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Sep 26th

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  1. fumbrunner

    Colts connection to the NFL Office So, we are dealing with the Jets and the Colts. Railroaded?? Not at all :rolleyes: Edit: Mods, I see now that this is a duplicate. Feel free to merge.
  2. fumbrunner

    NFLPA files motion to vacate

    Well, lets see where this leads next...No word on the NFLs submission
  3. fumbrunner

    Hey Peter King, Cris Carter, Marshall Faulk

    a personal message:
  4. fumbrunner

    Hey Peter King, Cris Carter, Marshall Faulk

    a personal message:
  5. fumbrunner

    A BIG thank you to Peter King, ESPN

    The Patriots have made the superbowl on their own merit, but it always help to have some bulletin board material to drive a team. But what ESPN and Peter King have done goes beyond that. This past week will GALVANIZE this team, organization, and fan base. Nothing like calling you a bunch of...
  6. fumbrunner

    2014 Patriots road trips. Who is going where?

    Just purchased my tickets to the Patriots Packers game in Lambeau. Should be a great one, despite Wisconsin weather on November 30th :-/. Anyone else going to that game? Anyone else have road trips planned?
  7. fumbrunner

    Former Patriot Reche Caldwell Arrested on Drug Charges

    Former Patriots WR Reche Caldwell was arrested in Florida on Tuesday for allegedly attempting to sell Ecstasy. It's almost two years to the day from Caldwell's May 2011 arrest for possession of marijuana. Per, Caldwell was also arrested "earlier this year for allegedly running an...
  8. fumbrunner

    If Edelman walks, select an alternative WR

    Lots of uncertainty regarding whether we will have the ability to re-sign minitron. If he does in fact walk, who on this list do you see as affordable alternatives? I wonder if the Pats will take a second shot at Sanders. List from Rotoworld: Top free agent WRs. 1. Eric Decker 2...
  9. fumbrunner

    I lost the bet and now suffer the consequences

    at least it isn't a payton manning jersey :mad:
  10. fumbrunner

    Jests last one the superbowl 45 years ago today

    Meanwhile, the Patriots have won 3, and made it to 4 others. 1969. Besides me not even being born yet, here are some other notable "recent" events from that year: - Nixon elected president - Man walks on the moon for the first time Here's hoping they don't win for another 45. *edit -...
  11. fumbrunner

    Merry Christmas to you and yours

    Just wanted to wish all my fellow Patriots fans a Merry Christmas. Here's to another great year of Patriots football.
  12. fumbrunner

    Belichick as a .........pirate?

    Good to see a lighter side of him PHOTO: Patriots coach Bill Belichick goes pirate for Halloween -
  13. fumbrunner

    Zoltan Mesko Waived By Steelers

    per twitter. Well then. Good call BB?
  14. fumbrunner

    Thompkins on all 22 film revisited: much improvement

    As you may recall, I recently posted on KT's targets after all the criticism the rookies were receiving. I had a look at the atlanta game to see how KT has been progressing. Although he...
  15. fumbrunner

    All 22 Film on KT - Alot of potential

    So, with all the discussion on the rookie's struggles last game, I decided to have a look at the all 22 film of KT's 8 targets to see if the criticism is valid. Certainly Dobson had a tough time of it with his drops, but KT's targets show alot of potential if he and Brady can get on the same...
  16. fumbrunner

    Pats re-sign DB Marquice Cole

    per reiss on twitter Mike Reiss ‏@MikeReiss 1m Patriots announce that veteran CB Marquice Cole has been re-signed. Undrafted rookie G Josh Kline has been waived. One marginal player for another
  17. fumbrunner

    Another Cut coming? Gilbert Pena signed

    Patriots claimed DT Gilbert Pena off waivers from the Packers. An undrafted free agent out of Ole Miss, Pena will handle mop-up duty in Thursday's preseason finale. Perhaps he'll be a candidate for the practice squad Gilbert Pena - New England Patriots - 2013 Player Profile -
  18. fumbrunner

    Salary Cap per NFLPA

    Patriots at approx $10 million tweeted out by Rapoport
  19. fumbrunner

    Patriots are signing WR Michael Jenkins

    Via twitter Jason La Canfora ‏@JasonLaCanfora 2m Patriots are signing WR Michael Jenkins
  20. fumbrunner

    Agents' Rebuttal to Kraft's Interview

    Agents: Pats' offer was 'take it or leave it' - New England Patriots Blog - ESPN Boston I'm glad they are taking the high road. Seems clear to me that what was being communicated to the agents, and what has the actual margin for negotiation differed, at least from what is being said here...