone somewhere else, feel free to move it. * I know Rex is having a rough go of it right now, but IMO the Ryan brother who was worse last night was Rob. The Jets were awful against...
  6. Oswlek

    AWTE Breaks Down Chicago

    I thought about posting this in a the post-game thread, but didn't want it to get lost in the shuffle. The link takes you to a thread over on the Planet, just scroll down and you'll find the posts easily enough. Enjoy!
  7. Oswlek

    A Little Lipstick for that Pig

    Before I begin please allow me to offer a humble apology for the grief I’ve given a few posters who were particularly down on the receivers. That was the worst single game performance I’ve seen out of a Patriot WR corps in my lifetime. Simply dreadful. Maybe the 2006 crew would have looked as...
  8. Oswlek


    With all the uncertainty surrounding the Patriots, I thought it would be interesting to look back at performance trends over the past few years. This is going to be pretty long, but I hope it will be informative. The Patriots will have a top 10 scoring offense in 2010. No matter how you...
  9. Oswlek

    One thing about all this tumult

    I posted this on Patriotsplanet prior to the Buffalo game, but it seems even more fitting to say now. I don't know about the rest of you, but I have to admit to being glad NE is having a bit of a tumultious first week of the season. Clearly you want the best team on the field, but this team...
  10. Oswlek

    Putting a positive spin on a putrid pile of poop

    First off, the biggest positive of all: I didn't have to watch this stinkbomb. I spent the early afternoon with the kids picking apples and at a playground, then went to the in-laws for an early supper. I caught NY's first drive of the 2nd half, a handful of plays in the middle of the 4th, some...
  11. Oswlek

    NFLN Pats/Jets Preview

    Just watched the NFLN game preview and it sparked a few thoughts. * They went into some nice depth about the Jets' blitz with quite a few highlights. Of course they made it seem as if this was the first defense ever to run such a pressure defense, but pumping stuff up is their job. A couple...
  12. Oswlek

    After rewatching some of the game last night...

    I am even more :confused: how anyone could be down on Maroney. He was very good, even better than I originally thought. I admittedly missed a couple of his runs, but here is what I saw: * He was very imvolved in the pass offense, on numerous plays shifting out of the backfield and lining...
  13. Oswlek

    It has begun...

    I've spent some time travelling around the interwebz today getting a feel for what people think of the NY/NE matchup this week, and I have to admit I am getting excited. Bill Simmons has gone from homer to being overly pessimistic, claiming that NY is the best upset outright winner this week...
  14. Oswlek

    If We Could Have ANOTHER Last Key Player

    This is a rebuttal thread in response to mg's thread here. Alright everyone, 5-time probowler Diick Seyman is on the trading block and available for a 2011 first rounder. I am trying to figure out whether he is worth the investment so I've listed all the pros and cons to the deal. Please...
  15. Oswlek

    Hello Goodbye

    Disclaimer: Mods I realize that this is not technically football related so I understand if you decide to move this thread or even remove it entirely. I just ask that it stay up long enough for most to see it before doing so. It has been a long time but I am back for a little while. Much...
  16. Oswlek

    Superbowl Thoughts and a prediction

    Last week I rambled about some of my general thoughts on the Giants and the Superbowl.. Now that the SB is closer, it is time for me to go into a little more depth about this matchup. Isn't this your lucky day?! :rocker: (first, a word of disclosure, I predicted NE to beat Jax 41-17 and...
  17. Oswlek

    Midweek Superbowl Thoughts

    I was planning on waiting until just a few days before the SB to post this, but I have a funny feeling that we are all just going to be burnt out at that point. I will try to look a little deeper if I have time (although my track record is pretty lousy these playoffs so you may not want me to...
  18. Oswlek

    My Super-long AFCCG Thoughts!

    Great win. SD played a much better game defensively than I gave them credit for, but NE morphed into the team that no one thought they could become - winning with power running and stingy defense. I'm thrilled as can be that the game was decided by the players on the field rather than a...
  19. Oswlek

    My Thoughts on the NE/SD AFCCG Matchup

    Yesterday I posted my numerical analysis that determined that the Chargers have, in fact, outperformed NE down the stretch and into the playoffs. I said at the end that I would delve further into my opinions of the game at a later time in order to keep the thread from getting too bogged down...
  20. Oswlek

    NE/SD Points for & against analysis

    Now that my schtick has been largely rendered useless by CHFF's "relativity score", I decided to change this year's analysis up a little bit. I am going to grade out each team since week 12 of the regular season. Why? Because SD's winning streak and NE's first tight game - along with the...