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Sep 26th

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  1. shmessy

    Championship! Patriots Sign Lenzy Pipkins

    Thank God they are trying to fix that secondary! Patriots Reportedly Sign Cornerback Lenzy Pipkins
  2. shmessy

    LOL @ The MCI

    Yeah......who knows exactly WHERE on the spectrum the concept of WINNING is for Tom Brady........:rolleyes: Ed from Watertown @OldSchool_EZ Replying to @BenVolin Brady's not heading to the Chargers or Raiders to fight for second in the division. Just stop. 1:53 PM · Feb 10, 2020·Twitter...
  3. shmessy

    The Masked Singer: White Tiger

    This guy is pretty good. Wonder who he is :rolleyes:
  4. shmessy

    Pregame On-Field Brady/Gronk/BB Video Worth Your Time

    This is pure gold (especially starting at 1:40):
  5. shmessy

    Adrian Peterson Got an Award for Integrity????

    At NFL Honors........ What the Heavenly Eff??????? Is this a joke???????
  6. shmessy

    Forget The Grocery Aisle Fake News Crap in the Other Thread

    You want REAL life stories about Tom and Gisele?????? Here ya go.
  7. shmessy

    Lou Moroni Getting Pwned on His Twitter for Snarking Evan Lazar

    The responses on his twitter are pretty epic. What a buffoon. :p
  8. shmessy

    OT: Sox Fire Cora

    A few minutes ago: Red Sox (@RedSox) | Twitter
  9. shmessy

    Official Elandon Roberts Appreciation Thread

    The key to the end of this season was obvious. We needed some players to step up and elevate their games. Elandon stepped up and took on a new position. He played a great deal of offensive snaps tonight, and while he’s nowhere near a Develin, I thought he was quite a bit better than Jakob...
  10. shmessy

    Pats Victory Lockerroom Video - Bengals

    Missed this the past 2 weeks!!!!!!
  11. shmessy

    Prayers to Cyrus Jones - Open Heart Surgery

    Much good thoughts and prayers to Cyrus Jones today! I know it didn't work out for him in NE, but he seemed like a really good kid who was just trying his best. I was struck by an article after his rookie season where he had confided to someone that he couldn't sleep for weeks after the season...
  12. shmessy

    I'm Finally Convinced: This is Brady's Last Year in New England

    Tom Brady Stepping Down as Honorary Co-Chair of the Best Buddies Challenge: Hyannis Port and Stepping Up as Global Ambassador for Best Buddies International - Best Buddies International
  13. shmessy

    Uh Oh - Get Ready For Equipment-Gate

    Chiefs gear mistakenly sent to N.J., sources say
  14. shmessy

    Uh Oh - - Pats Got the Cowboy Flu.........

    Thank Goodness it's only Wednesday........
  15. shmessy

    Sights and Sounds From Week 12 Victory over Dallas

    Enjoy! Sights and Sounds: Week 12 vs. Cowboys
  16. shmessy

    Patriots Lockerroom Video Postgame Cowboys!

    How do we feeeeyeeellll about another Pats lockerroom postgame celebration video?????? Locker Room Celebration Following the Win over the Cowboysw do we feel w
  17. shmessy

    Kemba Walker Terrible Neck Injury

    This doesn't look good.
  18. shmessy

    Fantastic Must Read: Erik Scalavino Series on Nate Ebner's Life

    Today is the final installment. I've been hooked on this since the first one a few weeks ago. This is like an in-depth short biography - - great work and a dramatic life! Nate Ebner's Fatherland, Part One: Junkyard Doggedness Nate Ebner's Fatherland, Part Two: Triumph over Tragedy Nate...
  19. shmessy

    Could Bailey Save Us a Roster Spot Next Year and Into the Future?

    Bailey is turning into the story of the year for the Patriots. What an incredible athlete! BB has always lauded Johnny Hekker as the greatest punting weapon in the NFL. He has uncharacteristically publicly drooled over the guy for years. Now he actually has Hekker 2.0!!!! He's already doing...
  20. shmessy

    Lockerroom Vid: Pats Postgame Philly - Ohhhh Yeaaaah!!!!!

    Evidently this is their first Victory Monday of the year. Ihad no idea. Thought they had a few earlier, but must've been mistaken.