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Sep 26th

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    Anyone else stoked for the matchup against Brady and the Bucs?

    This is the game of the year for me and I cant wait even though its 2 weeks away. Keys to a win: Pressure on Brady Run da ball no turnovers
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    How much longer will BB coach?

    I can’t believe he’s almost 70, that makes me feel old as hell. I wonder how much longer he’s going to coach? Nick saban just turned 70 and he’s showing no signs of slowing down. Maybe in the future he will do what the Celtics did. Remain the GM and hire a separate coach. Who knows, maybe he...
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    Who is more washed up?

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    We all need to temper our expectations

    Mac Jones has looked solid throughout the preseason. I knew whenever Brady was gone, whoever replaced him long term has huge shoes to fill. We watching 20 years of great football with Brady at the helm and Mac may end up being a decent QB but there will never be another Brady and we shouldnt...
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    2021 schedule prediction

    Haven't posted in a while, that's about to change because the season is going to start soon. I think Cam gets the nod week 1 but I think Bill will make the switch at some point this season, watching Jones out there reminded me of the offense I was used to seeing with TB12 under center. Pats...
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    Taking Christian Barmore was a gamble.

    patriots-christian-barmore-why-fell-in-nfl-draft. Read this article in SI. Apparently Barmore has some character issues, which scared off other teams. He would have gone in the first round otherwise. “Alabama barely held him together,” said an NFC scout. “As a pro, he’s a real wild-card.“ I...
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    Who is going to be starting in the middle of the 2021 season?

    You can say it was due to COVID or injuries or not having enough weapons but when I watch Cam play on tape, his mechanics are off. He has never been a good thrower. (2) Film Study: Is Cam Newton the issue for the Patriots? - YouTube (2) 3 minutes of Cam Newton being trash || Cam Newton 2020...
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    Predict who will have the better career?

    Will the Jets be flying high after yet another high QB pick? Or will it crash and burn?
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    Justin Fields

    What if we somehow land him? He looks talented no doubt but would he succeed in our system? Would he be the next Lamar Jackson or the next Dwayne Haskins? Mac Jones would be more what we are used to seeing in the Patriots system but I feel like Kyle Shanahan has his eyes on him at # 3.
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    Falcons open to trading the number 4 pick. This seems like a good spot if we want to get a QB. This isn't what BB is usually known for but RK said they would be changing their approach this time around. I think Atlanta's asking...
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    WFT releases Alex Smith after comeback.

    Would he be a viable option? I wonder if he has anything left in the tank. That injury he got was pretty bad. Washington went 5-1 with him as QB last year.
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    Every Tom Brady Touchdown in the postseason 2001-2021

    I actually remember in detail many of these games
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    BB should be aggressive for once in this draft.

    There are 4 major QBs in this draft and I know our scout team will vet them. You have Lawrence, Wilson, fields and Lance. We need to make a move like Kansas City did in 2017 and trade up from 15. Lawrence is a pipe dream, urban meyer literally took that coaching job to coach Trevor Lawrence. It...
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    Who will the pats take with the 15th overall pick?

    Could be a franchise altering pick here. Most important draft of the BB era. Bill decided to pass on a QB the last few years, could we get one this time?
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    Robert Kraft is rooting for Tom Brady in the super bowl
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    Which direction should we go in for QB next season?

    The reason I think the BB vs TB argument is stupid is because I think BB developed TB12 as a player, he wouldnt be who he is today without Bill. Maybe we can develop another QB by picking one in the draft? Or do you think we should trade for a veteran?
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    Why the hell did we not try harder to keep TB12?

    I remember at this time last year, we were talking about if Brady had regressed passed a point of no return. The answer is a resounding no, the roster in 2019 was full of scrubs on offense with an injured Edelman. Brady now has AB,Evans, Godwin and Gronk back and his completion percentage rose...
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    Which QB should we target in the draft?

    I personally think Trask would be the best option if we decided to dip in the rookies who will most likely be available. Jones would be good too, like Brady Trask didnt start until he was a junior and wasnt a highly recruited prospect.
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    I think I will see the first one term president in my lifetime.

    Sorry if this isnt allowed here, I am not a fan of Joe Biden, I think he is a creepy pedophile who kisses and touches girls on live tv and cant sound coherent when he gives a speech. The election has tilted in Biden's favor because he has barely spoken out under cover of staying safe from...