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Sep 26th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    Niners trade to 3 was due to fear pats would trade up to draft Jones And Niners didn't take him and pats still got Jones at 15. Seems like a miscalculation to me
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    Belichick "Cam Newton is our quarterback"

    Makes sense. I doubt Bill wants to throw Mac Jones to the wolves his rookie year. He generally isn't that type of coach. Now, alot depends on how Cam Newton looks in training camp and OTAs. If he's more 2018 cam newton than he's no doubt the QB. But if he's the guy we saw last year I think Mac...
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    Realistic trade packages to move up and take a QB in the draft

    So, I think a large consensus from the media and fans is that Bill's moves this offseason point to one strategy. FIlling alot of holes in free agency because you intend to expend alot of draft capital move up in the draft and have a guy on a rookie contract. Its how the seahawks/chiefs won their...
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    Are the Chiefs in trouble?

    This strikes me like the Seahawks. Once everyone's contract came up and you had to pay wilson the talent deteriorated and while the Seahawks still are a good team they aren't anywhere near the 2013 team. They paid Mahomes, hill and kelce. And pretty soon Mahomes will have a 45million cap hit...
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    Jets receiving calls on Sam Darnold

    Typical Jets to not know what to do with the QB position yet.
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    Marcus Mariota

    Don't see too many people mention him as an option. But he looked pretty good in one game for the raiders. Has legs like cam newton but has a better arm and is younger. And shouldn't be too expensive. If he works out with the Patriots could be a decent bridge while they draft a guy Honestly...
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    Will Pats alter Cam Newtons playing style?

    part of the reason for the supposed-decline in cam the last 2 years is injuries. in 2018 he was playing well 1st half of the year then injured his shoulder. Then 2019 injured his foot...The guy like many other running QB's took alot of unnecessary hits. I wonder if Bill will try and change his...
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    Did the offense find something yesterday?

    This wasnt against cincinatti, this was against a VERY good Bills defense. #2 in the league. The patriots looked the best that they ever have offensively this year. They controlled the line of scrimmage, ran the ball hard. Put themselves into 3rd and 4 or 5 instead of 3rd and longs. had 8...
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    Welcome back Isaiah Wynn

    Welcome back, I don't think ive been as excited about a player replacing someone else than seeing Wynn back at left tackle and newhouse going back to where he belongs on the bench. Hopefully brady can have more time now to throw the ball. Wynn looked great in week 1.
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    Ben Watson

    Pretty surprising looking back that bill somehow viewed more value in Lacosse/Izzo and we almost lost this guy for nothing. Already looks like our best tight end. Take away the drop and he had a nice catch on 3rd down and 4th down and was solid in blocking on one of sony's touchdown runs...
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    just think....we were robbed of a Brady/Brees superbowl.

    Hopefully Goodell is happy with his refs that we dont have this matchup because of one of the most blantant ref screw-ups in NFL history. As a Patriots fan, I would rather face goff than brees....but as a football fan that would be an entertaining matchup. Both guys 40+, both the best at...
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    Pats-Eagles stats/gameplan/matchup discussion

    This is a thread to examine the Eagles/Patriots matchup in two weeks and the Eagles strengths/weakness' and how the patriots can beat them. I will admit I havent watched many eagles games this year (despite wentz being on my fantasy team) What is it that atlanta did to hold the eagles to 15...
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    Brandin Cooks

    we have threads for Amendola/Gilmore rightly. but how about brandin cooks? he sneakily had a really good game. 6 catches on 8 targets for 100 yards. and drew two huge pass interference penalties he generated 168 yards total in offense. and that is against two great corners. with Gronk out when...
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    Who Covers Gronkowski/the running backs?

    All we keep hearing about the jaguars from the media is how strong their front 4 is and their Cornerbacks. But what I havent heard discussed much is how their linebackers/safeties are in coverage. Miami exposed that if you play tough man on Cooks, you can effectively limit him. And i cant...
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    Bills looking to take cheapshots in rematch "the whole hood want gronk"

    not very smart of the bills. Kind of worried they are going to try and injure gronk as if it is somehow even. Refs better be on point this game.
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    Good news: Gronk looking like Gronk at OTA's

    Rob Gronkowski 'looks like Gronk' in return from injury even though it is OTA's the fact that he is a full go and is looking good is great news. Especially after the doom and gloom when he went out last year. This offense is going to be absolutely lethal this year.
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    Does the pitta situation affect bennetts market?

    Pitta reportedly will be cut by the ravens because they dont want to pay him 7million next season. Keep in mind 7 million is what the pats offered bennett Pitta is 31 and had a season of 86 receptions 729 yards and 2 tds in 12 games Bennett is 30 and had a season of 55receptions 701 yards and...
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    Expectations for Mitchell next year?

    what a find this kid was. performed well all year once gronk went out. and then to have a pretty big game on the biggest stage in the superbowl. According to the peter king article with Brady he had the trust to go to Mitchell. if he can just work on getting both toes down on the sideline he...
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    Market for Bennett?

    I know from his comments it seems like he is going for the payday. But maybe I am wrong but i dont feel there will be a huge market for him. 30 year old te, injure the last two years (ended last season in chicago pn ir). Who has somewhat of a history of being a locker room problem in dallas and...
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    Atlanta special teams

    One thing that stuck out to me in the game against the seahawks was hester who was a shell of himself agaimst the pats and was cut by the ravens looked like an all pro Is this an issue for atlanta? And with edelman/lewis can we exploit this?