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  1. Caretaker

    Official Post Game Thread - Seattle beats the Pats

    True, but do you think Sony can bounce back this season, realistically? Or is he a JAG at this point
  2. Caretaker

    Lifelong Panthers fan AMA (ask me anything) Cam Edition

    Would you recommend Charlotte as a good place to raise your family?
  3. Caretaker

    Gronk... Disturbing on so many levels!

    He should've retired his frat brat persona after leaving NE. It's just plain silly now. Focus on football or reinvent your shtick Gronk.
  4. Caretaker

    Official Post Game Thread - Seattle beats the Pats

    I'm just glad they were this close to win the game, despite major roster shakedown this year & tragic losses for Bill and James White. We have much potential to unlock and Cam's game isn't worrying me at all. We won't be 6-10 without Tom
  5. Caretaker

    I want Tom Brady to _____ in Tampa

    Play well and have fun sounds about right. There is no harm in TB12 posting respectable stats i.e. yardage, TD:INT rate, completion % and stuff. But if I root for him in the playoffs, it's still unsettled, we'll see in Dec.
  6. Caretaker

    Tom Brady "Football's Fun again"

    Tom will always be Tom and "my QB". I will always cherish the memories and, to be frank, I wanted him to play out whatever's left in him in New England, with Belichick. One year, three years, even slightly overpaid - I was on board. With that said, it's no fun reading these tweets and stuff.. I...
  7. Caretaker

    Best Patriots teams to not win a title

    2017 should be ahead of 2010 imo. Don't know about 1976 or 1996, way before my time. 2006, 2012, 2015 all good picks; '07 is no brainer
  8. Caretaker

    Gronk trade completed

    I admit, "brutal" is too strong of a word. "Frustrating" is more fitting though. We've had high hopes in Aug/Sep since it looked we're loaded at WR; and it took just a few weeks to find us without Flash, Brown and Demaryius Thomas. Then a long wait for Harry to heal, for Sanu to adjust, for...
  9. Caretaker

    Gronk trade completed

    Late to this thread, time zone delays and stuff... some thoughts - no way he'd play for us after Tom left Patriots, 0% chance - even with Tom on board I don't see it happening, 2% tops - Gronk was banged up and declining in 2018 - got one year of rest, but also one year w/o proper training...
  10. Caretaker

    Gronk: "I'm not totally done."

    Oh man, reading this thread 24 hrs ago just made me shake my head...
  11. Caretaker

    Who deserves more blame for losing the Super Bowl?

    Early in the 4th, they needed to keep Mahomes off the field, control the ball and run them down. Rushing game was fantastic for three quarters, at some point they converted 3 straight runs for 10+ yards between Mostert and Coleman... have no idea why they kept shootin with Jimmy later on, it...
  12. Caretaker

    TMZ reporting the passing of Kobe Bryant

    It is unbelievable. Kobe Bryant's image was ingrained in my mind - he was defining post-Jordan NBA, but also competetiveness, rivalry, hellish desire to win, inidividualism. On his best days he was able to bring down opposing teams on his own, and did it with a vast arsenal of world class skill...
  13. Caretaker

    OT: Netflix Hernandez series

    Sorry if it's not a place for this question... But I don't want to start another thread about AH, one is enough really... Is it true that AH held (or holds) national high school record for most receiving yards per game in a season with 180? I tried to double check, but NFHS RecordBook online...
  14. Caretaker

    How sad is the Chiefs franchise

    I don't think AFC Championship is THAT sad of an achievement... o_O
  15. Caretaker

    Rank your hate level for the 11 other playoff teams...

    Not hating, we've got everything... but, to answer your question 01 Chiefs. Tyreek Hill, neandertal fanbase, overrated team. 02 Eagles. Loads and loads and loads of luck. 03 Ravens. Harbaugh. I wouldn't care if not for this clown. 04 Packers. Rodgers. 05 Bills. They are Buffalo Bills. 06-11...
  16. Caretaker

    Money and cap considerations: another year of Brady or ... ?

    Do I want Tom Brady to play for us in 2020? Yes Do I want him to get a good contract? Yes Am I okay with Tom Brady being slightly overpaid? Yes Am I okay with Tom Brady getting absurd money, seriously hindering this team? Well... I'm not sure. But I don't think Brady would ask for such money. I...
  17. Caretaker

    Patrick Mahomes' girlfriend had to be moved

    Well I initially had some "empathy" coming to this thread... and then her tweet about Mahomes 6 rings happened
  18. Caretaker

    The OL Is NOT The Problem

    Three months ago Andrews was IR'ed, and then Develin, Wynn's got injured, and Harry, then Gost; burnt bridges with Thomas, lost AB, Flash, Bennett's gone, and those minor OL & TE injuries... That filthy, pungent stench of 2015 was up in the air much earlier, but we ignored it and cheered on...
  19. Caretaker

    Finding myself rooting FOR Jacoby... and AGAINST Jimmy...

    No love for Carroll or the organization on my part (though I respect Wagner)... but I liked how they pulled ahead late in 2nd quarter... and now the competition in NFCW is more interesting. Easy wins are good for Pats, let the rest bite their faces off
  20. Caretaker

    Do the Patriots always send STH Playoff Invoices this early?

    What do I have to do to get love letters from Bob and co