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Sep 26th

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  1. Mike the Brit

    OT: NFL Gamepass

    I've just had two payments cards blocked because NFL Gamepass tried to take payment and triggered fraud warnings (a U.S. Mastercard and a U.K. Visa). My daughter had the same experience. If you're thinking of subscribing or renewing for the coming season from Europe, I strongly advise holding...
  2. Mike the Brit

    20 Years Ago Today

    Twenty years ago today, the late Joel Buchsbaum published a now-famous article previewing the 2001 NFL season. It's long vanished from the Internet but I discovered that I had downloaded a copy to my computer, so, in homage to Joel Buchsbaum, Tom Brady and Bill Belichick, here it is: NFList...
  3. Mike the Brit

    Happy Thanksgiving

    Happy Thanksgiving to all my American friends! I hope that this finds you safe and well and with those you most love. And to those who are facing the challenges of our tough times, my thoughts and best wishes.
  4. Mike the Brit

    Happy Fourth of July!

    Best wishes, Americans, from across the water. I think you all deserve a day of rest, relaxation and letting your extra-long lockdown hair down -- have fun!
  5. Mike the Brit

    Nearly OT: Excellent Article on Robert Kraft (and Liverpool FC) This is a piece written for Liverpool fans about Boston and its sports teams. It's very well written and gives a strong image of the rivalry between the Krafts and FSG. The author has obviously...
  6. Mike the Brit

    Happy birthday, Bill Belichick

    What an extraordinary privilege it's been to follow the team that you've led. And now the Patriots are going to need your energy, wisdom and sense of purpose more than ever. To see you take on that kind of a challenge when you're 68 years old is an inspiration. Thank you and good luck...
  7. Mike the Brit

    Game Pass Complimentary Access

    I've just seen this advertised: NFL Game Pass | Replay Every NFL Game of the Season If I'm right, it looks as though Gamepass is free in the U.S. from now until the end of May. (Just what I was hoping they would do, eh, @Ian -- and we didn't mount a petition?)
  8. Mike the Brit

    Great read on how the Patriots Prepare Receivers

    Excellent article by Phil Perry on how the Patriots prepare the wide receivers, especially Meyers and Olszewski. More "behind-the-scenes" information on the Patriots' coaching than you usually get. You'll love this @patfanken ...
  9. Mike the Brit

    Patriots All Access 4/20 on The Draft This was very informative -- and it was narrated by Matt Slater. Not that any great secrets got revealed -- you wouldn't expect that from the Pats -- but we did hear from people who are mostly just names: Monti...
  10. Mike the Brit

    Mike Reiss posts great story on Tom Brady and his teammates

    Brady's teammates gush about him -- how they watched him from afar and how they got to know him. If Brady is another self-centred superstar phony, it's amazing that so many people who know him describe him as genuine and down-to-earth. To keep that way after all he's been through --...
  11. Mike the Brit

    Belichick Breakdown tidbit

    Zolak makes a joke about Patterson's high-five with Jackson before he gets to the endzone on his kickoff return and Belichick says: "We haven't had one of those in a while -- so we didn't know what to do" (3:56). Great line...
  12. Mike the Brit

    Who is your binkie?

    Public practices are over and the regular season is coming closer, so now would be a good time to hear who everyone's binkies are. Your binkie is an unregarded player for whom you're rooting. ("You don't choose your binkie. Your binkie chooses you.") I'm happy to be the one asking this...
  13. Mike the Brit

    Excellent Article on Matt Patricia by Mike Giardi

    An article based on a lot of interviews with current and former players, that gives a picture of Patricia as a person and as a coach. Strongly recommended. Patricia's personal touch will give him upper hand as head coach Best quotes: "Honestly, he pissed me off a lot. We had our moments where...
  14. Mike the Brit

    Ron Gronkowski

    Ron Gronkowski and Patriots are a perfect matchup
  15. Mike the Brit

    Solder Family Solidarity Thread

    The message from @Deus Irae quoted below about Nate's young son deserves its own thread, I think. I cannot conceive what it would be like to have my little one going into repeat cancer treatment. And how could one do a job that's as demanding and (sorry, but, in the end, that's what it is)...
  16. Mike the Brit

    Game Pass Refund

    It grates to say something nice about the NFL. I was furious with the way that I couldn't log in for the beginning of the Sunday games and with the way that the service blacked out during the Carolina game (I watched TB the next morning and there were no problems) but it reflects some kind of...
  17. Mike the Brit

    Drew Bledsoe -- Powder Hound

    Here's an interview with Drew Bledsoe about his life in Bend, Oregon -- it sounds about as sweet as possible. Good luck to him! And ... guess what? He is a really, really good skier. Beautiful poise and balance, nice pole plant and control -- it's a pleasure to watch him. There's one sport...
  18. Mike the Brit


    WHAT IT LOOKED LIKE: WHAT IT WAS SUPPOSED TO LOOK LIKE: WHAT MY GUEST SAID: "This is surprisingly delicious." So shoot me ... :)
  19. Mike the Brit

    Funny Patriots Parade Video (not from The Globe, Shmessy)

    Clips from the parade not worth its own thread? Well, I was watching the clip when I noticed that the weather looked a bit clearer than it was on Tuesday. Then who is this guy? And why are they chanting what sounds like "Revis"? :) Does have a vendetta against the Pats, Shmessy? ;)...
  20. Mike the Brit

    Michael Hurley DESTROYS Goodell

    After the awful Deflategate articles in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution and Sports Illustrated, it's good to read this masterpiece of demolition: A Brief History Of Why Roger Goodell Won't Be 'Honored' To Give Tom Brady A Super Bowl Trophy