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Sep 19th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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OT: UK Pats Fan Suffering depression
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Cancer part II (Go Fund Me Added)
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  1. holyredeemer

    How much did ashley1992 pay Mac to do this?

    In my best Christian Bale voice, “Where is SHE?!?!”
  2. holyredeemer

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Dolphins @Pats

    5 yd gain on first when you know theyre gonna run? Yuck.
  3. holyredeemer

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Dolphins @Pats

    Phillips gets blasted from behind….no flag. Unbelievable concentration by Jones, but damn….right in front of the ref too.
  4. holyredeemer

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Dolphins @Pats

    Last time Parker and Gilly matched up didn’t work out so well for Gilmore.
  5. holyredeemer

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Dolphins @Pats

    Yes. Unless you think Gilly is going to come back and be a shutdown corner from the onset. JC has always been boom or bust. Then just look at the guys behind him.
  6. holyredeemer

    Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Dolphins @Pats

    This D is going to be the worst kind all season long. Boom or bust.
  7. holyredeemer

    Cam Newton Interview: "I was bamboozled"

    Nefarious plot? Tricked, bamboozled, set up? I just don’t get it. Why would BB even have to do any of that? Why does Belichick have to make Cam look bad? It’s not as if the guy was playing like an All-Pro and you really had to go out and justify why you removed the guy. Also, how can he say he...
  8. holyredeemer

    Mac "not really" surprised to win the starting job

    I remember also reading most of what you say, except the whole bit about him being nervous and inaccurate with his throws. I think Bourne also said that he was farther along then people know. Could be wrong though, can’t find it either.
  9. holyredeemer

    Now we know why Cam was released

    You know he awkwardly laughed and had an internal monologue of “Did that MF’er just call me soft?!”
  10. holyredeemer

    Harry, Agholor change their jersery numbers

    I’m not the guy that gets upset when a player changes numbers. Not most of the time at least. Especially when they switch to numbers that are sexy or tight. Reading that Harry changed his number really pissed me off in an irrational way. I mean, come on man. How about you get in the field and do...
  11. holyredeemer

    2021 Dolphins vs Patriots pre game thread

    Nah, there’ll just be a sign that reads Macs Maniacs!!!
  12. holyredeemer

    My wife passed away

    What a beautiful story. I’m sorry for the pain and grief you’re going through. If you ever need anything, you know we’re all here for whatever!
  13. holyredeemer

    Rhamondre, not Mac. Not a nickname thing.

    Loved Big Baby Rham from the moment we drafted him. 3 down back potential! Hope he can hold up on those pass blocks though.
  14. holyredeemer

    Roster Thoughts

    Wilkerson is still on our PS.
  15. holyredeemer

    2021 Dolphins vs Patriots pre game thread

    I agree for the most part, though getting used to disappointment might be too strong of a word. First game, A LOT of young players, and non-stop full tilt action at a level most of these guys haven’t seen. Sure there have been a decent amount of practices and joint practices, but those aren’t...
  16. holyredeemer

    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    I’ve read that he was 291 as well, but now everything else I’m reading says 246-251.
  17. holyredeemer

    Official 2021 Cutdown Day Thread

    Instead of Gunner being your Edelman, you got a Myers as your Edelman replacement. As far as Gunners development, give him this season before writing him off. Other than his first season, it took Edelman a bit of time to get on track. I’d like to see Gunner with at least 20 catches in a reserve...
  18. holyredeemer

    Cam Released

    It’s bittersweet. In a perfect world, he’d be an incredible and supportive backup. Providing a different dynamic if **** hit the fan. A complete class act. I wish him the best wherever his life takes him at this point. This also means we are preparing the Mac attack boys and girls!! Gonna have a...
  19. holyredeemer

    OT: Texans having a fire sale?

    Pretty sure if the player agrees, it doesn’t matter.