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Sep 26th

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    Have we overrated the Patriots defense more specifically the front 7?

    Has anyone watched Hightower on the Pats vs. Phins week 1 highlight film? Sheesh, he looks like he's playing with cement shoes on. I hope it's him getting back in game shape but the front 7 is looking far from impressive at this point and also slow. Barmore even during double teams was most...
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    NFL.COM Patriots set to collapse, One of worst 3 teams in the league

    Bold NFL predictions: Cowboys roll, Seahawks stumble, Pats collapse Talking about a hot take...sheesh. I so hope there is a season and if so I can't wait for it to begin so they can shut up the entire league and just do "what the Patriots do" --- WIN. "This season in Foxborough has 5-11...
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    An EXCELLENT link for those who try to use the Pats play in a weak AFCE

    The Myth of the Easy AFC East, the Definitive Guide | Patriots Dynasty "Since Bill Belichick took over as coach of the New England Patriots, the team has gone on an incredible run. As it stands right now they don't have a losing record against any team in the NFL. In fact outside of the...
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    Brady is not a checkdown passer

    Great read and good ammo to thwart all the G.O.A.T. haters. This statistic proves that Tom Brady is not only a checkdown passer
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    N'Keal entire getting drafted video

    Sorry if this has been posted but it's a GREAT video. (sorry for crappy Thread title LOL)
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    NFL "Turning Point" Super Bowl LIII

    I apologize if this has already been posted. EXCELLENT
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    ESPN’s Dan Le Batard Kinda-Sorta Suggests Tom Brady Is Using Steroids Read more at: https://nesn.c

    ESPN’s Dan Le Batard Kinda-Sorta Suggests Tom Brady Is Using Steroids Fast forward to 14:00 mark
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    Ramsey really running off at the mouth

    Apparently Gronk has never faced a cornerback like him. Jalen Ramsey drops more hints about the plan for covering Gronkowski Have a feeling Ramsey will be getting "thrown out of the club".
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    DeAngelo Williams gets into heated argument with NFL Network hosts over Patriots-Steelers

    Dude is a clown who goes to personal attacks because he can't back up his reason why the Steelers should be favored. "DeAngelo Williams doesn’t like that the Patriots are favored over the Steelers, and, for some reason, he decided to take it out on the cast of NFL Network’s Good Morning...
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    Sheesh......Sports writer of Kansas City Star season prediction

    2017 NFL predictions: Chiefs reach AFC title game, but Packers, Steelers make Super Bowl Stop in for a laugh.........
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    Jay Cutler Agrees to Contract with Miami Dolphins [1 year, $10 mil]

    Former Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler Reportedly Agrees to Contract with Miami Dolphins Former Bears Quarterback Jay Cutler Reportedly Agrees to Contract with Miami Dolphins
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    Johnny Manziel at AFCCG in disguise

    Johnny Manziel at AFC Championship game wearing Tom Brady jersey
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    Did the Patriots cheat the Steelers out of Super Bowls?

    Starkey's Mailbag: Did the Patriots cheat the Steelers out of Super Bowls? Joe Starkey, @JoeStarkey1: You never answered your own question, jerk: Did the Patriots cheat the Steelers out of a Super Bowl or two? Starkey: Hi, Joe. I’m going to say no in 2001, despite Hines Ward’s protestations...
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    Eric Decker - AFC East up for grabs

    Pre-Season Throw back ROFLMAO!!! Couldn't resist. Jets' Eric Decker: Tom Brady's suspension puts AFC East up for grabs
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    NY media obsessed with Patriots

    Be the judge, intentional or not? Jets' Ryan Fitzpatrick suffers a six-pick meltdown that raises serious questions "The question is, where do the Jets (1-2) go from there?" "They're already two games behind the Tom Brady-less New England Patriots (3-1), which means the AFC East already is...
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    Mike Pereira: ‘Not Just The Patriots That Have Doctored Footballs’

    Not sure if this was previously posted, if so I apologize in advance. "We never anticipated that a club might have a needle on the sidelines and take air out of the football...
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    3 Games to Glory IV (available for preorder on Patriots Pro Shop)

    3 Games to Glory IV Has anyone found a link or heard anything about the making/release date for 3 Games to Glory?
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    Who is Rick Gosselins pick for the Pats?

    Anyone know who Rick Gosselin has the Patriots picking in this years draft? I haven't been able to find any of his mocks.
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    Texans cut blocking scheme

    This made me remember what made the old Broncos run game so good. The legal but cheap use of cut blocking. This article is from last season but they still use the same blocking tactics. Cut-blocking is legal, but is it ethical? - Houston Chronicle "The Jacksonville Jaguars won't be the...
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    NY Daily News - Manning will have record day vs Patriots defense

    NY Giants QB Eli Manning could be in store for a record day against Patriots in Super Bowl XLVI - NY Daily News "While Eli Manning is torching the Pats, he could make a place for himself in the record book" INDIANAPOLIS — Eli Manning will pick up his second Super Bowl trophy on...