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Sep 26th

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  1. J

    Happy Bday Patriots

    60 years ago today it all began. I watched em for 59 of those 60. Helluva ride. First 40 years that ride was sometimes a '67 GTO, a lotta times a rusty Ford Pinto. With bald tires. But damn, the last 20 was worth waiting for. Maserati.
  2. J

    Gilmore wins [PFWA] dpoy

    Congrats. Well deserved
  3. J

    Can't explain this

    Almost a week since the SB and I'm still high as a kite over this victory. This is the happiest I've ever been after a SB. I know. The 1st one shoulda made me happier. Or '04, making it 3 outta 4 and an official freakin' dynasty. Or the Seahawks game. Heartstopping. Brady just mindbogglingly...
  4. J

    Ot: Never forget!

    Never! Or Nevah! How you pronounce it doesn't matter. Rich,poor,black, white doesn't matter. Like Alqaeda before them, isis hates ALL Americans and would happily kill every one of us and our children. Seems many of us forgot what a REAL enemy is. Liberals/ Conservatives are not enemies. Isis and...
  5. J

    Almost 1/2 of @Pats on 01,03,04 report brain injuries

    42 of the roughly 100 Patriots who played on the 1st 3 Championship teams have reported some type of brain injury. Mind- boggling.(seriously no pun intended- I don't find this funny). Hope these guys get the help/treatment they need. I love this game. But DAMN!
  6. J

    OT: Schefter covering C's game

    Did oncourt interview with Avery Bradley( who had a huge game) after game. Actually asked good questions, but YIKES!! is ESPN losing so much $ that their NFL guys now gotta cover the NBA? Very weird.
  7. J

    Best SB LI analysis

    Queen Latifah: "Tom Brady ain't no joke".
  8. J

    Schlereth sez Pats D is elite...

    ...and will SHUT DOWN Pittsburgh offense. I agree, provided Hightower is at least 80% of his bad self. He mentioned Steelers struggles in red zone vs KC. Pats have a better defense than KC and are excellent in red zone. I'm really not worried about this game- provided most of our...
  9. J

    Patriots now #1 in nfl in pts allowed

    Tied, for the moment, with Ravens. By Tuesday a.m., the Pats will lead the league by themselves. Just sayin'.
  10. J

    Interesting stat

    Just saw a stat I didnt know: Pats are the best in yards after the catch on both offense and defense. Defensively, theyre allowing 4 yds after the catch-best in the nfl. Offensively, theyre getting 7.1 yac, also #1. Last time I checked,(although been a few weeks), their D also was leading the...
  11. J

    Reiss explains Jabaal Sheard benching

    Patriots DE Jabaal Sheard's inactive status far from a mystery
  12. J

    Ex-nbaer Nate Robinson wants to play in nfl

    Says he's" serious as a heart attack". Retired from NBA last year but playing pro ball in Israel now for fun. Football was his 1st love- he went to u of wash. on football scholarship and started at cb as a freshman- but when they fired newheisal he decided to just play hoops. He has actually...
  13. J

    R.I.P. Mini-Mack Herron

    R.I.P. mini-mack! For a coupla years- one of the most fun-to-watch Pats of all time. 5'5" bowling ball. Might be THE most fun-to-watch Pat of all time. Between him, gronk and Dion Lewis. Former Patriots running back and return specialist Mack Herron passed away Sunday at the age of 67...