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Sep 19th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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OT: UK Pats Fan Suffering depression
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  1. fightingirish595

    Snyder Cut

    Who’s seen it. User reviews are to the moon. No spoilers please
  2. fightingirish595

    Brad Stevens is getting pantsed

    His in game coaching leaves a lot left to be desired. discuss. I think he should be fired
  3. fightingirish595

    Schilling once again snubbed from the Hall of Fame

    It’s sad there’s a select few people out there who refuse to vote for this man because of a few controversial tweets they don’t like. dude struck out 3000 batters and is clearly a hall of famer. This is beyond absurd. But sureeeeee lets put Harold ****ing baines in there
  4. fightingirish595

    The transfer portal thread

    D Eriq king has gone to Miami. @KontradictioN Felipe Franks is now a Razorback
  5. fightingirish595

    Rise Of Skywalker

    I’m going to see it tonight at 6:00. I never realized that movies release a day early. Discuss the movie here
  6. fightingirish595

    OT: Newtown High School wins state championship on last second play. 7 years after Sandy Hook

    7 years to the day. Crazy. I’m sure some of the kids on the team were in the school. Crazy. Wasn’t sure where to put this
  7. fightingirish595

    College bowl pickem

    I want to run a pool with just people on this site for bowl games. I’m thinking 100 dollars for 1 entry. And you get 1 entry max. winner take all unless we get a lot of people. If there’s a site that allows it, I’m thinking spread with confidence picks. Post here if interested and I’ll start...
  8. fightingirish595

    2019 College football season thread

    the first game is in just 5 days and oh boy am I excited. Saw an interesting stat today about Tua. His QBR with Jeudy on the field is in the 90s. With him off the field it is in the 40s. Not sure on the sample size with jeudy off the field. The Florida Miami game is interesting. Feel like...
  9. fightingirish595

    Not sure if anyone has seen this article yet but really interesting stuff. Great job by Hoyer

    McCourty brothers share Super Bowl details on Brian Hoyer, more
  10. fightingirish595

    If you are interested, here is every Patriots game (with Brady) vs Wade Phillips

    Its not an end all be all. Teams, times, players change All the box scores. There are some good ones, and some bad ones. San Diego Chargers at New England Patriots - October 2nd, 2005 | Divisional Round - New England Patriots at San Diego Chargers - January 14th...
  11. fightingirish595

    QBs that got off on the wrong foot that could have been good.

    Thought this would be better in the draft thread. Is there anyone you think that could have been good had they been in a better situation but got ruined? Or do you not buy into that notion. One guy that comes to mind for me is a guy like David Carr. Or even an Andrew Luck to a degree
  12. fightingirish595

    OT: March Madness/Bracket/Possible Pool

    Discuss the games as they happen. Would love to get a pool (for money going?). Let me know below if your interested My Final 4 Picks Virginia,Villanova,Michigan, Duke
  13. fightingirish595

    Offensive rookie of the year

    I think Hunt should get it. He won the rushing title with an impressive YPC
  14. fightingirish595

    Official Post Game Thread - Chiefs at Patriots

    that was the problem. No matter how much the game has evolved you have to do those things. The QB isn't the problem
  15. fightingirish595

    2017 Yahoo Pro football Pickem (spread)

    Its that time of year again. Your Defending champion (Me) has opened the group back up. This is a pickem league where you pick the games against the spread. Name of the group is ID is 3461. PW is Brady6. Hopefully that is a double entendre there after this season. I hope...
  16. fightingirish595

    Is anyone watching/Interested in the US open

    foxes coverage is absolutely pathetic
  17. fightingirish595

    OT: Juventus vs Real Madrid Champions league final

    im just hyped up with excitement. Game can't come soon enough. Placed a nice wager on juve to win it all before the quarterfinals, 9-1 odds. (Dortmund and atletico were favored over them, was that a joke?) Lets discuss the game leading up to and during this exciting match I think Juve wins...
  18. fightingirish595

    Bills fire GM Doug Whaley, hours after end of draft

    Bills fire their GM Ineptitude at its finest. Discuss
  19. fightingirish595

    What's your play of the game

    The Hightower strip sack changed the game. That's the play in my opinion. I jumped out of the chair and yelled fumble before the Hightower got there. We needed that turnover