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Sep 26th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    Throwback: Patriots 2011 2TE Offense. 2Hrs of All-22 Tape

    He really was a special player....even his rookie year being 20 and still making plays early in the season. What a damn shame.
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    NEW ARTICLE: REPORT: David Andrews' Time is Over in New England

    Great player and a great story. Wish him well wherever he goes.
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    What I Love About Football & What I'll Love About the Patriots in 2021

    Good post. To add onto the last paragraph you can still do that WHILE drinking beer lol. Last game I went to was actually when the Bengals played the Jets and got their first win in 2019. Was calling out blitzes the entire time
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    Player Signing Jonnu Smith signs with New England!

    That website is insane, how am I just finding out about this.
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    Do the Pats go big and trade away a lot of draft picks for Watson or Wilson now?

    That's my thinking as well, makes sense especially if one slides.
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    Kyle Van Noy: Possibly back on the market?

    I like it boys. Bring him back. Hell even Flowers might get cut in Detroit. Get the band back together lol
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    What is A Bill Belichick Patriots team?

    Personally, I've always felt Belichick went against the grain. For example, I believe in the year 2002-2003 only 2 teams ran a 3-4 defense, New England and Pittsburgh. By 2006 it was a 16/16 split in the league. That's when Belichick started transforming into almost a 4-3 but more a sub...
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    Fun game thread flashback: Super Bowl 49

    Ohh yeah the "he ****ing picked it! he ****ing picked it!" was the exact quote I used. I kept pushing my drunk buddy whos twice my size in disbelief
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    Fun game thread flashback: Super Bowl 49

    Still one of the greatest sports moments of my life. Remember being about 20 nascar sodas in, my buddy was ahead of me lol. It took him about 5 seconds after the play to realize what had happened. Amazing night
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    Gillette Stadium will have fans in 2021

    Its a joke man, hoping for the best for you and your family.
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    Patriots have spoken to every team about QBs

    The Floyd Reese angle is something I never considered. Cant really argue against the fact those drafts kept the dynasty going
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    Patriots have spoken to every team about QBs

    2nd round picks are awful for us, just give them the next 7-8 years worth and call it a day lol. I was thinking about it last night, if they did something like that you could actually attract the FA wideouts like Galladay and Godwin. It would never happen but COVID and the cold winter has my...
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    Patriots have spoken to every team about QBs

    Am I only one who looks at the past 5 drafts and says to myself "I actually would consider sending 3 firsts and 3 2nds for watson" Roast me.
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    Fivehead trolls the Pats about Deflategate

    I've come to respect Manning more and more since he has been gone. The NFL desperate to get that next Manning Brady gravy train. Tried it with Rodgers and Matt Ryan back in the day. Then Kap and Russel, Cam and Russel, Mahomes and Watson, what's going to the be the next one.
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    Lobby for draft rule change

    Noooooo, the NBA is a nightmare with the lottery system. I can see maybe top 3 being random but top 15? Yuck
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    Flashback: 2004 AFC Divisional playoff vs Colts

    I miss the mid 2000s CBS production. Brings back so many memories. I remember when Peyton just couldnt beat us until that 2005 game when half the roster was on IR. Great memories