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Sep 26th

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  1. Boomer B

    Anyone heading to MET LIFE Stadium tomorrow?

    MetLife? You’ll never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy, except maybe Buffalo.
  2. Boomer B

    OT: my brother is in the ICU (update 9/17, Setting Sail for Parts Unknown)

    Very sorry for your loss. Godspeed to your brother.
  3. Boomer B

    OT: RIP Norm MacDonald

    Yup. It used to be you could name at least 5 cast members with ease. Now I couldn’t name one other then Pete Davidson who is only known because of the girls he’s dated.
  4. Boomer B

    OT: RIP Norm MacDonald

    Ya, it’s an OJ Simpson joke. Not racist at all.
  5. Boomer B

    OT: RIP Norm MacDonald

    Norm on gay pride. Not for those who get offended easy.
  6. Boomer B

    OT: RIP Norm MacDonald

    My favourite comedian. Huge, huge loss. In my opinion the best stand up routine from late night.
  7. Boomer B

    Week 1 report card

    QB: B RB: C- WR: C+ TE: B- OL: C- nobody on O gets an A when we only get 16 pts. That being said good start for Mac. DL: C+ LB: B- DB: B- ST: B Coaching: C When Harris took himself out of the game he was gassed. They should have had another RB in. They also didn’t start either half well on...
  8. Boomer B

    How Mac Jones Looked in His First Start Compared With Tom Brady

    Really? Let Mac be Mac. Even Belichick on the radio a week ago mentioned how the system is so much evolved since Brady’s first years and it’s not a fair comparison to make.
  9. Boomer B

    3 reasons why I accept a week 1, 1 point loss to the Dolphins

    This is actually a tough loss. We typically don’t play well in Miami and now that game will likely be very important. This isn’t the AFC Least anymore. Need to win at home against the Phins and Bills to contend for the division.
  10. Boomer B

    Game Day Thread Official Post-Game Thread: Week 1 - Pats lose to Dolphins 17-16

    Mac can’t keep taking the big hits. Harris looked gassed when he took himself out. They should have had Bolden or White in when he fumbled.
  11. Boomer B

    NFL GAME DAY DISCUSSION Other NFL games week 1 thread

    Watching the Jets offence is offensive
  12. Boomer B

    another late night rant

    I agree that obviously Bill along with Charlie and Josh had a big impact on Brady’s career, but the same can be argued the other way. Until Brady Bill was an under .500 coach who found the best player N. American team sports has ever seen in the 6th round. While I believe Brady was the more...
  13. Boomer B

    Hello folks

    Took Gus Edwards in both pools I’m in. Very sad day today.
  14. Boomer B

    another late night rant

    Brady wanted long term deals after winning an MVP and then again after winning his 6th SB. Bill wanted him year to year. That’s what it came down to. Brady wanting to leave simply isn’t true. He left because Bill wouldn’t commit to him for over a year. At the end of the day Bill is the best...
  15. Boomer B

    OT: my brother is in the ICU (update 9/17, Setting Sail for Parts Unknown)

    Very sorry to hear it’s taken a turn for the worst. Prayers for your brother, you, and your family.
  16. Boomer B

    How much longer will BB coach?

    Congrats. I’ve kinda weaved my way through the finance world for the last 15 years or so. Started as a trader, then went into wealth management, and have been in capital raising for the last 5 years or so. Best of luck to you.