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Sep 26th

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  1. Hyped

    Mods...questions about the 2021 draft threads:

    Mods, I forget how it works around here. I assume that there will be a "GDT" thread for the 1st round only. Then separate threads for each prospect/round? Will the Mods be setting up said threads? Just asking in advance so we don't have multiple threads merged tomorrow. And @Ian, I assume...
  2. Hyped

    Any update on Lawrence Guy and Joe Thuney?

    I haven't seen an update to their injuries yesterday anywhere? I see that Copeland is probably lost for the year with a torn pec. Those two guys are CRITICAL to our play in the trenches.....
  3. Hyped

    OT: Rosas...the K for the G-Men arrested for DUI

    Gostkowski to Giants, book it.
  4. Hyped

    Two questions for a slow Saturday (5/9):

    1.) Had Brady resigned with the Patriots in mid-March for a contract averaging 25M annually vs. the cap, how good do you think the team would be in 2020? (Assuming that the 13.5M dead money was absorbed by the new contract somehow and still gave us a cap # of 25M for Brady) For me, I think if...
  5. Hyped

    OT: The Revis and Sherman beef

    Richard Sherman, Darrelle Revis Trade Shots In Testy Twitter Exchange Does anyone remember Sherman talking **** about Revis when the Seahawks scored for the last time to go up 24-14 in SB XLIX? If I remember correctly, it was a rub route that sprang the WR open....and Sherman looked at the TV...
  6. Hyped

    Ranking the Belichick & Brady Era Play-Off Losses:

    How would you rank our 11 play-off losses in the Belichick & Brady era? List of losses: 2005 Divisional @ Broncos - Ben Watson strip-shoulda-been-a-touchback game. 2006 AFC Title Game @ Colts - Hobbs phantom PI game. 2007 Superbowl vs. Giants - Helmet catch...nuff' said. 2009 Wild Card vs...
  7. Hyped

    Our current winning streak:

    Is now at 12 games. Which got me curious about the historical context of it, so I looked on here...
  8. Hyped

    Adding a setting to increase the # of posts view able on a single page? And Tapatalk?

    Hi Patsfans & @Ian , 1.) I believe I brought this up in the past...but here goes: Can we add an option for viewing more than 20 posts per page in threads? 2.) Can we make this forum Tapatalk friendly? Tapatalk is a forum app...currently I post using Safari on my iPhone which is fine, but...
  9. Hyped

    Conditioning run test...

    Tomorrow all players will need to pass a conditioning run test in order to practice on Thursday. If I remember correctly, it is: 3 sets of 10 40 yard sprints Each sprint needs to be completed in 7 seconds or less 30 seconds of rest per sprint 3 minute rest between sets The distances and reps...
  10. Hyped

    Check out PFF's Steve Palazzolo's tweets.

    Interesting tid bits:
  11. Hyped

    Ranking The Patriots' Super Bowls:

    My rankings: SB 36 - I was a 28 year old man CRYING in disbelief during the post-game ESPN highlights..... SB 51 - 28-3 come back and I was there. SB 49 - The Butler interception snapped a 10 year drought and brought me a sense of relief. SB 38 - Our 2nd and affirming that the 01' team...
  12. Hyped

    For the old timers here...."LeaperGATE":

    I am well versed in my Patriots history from the AFL/Babe Parrill/Fairbanks era....I started mostly watching in the Raymond Berry/Stanley Morgan/Andre Tippet I only know what I have read over the years. And I just came across this yesterday.: LeaperGATE Apparently, on November 3rd...
  13. Hyped

    OT: The Patriots blocked two punts yesterday, right?

    Source: Albert McClellan blocks two punts for Patriots vs. Dolphins | Question, why does the official NFL game book only have us blocking 1 punt? See here: Asking because it could give me a 2 point edge in...
  14. Hyped

    Idle Thoughts: The missing edition?

    @patfanken, hope the game yesterday didn't kill you?
  15. Hyped

    TB throwing TD's to 71 players

    We know that Brady holds the record for most TD passes to different receivers with 71 and counting. We know that vinny Testaverde had 70 players across several teams. Who is #3, #4, and etc.....and how many? Tried googling it, pro-football referencing it, and curious if...
  16. Hyped

    My notes from rewatching the 2017 season:

    Over the past 3-4 weeks, I have been re-watching parts of the 2017 season. Pasted below are the notes I jotted on my iPhone. Apologies for any typos and any improper football terminology….I was pressing pause to check how offenses/defenses were lining up...progressing in slow see who...
  17. Hyped

    How can we increase the # of posts per page view?

    The current default setting has it at 20 a 100 post thread would appear as 5 pages in my view. I'd love to increase it to say 50-100 posts per page so I'd only need to scroll down vs. reload pages. Possible to do so? Not seeing any settings in my 'Preferences' nor 'Thread Tools"???
  18. Hyped

    Following the NFL Draft: Past vs. Present Thoughts

    In the past, I would follow half of the draft all day on a Saturday. I'd even host a party with the TV on and have two computer for following the draft and another for commenting on message boards or doing player look up/research. Then on Sunday, I'd be less involved...but still...