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Sep 26th

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  1. DarrylS

    Anyone having issues with HULU and Thursday Nite game

    Sat down last to watch some football last night either the internet or the app (Hulu) was all screwed up. The game itself stalled and may have been perennially buffering (not sure) so much so did not see one play. So I have some Miami friends coming over on Sunday nite to break bread and bust...
  2. DarrylS

    Free Agent's First Day as Patriot

    Kinds of a "puff piece" by the Herald, about what it is like the for a newly signed FA as he enters the world of the New England Patriots.. One thing that was learned is that Nancy Meier coordinates their travel/lodging as they come into town, I assume that she also assists with relocation...
  3. DarrylS

    Kraft bought the Pats for $174 Million last week paid $175 million in guaranteed salaries...

    Interesting contrast from Peter King's Football Morning in America, after King blames BB for last years debacle....
  4. DarrylS

    MLB & NBA will no longer test players for Marijuana, is the NFL far behind??

    The MLB had already done this now the NBA has agreed to: "Due to the unusual circumstances in conjunction with the pandemic, we have agreed with the NBPA to suspend random testing for marijuana for the 2020-21 season and focus our random testing program on performance-enhancing products and...
  5. DarrylS

    Question about James White..

    I assume he is in Miami with his family after that horrific tragedy. I have no idea what arrangements are being made or the condition of his mother. No disrespect for #28, his family and the grieving process, but when he returns he will probably have to quarantine before he can come in contact...
  6. DarrylS

    BB's mother passed...

    RIP Jeannette Belichick who passed yesterday at age 98 in Annapolis.. when his dad passed BB did not miss a beat, suspect the same will happen this time as well.
  7. DarrylS

    50 Years ago.. Bobby Orr scores the winning goal, Stanley Cup...

    Back in the time machine when the only station that carried the Bruins when I was living in Newport was channel 38, Don Earle and Johnny Peirson announcing. The reception was so bad, even with the tin foil and coat hangers, had to watch games from a bar where they had something figured out to...
  8. DarrylS

    McCourty Twins.. Double Coverage..

    Not sure if you all have listened to this before, but nice stuff this week they were with Joejuan Williams, good listening and good insight. Lots of topics covered, also we get a chance to listen to Joejuan Williams.. Some talk about financial literacy Williams seems like a good guy following...
  9. DarrylS

    Brady's new mansion..

    Not sure what any of this means, but Tom and Gisele have bought a stone mansion on 10 acres in Greenwich, Ct.... 14, 862 sq. ft. of living space, that is a big house. Pretty confident that the sports talk mediots will stir up some inane controversy about his recent purchase.. Tom Brady &...
  10. DarrylS

    Need help, cut the cord...

    Tired of renting modems and routers and paying exorbitant prices for Cable TV.. so I got a Fire TV Recast and returned all my crap into the Cable Co. I kept the internet service.. FYI Amazon Prime will be showing Thursday Nite Football starting this week I believe. Everything is pretty good...
  11. DarrylS

    The 7th Most Valuable Sports Franchise in the World?? Your New England Patriots

    Not much of a surprise here, but always interesting to think and remember how far the Kraft family has moved the needle on this franchise.. they have come a really long way since Bob Kraft paid 175 million for them in 1994. The Pats are the second most valuable NFL Franchise.. 1. Cowboys 5.0...
  12. DarrylS

    Touchdown in Israel III, Mr. Kraft takes 15 former and current players to Israel

    He has done this a few times, this year he is taking about 60 folks including 15 current and former Pats players to Israel during this time he will receive the Genesis Prize ( a prestigious award given to a person who displays a commitment to Jewish values)... The Patriots going include...
  13. DarrylS

    Patriots have the NFL's easiest schedule 3rd year in a row??

    As Dan Snyder and the Washington Redskins continue to flounder, a Washington Post sports scribe came up with the idea of using a metric of projected point spread in the 2019 season to determine the difficulty of the Patriots Schedule.. all of this before TC, preseason, injuries and roster...
  14. DarrylS

    BB Best GM in NFL.. again.

    An opinion piece that BB is once again the best GM in football, I agree. Letting his LT walk two years in a row, a fairly novel approach to Free Agency and team building. Then there is all the hardware... Now if he could only be nicer to the press and treat them with kid gloves as they ask...
  15. DarrylS

    Bill Parcell's Son in Law return to NEP???

    Scott Pioli has left the Falcons and where will he wind up?? Maybe with his long time friend and mentor BB?? Would be an interesting move, but what will happen to loyal soldier Nick Caserio?? After the Watson and Collins signing there seems to be value in bringing NFL hardened folks back into...
  16. DarrylS

    Interesting graphic on how much money NFL teams have committed on 1st round picks from '09 to '18

    Reflective our position of drafting or NFL wisdom, if money were an indicator the Browns would not have needed Antonio Brown.. Humongous differences between the biggest spenders and the NEP.. Both charts are provided by Tucker Boynton and from Twitter.. Then how much we have spent per round...
  17. DarrylS

    Do Your Job: The Scouting Department..

    Nice piece put up by the Patriots that provide insight into the Pats Scouting Department.. As a Pats addict can never get enough of this.. Do Your Job: The Scouting Department
  18. DarrylS

    Football Morning In America, the Julian Edelman Edition..

    What a week for Julian Edelman, Incredelman??? Very nice piece by Peter King, portraying Julian as a perfect Patriot.. FMIA: From His Hollywood Haven, Julian Edelman Reflects on LIII MVP, His Path and Being a Perfect Patriot He is making the rounds big time late night talk shows, shaving...
  19. DarrylS

    Hats off to the Strength and Conditioning Coaches....

    In the past there has always been an tendency to blame the Strength and Conditioning staff for untimely injuries to Pats players on this message board .. now maybe it is time to reverse the trend and acknowledge them leading the NEP to a healthy Superbowl.. Up to this year, not verified...
  20. DarrylS

    Bob Kraft on Good Morning America..

    Guess Bob made an appearance on GMA with Michael Strahan.. of course he said some nice things, but all of this is music to my ears.. Robert Kraft sings Tom Brady’s praise on GMA – Boston Herald Get past the first aggravating 40 seconds.. the interview will follow