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Sep 19th

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  1. ArchAngel007

    Books Recommendations

    Hello fellow Patriots fans. I've been binge reading for the past 3 months or so and have been greatly enamored with all I've learned. Do you guys have any books that you personally recommend? It doesn't have to be a specific subject either just some books you guys would recommend. Thanks in...
  2. ArchAngel007

    07 Patriots 7th Greatest Team of All Time-NFL 100

    Hey guys our 07 Patriots were voted the 7th greatest team of all time in the NFL 100 Greatest Teams. Interesting I didn't expect them to be in the top 10 due to the loss that shall not be named. The other next best Patriots team on the list was the 04 Patriots they were voted 16th. Incase any of...
  3. ArchAngel007

    Malcom Butler INT voted #5 Greatest play in NFL 100 Greatest

    Did not see this topic addressed, but Butler's INT in SB 49 made the top 5 plays in NFL 100 greatest plays. I feel it should be top 3 your guys thoughts? NFL Network Ranks Malcolm Butler’s Super Bowl XLIX Interception In Top-Five
  4. ArchAngel007

    Packers @ Patriots Gillete questions

    Fellow Pats fans me and a few friends coming from the bay area to attend tomorrows game managed to get a tickets SEC 326 ROW 10. Was wondering if you had any tips? Specifically what time to leave Boston, any food joints recommended? What to bring etc Mods please merge to appropriate forum is...
  5. ArchAngel007

    Edelman facing 4 game suspension

    Field Yates reporting that Edelman may be suspended 4 games for PEDs? Sorry can't work the twitter on my phone
  6. ArchAngel007

    OT: Prayers/ Good vibes for France

    Mods please feel free to move this to the appropriate forum, but just saw the news of the attacks in France and hopefully our Patriots fans from France specifically Paris, are okay thoughts and prayers to all the families and persons affected. Paris attacks: At least 118 die in shootings...
  7. ArchAngel007

    Happy Birthday G.O.A.T

    Happy birthday to the GOAT we Patriots fans from around the world know about his greatness no scandal can trump his legend..What's your favorite Brady moment? Mine is Superbowl 49 Feb 1 2015 When all doubted him most he came back and led the team against one of the best defenses and gave us...
  8. ArchAngel007

    Thank you Seattle

    For a good game and giving us the best two GIFs in Superbowl history the past two years
  9. ArchAngel007

    Rob Gronkowski AP Comeback Player of the Year Congrats to the Gronkester hopefully he adds another piece of hardware to his collection Sunday
  10. ArchAngel007

    Belichick and Brady 9 AFCCG

    In a league that loves parity, Belichick and Brady led Patriots have been to 9 AFCCG That's unheard of. Greatest coach of all time and GOAT at QB
  11. ArchAngel007

    Brady's MVP Award to lose

    I know most of you don't really care about personal accolades, but I always enjoy seeing one of our players getting the credit they deserve. Brady has a chance to run away with the MVP Award and unanimously claim the best QB title(he already is) if the Pats manage to win these next 4 games...
  12. ArchAngel007

    So what's up with Shane Vereen

    I know the team has had a horrible season so far by our standards, but I always figured Shane Vereen was going to have a good year regardless how the team fared and so far he has underwhelmed. Is it coaching issues? Fundamentals? Football gurus input would be appreciated.
  13. ArchAngel007

    Do Pats reclaim number one seed this year?

    I was talking with my buddy of the favorites in the AFC this year he thinks the Colts and Broncos will be 1-2 seeds with the Patriots 3 seed. I personally think the Patriots have the best shot at the number 1 seed mainly because the Broncos face the stacked NFC west this year and that's the...
  14. ArchAngel007

    Should Patriots defer if they win the toss?

    Hey guys want to know your take on this. If the Pats win the toss should they defer get the first possession in the second half, or get the ball first to set the tone??
  15. ArchAngel007

    Semi-OT: Cowher to Steeler fans: Get over Spygare

    NFL Cowher dismisses impact of 'Spygate' - ESPN Didn't he say this when the story actually broke out?
  16. ArchAngel007

    Quick Patriot question: why no "C" on uniform for team captains?

    Hey guys I have a quick question why do the Patriots decide not to display the C for Captain on their jerseys? I'm pretty sure it has been answered already but I see every other team have the players with a C on their captains jerseys.
  17. ArchAngel007

    Fellow Patriot Fans

    I'm in a speech class in San Jose State and my professor is a huge huge Peyton Manning fan like the guy adores him, with that being said he is someone who will listen and debate with you for fun and is not close minded even with all his Manning love-fest. He has proposed us a deal were if...
  18. ArchAngel007

    Espn: Top 10 Greatest QB seasons

    NFL Top 10 greatest quarterback seasons - ESPN I'm pretty mad that TB's 2010 season is not mentioned
  19. ArchAngel007

    Ravens Brendon Ayanbadejo : Cant really respect Patriots offensive style

    Ravens LB: Patriots a Gimmick Offense*****assness/ And the disrespect starts
  20. ArchAngel007 : Top Playoff QBs

    Aaron Rodgers, Tom Brady, Joe Flacco among top playoff QBs | News | It's the bye week and I always find these rankings interesting because of how blind writers can be.. No love for Tom the best winning percentage in the playoffs out of all of them not to mention with the most games...