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Sep 19th

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2021/2022 Patriots Roster Transaction Thread
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    the patriots may have a free agent find in Jackson, but as the saying goes, when it comes to corners, you can never have enough of them. That is why I think we take a corner in the second round of this draft. So my rankings for the corner position stand as follows: 1.) greedy Williams. Great...
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    Defensive ends

    after 14 weeks, I have three first round grades: 1.) Bosa of Ohio state. Tremendous edge rusher. Does not show much as far as setting the edge in running plays, would rather run around guys and make tackles. Pure 4-3 guy. Top 5 pick. 2.) Ferrell of Clemson. Beast coming off the edge. Pure...
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    Defensive Tackles

    Clearly DT is a need for the patriots. Brown and Shelton are free agents and if not resigned they would leave a big hole. My top 5 1.) Oliver Houston - pure one gap dt, expected to be off the board early. Next to no chance to draft this talented kid. 2.) Davis Alabama - pure beast...
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    In this upcoming draft I believe the Pats will need to draft at least one CB within the top three rounds. Ryan is probably leaving. Jones has been less than inspiring, and Rowe is a stiff. Possibilities as follows: 1.) Humpfrey Alabama - Great size, appears to have legit speed, very...
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    Is this team physical enough to win?

    Throughout TC and the preseason I am seeing a team that is too much about finesse and too little about physically imposing their will on an opponent. When we play against other finesse teams, we will win our fair share of games. However when we line up against brutes, the Ravens, the...
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    Sammy Watkins of Clemson

    Could be available when we pick in the first round. Given the sorry state of our current receiving corp. (Banana-dola and the three rookies) Watkins would be an immediate upgrade.
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    Ochmed's Final Mock Draft

    #29 - Trade with the San Fran for #34 and #164 #34 - Trade with the Vikings for #52 and #120 #52 - DE Hunt SMU - His combination of size and athletic ability has to have BB drooling. #59 - CB Slay Miss State - SEC experience and plays physical. #91 - C/OG/OT Jones Alabama - Saban...
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    Although I still think BB trades out of the first round completely, if he can not find a dance partner, I see a couple of Cornerbacks on the board at the end of the first round that should intrigue BB. Banks of Miss State, depending on how he runs, SEC corner, physical with lots of coverage...
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    2013 QB Draft

    Looks like the 2013 draft is going to have quite a few QB hungry teams and in this draft, I only see two legitimate 1st round graded QB's, Smith and Barkley. So there are going to be teams that are prepared to overdraft the second tier QB's, Wilson and Bray. What all this means is that...
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    The big 4 Offensive tackles in this draft

    There are four exceptional offensive tackles with first round grades in this draft. Vollmer has a balky back and Cannon is much bettersuited to be an OG than an OT. Since we are talking about the position most responsible for keeping Brady upright, I believe this is an are of need for...
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    Secondary Help

    Two more bowl games and my 2012/3 broadcasting season is done. Busiest one ever, but well worth it. So depending on how they view McCourty, BB could draft a CB or Safety early, to help solidify the secondary. The top rated CB's,Millner of Alabama and Banks of Miss State will be off the...
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    Drafting a WR early

    BB has a love/hate relationship with the WR position in the draft. Lots of second round picks used on this position,but outside of Branch, not a lot of success. So now we come to this April's draft. Almost all the teams WRs are FA so this figures to be the year BB goes back to the draft pool...
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    Alabama NT Jesse Williams

    Missing practice due to concussion? Very serious issue here. If this becomes a recurring issue, it is something worth noting as draft time approaches.
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    LSU OT Faulk out for the year?

    He may have injured his knee in last weekends contest. I really liked this kid. Nasty and Tough! I always thought Fluker would be off the board by #32, but thought we had a shot at Faulk. Maybe BB can pick him up as a rehab project later in the draft.
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    New Jets trade possibility: Sanchez & #16 to Browns for #4 to take Trent Richardson

    Saw on GBN report draft buzz, a hint of a scenario where the Jets trade Sanchez and their first rounder to Cleveland for the #4 pick and the Jets would take RB Richardson of Alabama. If the Jets do this, then it is another reason we need Brockers and Reyes for next season. Although the...
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    Ochmed Jones Final Mock Draft: Brockers, Reyes, Irvin, Boykin, Minnifield, Mosley

    This has been a tough year to get a handle on for a mock draft. The biggest problem is the lack of players with first round grades. This is causing players with 2nd round grades, ie: Barron, Tanneyhill, Perry, Merilous, etc. to be overvalued and potentially wreak havoc on figuring this out...
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    Safety - James Ihedigbo

    I lot of teams in this league looking for safety help and there is Ivebeenaho, still a free agent. Is he injured or was he that bad for us, that no one is taking a chance on him?
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    Flipping our usual draft and trade 1st round (trade #27, not #31)

    As this draft gets closer and closer to unfolding, we hear lots of rumors about teams wanting to trade down (Vikings for instance) and some teams wanting to go up (Philly for instance) but regardless of who moves where, the chances are a player or player(s) will probably still be on the board at...
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    Are the JETS after South Carolina OLB Melvin Ingram?

    GBN draft buzz and several NY publications are implying that the Jets are trying to trade up to get Ingram. And while I think ingram is a very versatile player with a non stop motor, I have a hard time figuring how Ingram fits in the Jets defense. If they play Ingram at OLB, he would be...
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    3-4 DE Michael Brockers

    Time to revisit Brockers, especially since New England is one of the teams he is visiting in the weeks to come. We know he has the length and the weight to strive as a 3-4 DE. On his pro day, he got his time down into the 5.1 range. At the combine he only did 19 reps. His film from...