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Sep 26th

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    This summer just feels different

    First time in years that I wont be going to camp, Been going since the mid 70s at Bryant. Last year was my first summer retired and it was so nice going there a few times a week, instead of maybe getting there 3 times all camp. I refuse to watch felger just to catch glimpses of the team. I...
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    Slightly off topic

    the league is looking into having a slate of games on Sat if the NCAA does not play.
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    Practice field orientation change

    Did anyone else seem to notice that the two practice fields have been rotated 90 degrees from previous years. The fields used to run parallel to the bleachers, they seem to have changed to run perpendicular to the bleachers now. It now looks like you will have to go on the grass hill to see...
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    Guys that I think could have a future with the Pats

    Mychal Kendricks and Teddy Bridgewater. Kendricks is getting paid 12.5m over the next two years- not cheap by any means but a solid player at a position of need. The Eagles made moves that seem to move him down the depth chart. They were reported to have offered him for a fifth but got no...
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    Training camp binkies

    Mine are Josh Augusta, David Jones and Matt Lengel
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    Excuse me for listening to the media

    But why are we be told that because Roger got booed and the pats won the game that we should let deflategate go? This isn't spygate where the team did something and the league blew it out of proportion. This is the league fabricating a story of cheating because a man in his 50s took a bathroom...
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    and now for something completely different

    A trade with the Browns, Josh Gordon and Joe Thomas and the Browns 3rd for Aaron Dobson, Jimmy G and Nate Solder and our 3rd.
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    DT depth

    I am shocked at the lack of depth on today's roster at DT. Both Francis's being cut to me just leaves us too thin. I know that Both Wilfork and Kelly have been very durable but this is tempting fate.
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    Potential RFA Target: DL Sammie Lee Hill

    Sammie Lee Hill, 6-4 325 with a 4th rd Tender. He is #4 on their depth chart and they are cap strapped. Just a wild guess but i think something like 2 years and 5 mill total will be enough to pry him loose. He has not made any money yet and being 4th on the depth chart is not a great way to go...
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    Off season cap space analysis league wide

    This is a cut and past job from another forum, smart kid with a lot of time on his hands Thank you Texasdominance! Total Roster Salary I started by first assembling each team's current salaries. Here are the rankings from most cap taken up to least cap taken up: 1. Washington- 108.417...
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    Trade up scenarios

    Picking up on cupofjoe1962's thread on trading up for Fairley, Who and what would you give up for in a trade up Fairly 17 + 32 Quinn 17 + 64:) Dareus 17 + 74